MST Chapter 289 : The Current Youxianqi Advisor

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang still tangled here, but Grandpa Liu is happy at this time and urging Ye Guang, “Quick, fast, Qiang’zi, grandson-in-law, you guys quickly show me.”

Grandpa Liu said, not waiting for Ye Guang and Uncle Wu to get up, he would get up first, “Haha, grandson-in-law, I like you more and more, go, go to the yard.”

Ye Guang became speechless, my grandfather, you didn’t say that just now. That being said, if you said you liked it earlier, it would be fine for us.

Now, can we fix it?

Really want to practice with Uncle Wu? I’m afraid…

Ye Guang  coughed dryly, “Grandpa, this meal has just been eaten. Let’s eat first, and I will show it to you after eating.”

Ye Guang resorted to delaying tactics.

Mother Liu also quickly said, “Yes, yes, Dad, eat first, eat first, this meal has just been eaten two bites.”

Liu Chiyan is also helping, “Grandpa, let’s talk after eating, you can only eat half now.”

Everyone at the table is persuading Old Father. Although Old Father is somewhat unhappy, but he doesn’t insist on saying anything. Let’s eat first and talk about it later.

Father Liu said on the side, “We eat ours and let them go out to practice, just for fun, besides, after you move around, you will eat more deliciously.”

As he said this, Old Father’s eyes brightened, nodding in agreement.

Mother Liu glared at Liu Father, thinking that he deliberately added ‘chaos’ at this time, and Liu Chiyan also looked at Liu Father with a bitter expression on her face.

Father is indeed  Liu did it deliberately. For no other reason, he wanted to see Ye Guang embarrassment, if he can see Ye Guang embarrassment, Father Liu heart is happy.

Grandpa Liu: “The brat makes sense, after practice, it will be delicious” After that, he looked around at Uncle Wu and Ye Guang, “Qiang’zi, grandson-in-law, go, practice in the yard and show me.”

Ye Guang also looked at Liu Father bitterly, then turned to Uncle Wu and smiled bitterly, “Uncle Wu, shall we really practice?”

Uncle Wu is still depressed. “This is not what you pick out. Old Father wants to see it, so let’s practice. Don’t worry, I will keep my hands and won’t hurt you.”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly, “Uncle Wu, I’m really not afraid, you hurt me…” Ye Guang paused. “I rarely fight, I have no experience. I’m afraid I will hurt you when I start.”

All people on the table were taken aback.

Yes, this bragging with full score.

Liu Chiyan touched her forehead speechlessly, and she was helpless with such an unreliable husband.

Mother Liu’s eyes are also weird. Although it’s not a problem for a man to brag about it, but it’s all for it. However, he’s still bragging right now?

Old Father is amused. He slapped his big legs and said, “Haha, good, grandson-in-law, courageous!”

Uncle Wu is a little unhappy. He has been practicing martial arts for many years. This is the first time he has been so scorned by a youngster. He is afraid of hurting himself? Really can brag.

As the saying goes, the text has no first, martial has no second. People who practice martial arts are eager to compete, not to mention that Uncle Wu was scorned by Ye Guang and immediately stopped eating. Uncle Wu got up and stopped talking nonsense. He walked in and walked into the yard, “Come on, practice hands!”

Ye Guang snorted, a little speechless, and he wondered, why does it seem to be easy to offend people when telling the truth?

Okay, just practice, just be careful, there shouldn’t be any problems, right?

Ye Guang also got up and walked out.

Grandpa Liu and Liu Chiyan’s family all followed out. At this time, who really wanted to eat, even the foodie Yiyi put down her chopsticks at this time, and ran out to watch the fun.

“Uncle Wu.” Liu Chiyan shouted and looked at Uncle Wu with pity, “Uncle Wu, you can do it lightly…”

Mother Liu also said, “Qiang’zi, pay attention to the size.”

Uncle Wu smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry, I have a count.”

Ye Guang didn’t say anything, and felt a little depressed. Why is no one optimistic about me? Everyone thinks I will lose, right?

“Ye Guang, come on!” It is Yiyi who cheered on Ye Guang.

Ye Guang turned around and smiled at her, it seems that someone is optimistic about us, it really didn’t love Yiyi in vain.

Uncle Wu and Ye Guang drew a distance in the yard. Ye Guang stood at one end in a dull manner. Uncle Wu had already put out a beautiful frame.

Uncle Wu puts on a starting hand and said, “Wu family Tongbei ninth generation descendant of the former first army special forces chief instructor, rivers and lakes nicknames Diamond Wu, Wu Qiang! Please enlighten me.”

The rivers and lakes officially have the habit of self-reporting ‘doors’, but this time Uncle Wu and Ye Guang are practicing hand skills, and it is not a martial arts contest. Uncle Wu is such a self-reporting ‘door’ is actually selling, the meaning of getting out fire in his heart, huh, telling you to despise me, now I ask if you are afraid!

Ye Guang is not afraid, but Uncle Wu’s serious reporter of ‘door’  made him stunned. Not to mention his style is ‘very’ handsome.

People have reported their ‘door’. Of course, Ye Guang can’t fall behind, but he doesn’t have any ‘door’ to report. After thinking about it, Ye Guang pretended and said, “Ye family Taiji first generation founder, the current Youxianqi Advisor, people of the rivers and lakes are called… called…”

What is better called? Ye Guang couldn’t think of it, so he turned to Liu Chiyan and asked, “What title do you think I should take?”

Liu Chiyan is teased and laughed. She cast a blank look at Ye Guang, and Mother Liu couldn’t help but smile.

Old Father is very happy and kept laughing, “Interesting, grandson’s son-in-law, you’re really interesting. Grandpa, I will give you a nickname, called ‘mixed’ world dragon!”

When Old Father said the words, both Father Liu and Uncle Wu slightly startled.

Ye Guang clapped his hands, “Okay, what Grandpa says. I’m called ‘mixed’ world dragon!”

‘Mixed’ World Dragon, listening to it is not bad, ‘very’ domineering.

Old Father laughed and said again, “My grandson’s son-in-law, what do you mean by Youxianqi?”

Youxianqi is Liu Chiyan company, but she didn’t specifically talk to her grandfather about the company, so Old Father didn’t know what Youxianqi meant.

Ye Guang scratched his head in embarrassment, “That, Youxianqi is Yan’er’s company. I feel that I should be the best in the company…”

“Hahahaha.” Old Father laughed.

Liu Chiyan’s covered her face for a while, feeling a little embarrassed. Why did she marry such an unreliable husband? Is it too late to regret it now?

Ye Guang re-reported the ‘door’, “Ye family Taiji first generation founder, now Youxianqi Advisor, rivers and lakes nickname ‘mixed’ world dragon, Ye Guang! Please advise Uncle Wu.”

Uncle Wu was ridiculed by Ye Guang ‘insertion’ just now, his original aura has gone by seven points, “Come on, you are a junior, I will let you make three moves first.”

Ye Guang shook his head, “No, no, You are an elder, I should let you make three moves.”

Uncle Wu sneered, “Okay, let’s not let it go, the sun is very poisonous, hurry to finish the meal, pay attention, I am coming.”

With that, Uncle Wu took the lead in attacking Ye Guang.

Ye Guang expression became more dignified, his legs bent slightly, and his hands made a starting gesture.

In an instant, the fists met, and then a figure flew out.

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