MST Chapter 251 : Iron Face

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang is a fool.

It made everyone laugh.

Zhong Jing: “Haha, Little Ye, you are the chief director, you actually yelled the slogan wrong, hahaha.”

Lan Bao: “We are Famuli, I just want to ask, what is Famuli, haha.”

Xu Chen also laughed, “Little Ye, your English teacher may be fainted by you when he saw this show, haha, we are Famuli, Famuli!”

The other guests, including Liu Chiyan, were all happy and laughed. Now, it’s okay to call it wrong, the key is Ye Guang pronunciation, which is too funny.

Ye Guang also very embarrassed. Suddenly, his brain short-circuited. I screamed according to the common slogan ‘We are Famuli’ in Dream World. I forgot that in this world, this classic line with mixed Chinese and English has not appeared yet

Ok, I was despised.

But who is Ye Guang, Ye Guang is the chief director.

Ye Guang pretended to be calm, “Well, I actually did it deliberately, yes, deliberately. I think our show is running dryly every episode. Brothers are a bit too dry. Just now Heavenly King Liu called out We are Family, I think this sentence is good. We are a family, so I decided to use this sentence as the slogan of our running group in the future. Running Man is just the name of the show, um, that’s it…”

Ye Guang couldn’t make it up anymore.

Everyone still kept laughing.

He Xing smiled and said, “No problem, you are the chief director. You have the final say on what the slogan is, but…” He Xing couldn’t help but laugh a few more times, “What the hell is Famuli? This pronunciation… Hahaha, I laughed to death.”

Ye Guang has a black line. “Famuli is Famuli. I will shout like this in the future, it’s decided!”

Lan Bao smiled and gave Ye Guang a thumbs up, “Yes, you are happy, you can decided it.”

Everyone didn’t entangle on this matter anymore. Let go of Ye Guang, and the slogan ‘We are Famuli’ was determined in such an accident, um, it’s really sloppy.

The program recording continues.

The third game session is a pool game, just like Dream World Running Man. . In this session, male and female guests stand at both ends of the pool. There is a table in the center of the pool with a heart-shaped water polo on the table. The male guests To step on the floating board from a section of the pool, get the water polo and “hand over” to the opposite “female” guest. The group that successfully “hands over” the love water polo wins. Similarly, the team that wins the first three rounds can get True Emotions Water tips

On the ‘female’ guests, there are water columns hanging on their heads. After each round of the game, several failed ‘female’ guests are subject to the punishment of the water column.

The whistle sounded and the game started.

Six male guests immediately rushed towards the loving water in the center of the pool. Xu Chen was the first to get the love, but he was immediately thrown into the water by Zhong Jing, who came after him. The two were entangled in the water. The coming Ye Guang and He Xing also joined the battle group. The four were constantly fighting in the water. Heavenly King Liu and Lan Bao were inexplicably pinched on the platform in the center of the pool. They didn’t know what they were fighting over.

The ‘female’ guests across the pool also screamed again and again, cheering for the male guests.

Heavenly King Liu and Lan Bao lingered for a while, and then joined the four-man stalemate in the battle group. The six-man squad battle was so lively.

In this part, the highlights and laughter are the guests who come to me as a truss, see the celebrity truss, which is one of the biggest selling points of Running Man.

In the first round, Zhong Jing, who had the strongest strength, won the love water polo and successfully handed it to Luo Yu.

The other ‘female’ guests held their heads, covered their ears, and were anxiously prepared to accept the punishment of the water column above their heads.

The water column fell, and several big beautiful ‘female’ instantly became the soup ‘chicken’. Although one by one was a little embarrassed, the half-wet appearance was also very beautiful and attractive.

At the beginning of the second round, Zhong Jing and Luo Yu had already finished, and there was no need to play in this round. The others performed the previous scene again. In the end, Lan Bao made a coincidence in this round. When everyone on deadlock, he took advantage of the gap to pull out the love water polo, and directly threw the water polo to Xin Lan.

Xin Lan received the water polo, jumping with joy, twisting her waist and dancing triumphantly, watching the other ‘female’ guests accept the punishment of the water column again.

Being punished again, Liu Chiyan shouted pitifully Ye Guang, “Ye Guang, I don’t want to be drenched anymore.”

Ye Guang immediately came up with fighting spirit and shouted, “I will grab it next time! For ‘female’ god! Roar!”

The other ‘female’ guests also followed the same pattern and used the beauty tricks, each pretending to be pitiful, and hummingly betraying their partners and acting cute, to cheer them up.

Each of the male guests seemed to have beaten the blood on their backs, and their fighting spirit was very aggressive. Therefore, the third round of love water polo became more and more intense.

With Liu Chiyan’s encouragement, Ye Guang also used his great power in this round of snatching, and didn’t disappoint Liu Chiyan. Ye Guang broke through the barriers of several other guests with difficulty. He took the water polo to the ‘female’ on the side of the guest’s desk, reached out and handed the ball to Liu Chiyan.

However, the accident happened. When Liu Chiyan pleased want to catch the ball, one ‘female’ guest took a step ahead and moved with a thunderous force. She snatched the ball from Ye Guang’s hand.

It is Hua Wutong.

Everyone stunned, and then except for Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan, everyone burst into laughter.

Ye Guang dumbfounded, the duck just flew like this?

Ye Guang: “Isn’t that? How can ‘female’ guest grab the ball from other male guests? Isn’t this a third party’s ‘intervention’. No, no, this ball should be ours.”

Liu Chiyan also echoed, “Yes, this ball should be ours!”

Outside the court, Shang Shan made a verdict, “He Xing and Hua Wutong won this round!”

Ye Guang is not convinced, “No! This is not counted, I am the chief director, I don’t think it’s counted. ”

Liu Chiyan also joked, “I am your boss, I said don’t count.”

Of course, both Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were joking.

“Hahaha!” The guests laughed again. It is not too big to watch the excitement. They all looked at Shang Shan, wanted to see how he would eventually deal with it. Lu Haijun also cleverly turned the camera to director group, um, it should be said pointed at Shang Shan.

Shang Shan smiled awkwardly when facing the camera, and then said, “He Xing and Hua Wutong won this game. Humph, even if one of you is chief director and the other is my boss, it’s useless!”

“Oh~” everyone roared. Including the staff with him also laughed and applauded.

“Director’s director has no selfishness!”

“The director is not afraid of power!”

“Director’s tyranny!”

Ok, the more you say, the more you can’t.

In this issue, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan, who were listed as the “powerful villains” role and “color”, are messy in the wind. In the later period, Ye Guang will definitely make themselves and Liu Chiyan confused during this period. A big close-up of the expression of ‘forced’, with special effects of ‘shooting’ tears and sad music.

Heavenly King Liu jokingly looked at Shang Shan and jokingly said, “Director, these two are all your leaders, carefully after go back and deduct your salary.”

“Hahaha!” Everyone laughed again, and the atmosphere was very lively.

Of course, Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan and Shang Shan is all jokes. For the sake of program’s effect, no one will take it seriously

However, Shang Shan and Ye Guang didn’t expect, after this episode broadcasted. Shang Shan somehow gained a lot of popularity and many viewers loved him. The audience who love Running Man gave Shang Shan an intimate and glorious title – Iron Face.

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