MST Chapter 168 : I Do

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    Next day

The resurrection match begins.

After Ren Keling and Yi Shan made a variety of opening remarks and advertising words, the program entered the topic.

The first is the song by the champion Han Yurou.

Today Han Yurou didn’t play, she didn’t have anything after she sang.

The rules of resurrection match are somewhat different. The voting rules are the same, but each player will increase the voting rate based on the previous games. That is to say, in today’s game, the total voting rate will exceed 100%. There are three aspects to the voting rate bonus, one is to see the competition, each to participate in a contest to 2% of the voting ratio, the other is to sing a song in accordance with the proposition add 1%, for example, Liu Chiyan in the second game is eliminated, then her competition bonus is 4%, and the proposition bonus to Liu Chiyan Lilac was judged to be inconsistent with the proposition, so she has three songs to add each 1%, the proposition is 3%, two aspects of total 7%, on the basis of the final vote, will add this 7% to the overall result.

Therefore, the songs that were finally eliminated and the songs that match the proposition in each game have an advantage in the resurrection. Heavenly King Liu has the biggest advantage, the competition bonus is 8%, the proposition bonus is 4%, and the total bonus is 12%. It has already exceeded the proportion of a judge’s vote. The bonus of Heavenly King Liu is undoubtedly a huge advantage.

Feng Qiu Huang’s bonus is also very impressive, with 6% competition, 4% proposition, 10% total bonus, the same as judge’s voting weight.

He Xing is the worst, the competition bonus is only 2%, and he is also abandoning two proposition, so the bonus is only 2%, the total bonus is 4%.

Game start.

The order of appearance was determined according to the elimination time. He Xing was the first to be eliminated, so he was the first to appear today.

For love song, He Xing is really very good. He sang a song ‘Crazy Love’.

“Even if you are crazy, it is worthwhile to change your growth partner.”


He Xing’s song is really good, it is his best song to participate in The Strongest Voice this time.

After the song was finished, several judges also commented on He Xing song.

“He Xing’s song is really good. In time, it will be a popular song.”

“Love Song Prince is the love song prince, It is so good to sing love songs.”

“The idea is also very good, it is very appropriate proposition. First of all, this is a love song. The elements of love are beyond doubt. Then, for ‘Crazy Love’, you can also see persistence to love. As for devotion, there is no clear intention in this song. But for the sake of love, I am not a kind of devotion, good, very good.”

This song by He Xing was unanimously praised by the judges.

He Xing: “Thank you for the comments and affirmations of several judges. I think this should be the only one I can count on this show.”

Yi Shan smiled and said: “This is not necessarily true. You are playing so well today, maybe you can resurrect, and you have the chance to win the championship with the champion.”

He Xing laughed and waved: “It is impossible for me to win the championship. It’s just an escort, and there are a few strong opponents behind.”

Ren Keling: “He Xing, You are also the top singer in music industry, otherwise it is impossible to participate in our The Strongest Voice program, and today’s theme is love songs, this is your best, although your previous performances are not good, The voting bonus is also the least, but it is not impossible to qualify tonight.”

He Xing: “For love songs, I was a little bit, but this evening I am really afraid, love songs of Heavenly King Liu and Feng Qiu Huang actually I am not too worried, I am afraid of heavenly Queen Liu, behind her is big gifted scholar, I don’t know if you find out, these programs, even Heavenly King Liu and Feng Qiu Huang are also a few water, but Heavenly Queen Liu from the first opening, whether it is singing in the competition or after the elimination, every song is original boutique, counting down her few songs, it seems that none of her songs is bad, so I was very stressed today.”

He Xing was invited to the election chief after speaking.

Next, Liu Chiyan debut.

Ren Keling: “He Xing is very optimistic about Goddess Liu. Then, what kind of works will Goddess Liu bring to us? Let us wait and see! Request the pleasure of seeing Liu Chiyan bring us songs, ‘I Do!’”

Liu Chiyan debuts.

The audience was a little moved.

The melodious music prelude sounded.

Missing is a very mysterious thing.”

follow you


Willing for you I will for you

I will forget my name for you

Even if one more second stay in your arms,”

It is not a pity to lose the world.”

I’ll do it for you I’ll do it for you.”

I would be banished for you

As long as you really take love and I return

Anything for you.” [X-N: Here original lyrics]

This song ‘I Do’, is the dream world Faye Wong’s classic repertoire, Faye Wong voice is very characteristic, suddenly high and low, it sounds very charming, Liu Chiyan sings this song and Faye Wong is still somewhat different in sound, the same song for a person will sing is sure to have a different taste, The voice is ethereal and crisp, and it is very pleasing to the ears. After a song is sung, the audience will be ecstatic. At the end of the song, the audience burst into applause.

He Xing smiled bitterly and depressed as he was sitting on the selection chief,  As a top singer in the music industry, his ability to appreciate songs is definitely not lacking. Although Liu Chiyan song ‘I Do’ to have a different style from his song, he heard it in his heart. There is a bottom. If you lose, you really lose. It doesn’t matter who sings the song well. From the point of view that the song conforms to the proposition, Liu Chiyan’s song is much stronger than his, his song proposition three elements of love and persistence are very appropriate, but devotion for this element is somewhat reluctant to be attached, but Liu Chiyan song three elements is completely fit on. In contrast is high.

Han Yurou looked at Liu Chiyan from the selection chief, and the look in her eyes was complicated.

Several judges were also amazed at Liu Chiyan song.

Huang Bin: “Previously He Xing valued Goddess Liu so much. I still have no interest in him. I have longed the ambition of others to extinguish my own prestige. Now I am really serving, well, this song is really good.”

Sui Si: “It is indeed the first good song. From the point of view of the song or from the perspective of today’s proposition, it is almost impeccable.”

Chun Yumin: “As a songwriter, I have begun to admire Liu Chiyan’s songwriter Ye Guang, indeed, as Liu Chiyan said, this person is a big gifted scholar, On this stage, Liu Chiyan’s good songs one after another, each capital makes me feel amazing, especially today’s song, the composition of the lyrics is simply fantastic, one sentence willing to express for you the dedication to love and the dedication of love without regrets.”

Yu Fengnan: “I have nothing to say. I voted Chiyan this evening. I only hope that Liu Chiyan can make  Ye Guang compose a song for me.”

Huang Bin: “Hey! Make a deal in front of a national audience, Old Yu, can you point your face?” Huang Bin called.

Yu Fengnan laughed. “If Ye Guang really gave me song of this level, what face would I have?”

The audience was teased and laughed.

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