MST Chapter 270 : Eating Ice Cream

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Father Liu really likes Cursive script. The Cursive script copybooks that he usually appreciate. This page is  written by Ye Guang with hard pen, compared with brush, the visual aesthetics is a bit worse, but Father Liu didn’t want to decide that the word is flawed. He watched it over and over again, after watched it over and over again. He forgot that this word is written by Ye Guang, who he didn’t like.

“Good words, good words.” Father Liu  exclaimed to himself again, feeling a pity in his heart. This cursive script written with hard pen has this kind of accomplishment. If you write it with a brush, it’s not bad.

No blowing, no black, this page of copybook written by Ye Guang has countless experiences. In Father Liu impression, who has seen many calligraphers, Ye Guang word can at least rank in the top three!

As if remembering that the word was written by Ye Guang. Father Liu suddenly threw away Ye Guang copybook uncomfortably and snorted, but he seemed a little reluctant. After a while, he picked up the copybook again.

After thinking about it for a while, Father Liu picked up the phone on the desk and broadcast a short order, “Secretary Le, come in.”

A middle-aged man came in through the office door. This man is Father Liu secretary, whose surname is Le.

Seeing the secretary came in, Father Liu told him, “Secretary Le, help me look up someone called Ye Guang, who has done a program called Journey to the West storytelling. You help me look up and I want all his information.”

Secretary Le nodded, “OK, Minister.”

After answered, Secretary Le ready to do things according to Father Liu words, but Father Liu stopped him again, “Secretary Le, this is confidential, don’t let others know.”

Secretary Le: “Understand.”

Father Liu nodded, suddenly thought, “Secretary Le, wait a minute.” As he said, Father Liu took a paper knife from the stationery tube and carefully cut the Cursive script on the first page of Ye Guang’s copybook and handed it to the secretary. “You help me to frame and mount this character… No, let’s make it into a handwritten copybook.”

Secretary Le took over a page cut by Father Liu and looked at it. He couldn’t help but say, “Good word!”

Father Liu sighed, “Also remember to keep it confidential. Also, this is my personal business. You have worked hard and I will bear the expenses.”

Secretary Le nodded, “I know, then I will do it.”

Secretary Le didn’t say that there’s no need to pay for the expenses. He had been Father Liu secretary for some years. He knew what kind of person Father Liu was. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is upright and honest. If it’s for personal reason, and the money spent on the matter is to be borne by the unit or Secretary Le pays from his own pocket, Father Liu will never agree and he might be furious about it.

Father Liu has always distinguished between public and private. This is the party spirit of an old party member who has been strict in self-discipline for a long time!


Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang have nothing to do at home. Ye Guang also called and asked Shang Shan about the show. Everything went well and nothing going wrong, but Shang Shan is little worried about him and Liu Chiyan and asked when they would come back. The show preparation is almost ready and it’s time to start recording.

Ye Guang didn’t know when Father Liu could let them out, but the task of copying the book has been completed. There should be no reason why Father Liu kept holding the two of them and not let them out, right? Maybe… no?

No matter what happened, Aunt Lian took Yiyi out to play, but Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan at home, Ye Guang was quite happy, he could live the world of two.

There is nothing to kill the time at home. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are watching TV on Sofa. Liu Chiyan leans on him and eats ice cream. The summer is hot, but there is air conditioning in the room, otherwise the two are so close and it will definitely be too hot.

Liu Chiyan ate ice cream and occasionally handed it over to give Ye Guang a bite. Ye Guang isn’t disgusted, so he licked the place full of saliva and bite it. It’s an old husband and wife. Don’t they often eat each other’s saliva, eating a popsicle at the same time is really not a problem, it can only be said that it is a little taste between husband and wife.

Liu Chiyan didn’t eat ice cream like Ye Guang. He took a bite with his teeth, but slowly sucking it in her mouth. Let the ice cream melt in your mouth, and make a squeaky voice from time to time. I have to say that after a woman gets married, she is not reserved in front of her man as she was. Liu Chiyan would never do it when there were outsiders.

Ye Guang didn’t think there was anything, Goddess Liu, no matter what time she was so beautiful, eating an ice cream was so cute, it was the way she licked the ice cream, which made Ye Guang feel a bit dirty.

So, Ye Guang couldn’t help but drove the car, “Liu’er, do you want to eat something with warmth?”

Liu Chiyan’s mind was concentrated on the TV, and she didn’t hear Ye Guang words clearly, “What?”

Ye Guang snorted and then chose to brake, “It’s nothing, you can continue to eat.”

Liu Chiyan let out a cry and continued to watch TV while eating ice cream.

Liu Chiyan twisted her delicate body. It may be that she was a little uncomfortable after lying down for a long time. She held an ice cream in one hand and Ye Guang’s thigh in one hand to get up. The sofa was soft and and her center of gravity was not stable. Liu Chiyan didn’t pay attention, and slipped between Ye Guang legs.

This shocked Ye Guang, he quickly helped Liu Chiyan up and sit down.

Liu Chiyan pinched Yeguang for a moment, and said, “Rogue, what do you think in the daytime.” According to the touch, Liu Chiyan knew that Little Ye Guang is now in a state of raising his head and chest.

Ye Guang is a little embarrassed, and murmured, “It’s not because of you…” as he said, his eyes were cast on the ice cream in Liu Chiyan’s hand.

Liu Chiyan didn’t know why, she also looked at the ice cream in her hand, but she didn’t notice anything wrong. Just about to ask, Liu Chiyan suddenly thought of the sentence that Ye Guang said earlier, “Do you want to eat something with warmth?’

Suddenly, Liu Chiyan face flushed, from her face to her neck, Liu Chiyan put the ice cream on the coffee table, and then pounced on Ye Guang, “Ye Guang! You big hooligan! I will strangle you!”


In the office, Father Liu holding the portfolio and examining the documents on the table carefully while Secretary Le stands aside without saying a word.

Father Liu put down the last file and said, “Secretary Le, have you seen it?”

Secretary Le nodded, “I’ve seen it, Minister, Ling Yuan and…” Secretary Le didn’t continue.

Father Liu nodded and said, “Secretary Le, remember to keep this secret for me. If there is nothing to do, go out first.”

Secretary Le didn’t say anything. He cast a glance at the files on Father Liu’s desk. To be honest, when he went to check Ye Guang. He found that Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were registered for marriage, it made him really shocked. He is Father Liu secretary, Father Liu person. Regardless of Father Liu work or personal, Secretary Le are very understanding. Liu Chiyan is Father Liu daughter. Of course, Secretary Le won’t fail to understand it. As Father Liu daughter, at the same time is the domestic Heavenly Queen level celebrity, she quietly married to a young man who seems to be ordinary and basically has no bright spots. Secretary Le felt a little unscientific.

Not to mention Secretary Le. That is, Father Liu thought it’s unscientific and suffocated his stomach, but what could be done? The marriage is done. As Mother Liu said, can you really let them divorce?

Father Liu became angry, but he really couldn’t do such a thing.

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