MST Chapter 271 : They are very good together

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After Secretary Le went out, Father Liu picked up Ye Guang file and read it again.

Almost all of Ye Guang’s files from childhood to large are here. Father Liu looked at it over and over and muttered to himself, “There was no bad record before university, and the comments from previous teachers were excellent. The college entrance examination was still the champion. The father was a soldier and the foundation was clean.”

Father Liu continued to look at Ye Guang’s file, “The college entrance examination volunteers are a bit noisy. He enrolled in the painting department of Nanchang University art department. The evaluation of the university teachers is lazy. He often miss class or sleep in class, but He didn’t hang up his subjects after the college entrance examination. He has been an elementary school teacher for a few months, then resigned for no reason. Later worked as a radio host and then got married with Yaner… huh!”

When Father Liu read about Ye Guang marrying Liu Chiyan, there was another nameless fire in his heart. Skip this paragraph. Father Liu continue to look at Ye Guang resume, go to Liu Chiyan Studio, has done two outstanding advertisement and made a Journey to the West storytelling program. Father Liu had also seen some of this program. He has written songs and has first-class creative ability. He shines on The Strongest Voice stage and plunged into the Jump River incident, filmed “Sky Curtain” video, triggering the national anti-haze craze. Now, he is producing the domestic hit Running Man program.

Closing Ye Guang’s file, Father Liu said, “Some talents, detached behavior, passionate impulsiveness, ordinary, no bright spots, but good writing.” Father Liu once again gave Ye Guang an evaluation. However, the evaluation is still not high. Ye Guang various deeds still very good in the eyes of ordinary people, but who is Father Liu, his vision is more than that of ordinary people. In his opinion, all kinds of Ye Guang behaviors are actually nothing more than that, “Oh… how come this kid is cheaper.”

Father Liu still feels frustrated. Although he didn’t think about what needed to be a good person, everyone who was a parent wanted to find a good person for their daughter. For Ye Guang conditions, in Father Liu heart, it would definitely not good, “Fine, nothing, the marriage is destined, I hope that girl didn’t look away.”


In the evening, both Father Liu and Mother Liu returned.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan stayed at home for a day, but didn’t feel bored, and they wouldn’t feel bored even if they stayed quietly for a whole day with the people they like. Besides, there is Yiyi, the pistachio.

However, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan still thought that they could cancel the prohibition of Father Liu as soon as possible. The psychological feelings of being willing to stay at home and being restricted to stay at home are completely different.

As soon as Father Liu came back, Liu Chiyan brought the copybook over as if offering a treasure, “Dad, I have finished copying, you check.”

Father Liu looked at Liu Chiyan, took the copybook over and looked at it casually, “Do you copy it yourself?”

Liu Chiyan secretly glanced at Ye Guang, “I copied it and my hand became swollen. If you don’t believe me, look at it.” After that, Liu Chiyan stretched out her hand in front of Father Liu to show him.

Liu Chiyan also acted like this, where there are really swollen hands so exaggerated, besides, it is Ye Guang’s hand who is really swollen.

Father Liu didn’t say much, he hummed, and put Liu Chiyan’s copybook on the coffee table.

Liu Chiyan is not clear. So, what does Father Liu’s attitude mean?

Didn’t dare to directly ask Father Liu about the prohibition order, Liu Chiyan was ready to flatter him.

“Mom, Aunt Lian, I’ll cook with Ye Guang for dinner tonight.” Liu Chiyan said.

Mother Liu  didn’t have any objection, but Aunt Lian waved her hand, “No, no, I can prepare dinner, you can rest.”

Liu Chiyan: “It’s okay, Aunt Lian, you prepare dinner for us every day. So, I will make dinner for you today.”

Aunt Lian wanted to talk, Mother Liu stopped her first, “It’s okay, let them go.”

Aunt Lian smiled and nodded.

Liu Chiyan turned her head to please and looked at Father Liu again, “Dad, what do you want to eat, I and Ye Guang will make it for you.”

Liu Father answered the sentence, “Whatever you want.”

Yiyi grabbed the conversation, “I want to eat elbows, my grandma bought elbows today, I saw it.”

Liu Chiyan glanced at the foodie, “You know how to eat without asking you.”

Yiyi was not happy, she ran up to Father Liu and said coquettishly, “Grandpa, I want to eat elbows, you let aunt do it for me.”

Yiyi is small, but it is a ghost, she knows who speaks this house.

Father Liu smiled and picked Yiyi up, “Okay, just eat elbow, I will let your aunt make the elbow for my baby granddaughter.”

Yiyi was very happy and smiled triumphantly at Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan is angry and funny, she glared at Yiyi, then took Ye Guang into the kitchen to get busy.

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are familiar with cooking together. It turned out, the two of them often cooperated in cooking, but it’s mostly Ye Guang who helped the chef Liu Chiyan. Now, Ye Guang’s cooking skills is no longer the same as before. So, the two started working together, and they complemented each other.

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare meals for six people. Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang couple are busy in the kitchen for a while, and occasionally engage in a little intimate interaction.

Liu Chiyan seems to be in a good mood today. While she is busy, she chats with Ye Guang. From time to time, she laughs and slapped Ye Guang.

“Chop off the elbows and I’ll wash them.”


“You use the pressure cooker to press it first, otherwise it will not be easy to familiarize yourself.”

“Know it.”

“For cutting vegetables, change your knife. What are you doing with this knife? This knife is so heavy.”

“It’s okay, it all goes well.”

“How much effort? You stupid, you said that you can cook. Why can’t you change the knife? Quickly change one.”



“Wash the vegetables, I’ll cut them, and wash the elbows first.”


“Where is the pressure cooker?”

“The one on the right.”

“Your pressure cooker looks so strange.”

“Slice lotus root or shred it? I have shredded it.”

“No, slice, slice is more delicious.”

“You can knock your hands when washing a dish, Liu Chiyan, are you stupid, whether it hurts or not, let me see.”

“You are stupid, gloating! Humph!”

“Ah! I’m stupid, I’m stupid! You let go, it hurts, you’re going to pinch until blue, let go, let go.”


The two people talked and laughed in the kitchen, laughing and making noises. From time to time, the sound from the kitchen caused Mother Liu and Aunt Lian who sitting in the hall to look at the kitchen frequently, and Father Liu couldn’t help but peek at it several times.

Only Yiyi is not strange.  This situation often happens in Nanchang’s home. What’s so interesting about it? It’s better to eat more apples than to see them.

Mother Liu sat down next to Father Liu from the sofa she was sitting on her side, and whispered to him, “Actually, they are very good together.”

Father Liu didn’t talk, and looked at the kitchen in a complicated look.

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