MST Chapter 21 : When You Are Old

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Liu Chiyan sighed with disdain. “On your salary deposit, It can’t compare to more than a month of cosmetic. Besides, I haven’t made a marriage property fair. When married, it’s the property shared by the couple. I don’t say anything about my net worth, and your salary is still chattering and careful.”

Ye Guang unhappy, “Hey! But you have hundreds of millions of net worth, have anything to do with me? Still is not all you control the money, and there is this, without the woman’s permission, the man shall not unilaterally propose a divorce, and shall not do anything that is not conducive to marriage, such as cheating, Cold War, separation, violence, abuse and other acts, such as the man violated any of the above, the woman will have the right to unilaterally relieve the marriage, the and compensation for the woman’s personal loss is 10 billion yuan. ”

“It’s still 10 billion, you want it out! Divorce can only be raised unilaterally. Is this being sold out?”

Liu Chiyan was blushing. This time she was shy. She whispered her head down and said, “I am not afraid that you will bully me. I am afraid that you will get worse. My mother said that girls will protect themselves. With these terms you will not dare to mess around.”

Ye Guang snorted twice.

Liu Chiyan was a little upset, suddenly straight, watching Ye Guang’s imposing manner, and said loudly: “Do you want to divorce me? You will derail? You will be separated from me by cold war! Will you violently abuse me?”

Ye Guang was shocked by her sudden surge of momentum and said, “I won’t.”

Liu Chiyan turned back to the little girl who was soft and weak in a second. “That’s no problem, what are you afraid of?”

Ye Guang thought, it is also.

Then I thought about it, lying down! I was almost entangled in this little girl.

Ye Guang, who is ashamed of his IQ said: “Why is the whole agreement aimed at the man, and the man can’t do anything, so no one is for the woman!”

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang like an idiot. “Because the agreement is for the woman.” She said that she was also naughty and blinked at Ye Guang. “If you feel unbalanced, you can also draft one.”

Ye Guang’s eyes lit up, “Good! Go back and I will draft.”

“Drafting is useless, I don’t sign it.” Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang like an idiot.

Ye Guang is deeply worried about his IQ.

“Oh, I don’t care, I don’t agree on the terms of the agreement anyway.”

“Hmph! Anyway, you signed it!”

“I don’t agree!”

“You signed it!”

“Do not agree!”

“You signed it!”

The two chattered, Ye Guang mother’s phone came.

“Ah! Mom Oh, I am not coming back to eat, no one, a friend, really a friend, a man! Ok, mom, don’t say it, I have something to do, mom see you again!”

Mother called, and finally let the two people stop talking, Ye Guang looked at the time, more than twelve o’clock.

“Are you hungry?”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “Hungry! You take me to eat delicious.”


I found a restaurant that was okay, asked for a private room with the boss. I ordered a few dishes that Liu Chiyan loved. The two simply ate the lunch.

When paying, there was an episode. Ye Guang took out the wallet and swiped the card. Liu Chiyan’s hand was quick, and she took away Ye Guang’s wallet, and then collected all four bank cards and money in Ye Guang’s wallet. All have been taken away. Then she flipped her wallet out of the bag, took out a credit card from it, and stuffed it into Ye Guang’s wallet.

“There is no money in this card, and there is no limit, but there is a 1 million emergency limit. The emergency limit must not be used as a last resort! I will receive the corresponding consumption record for each use in the emergency limit. After you use it, you must tell me why you used it! Give me perfect explanation! You don’t have to worry about this 1 million amount, I will pay you the cost of living every month. You have other places to spend money to report to me first, I will deal with it as appropriate.”

Ye Guang didn’t even succumb to Liu Chiyan in the end, and he was very angry and ignored her for 5 minutes. In the end, the bank card was unsuccessful and could only be forced to agree. Oh, no way, anyway, she can’t let him go hungry, just like that.

However, every married man wants financial freedom to control, but many married men don;t have, Dream World’s Ye Guang does not have, so the real world he wants to fight hard, but it’s still fails.

As for the other terms, Ye Guang did not care about it. Marriage is a joint operation of two people. He believes in himself and believes in Liu Chiyan. Let those terms be her naughty.

It’s just that he still has some doubts. How can Liu Chiyan take household register book with him and prepare a prenuptial agreement? He asked Liu Chiyan, and Liu Chiyan didn’t tell him, but the smile in her eyes was like a small fox who had a conspiracy to beat the victory.

“How do I feel like being trapped?”

Liu Chiyan cut out, “I’m Goddess Liu in my people heart. The goddess are all condescending to marry you and what else you are not satisfied with.”

Ye Guang is speechless.

Out of the restaurant, there was a little rain outside, and the two did not bring an umbrella. They had to drive to a more remote place and sit in the back seat to eat.

Liu Chiyan is naturally leaning on Ye Guang, and her mouth is still singing, she is in a good mood.

Humming, Liu Chiyan suddenly stopped, naughty and picked up a strand of hair to scratch Ye Guang’s mouth. “You sing to me.”

“Don’t make trouble.” Ye Guang patted Liu Chiyan’s hand. “I don’t know how to sing. You sing.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “No, I have to listen to your singing, you sing.”

“All right.” Ye Guang couldn’t beat her, “What song?”

“Casual.” Liu Chiyan said with a smile.

Ye Guang thought about it and said, “Then I will give you the poems first, and I will sing to you, a series.”

Liu Chiyan came to the spirit, “Reading poetry? Okay.”

Ye Guang cleared his throat and said: “The name of the poem is “When you are old”.”

  “When you are old and grey and full of sleep,

   And nodding by the fire,take down this book, 

   And slowly read,and dream of the soft look

   Your eyes had once,and of their shadows deep;

   How many loved your moments of glad grace,

   And loved your beauty with love false or true,”

[X-N: poem link here]

  When Ye Guang read this, he reached out and took Liu Chiyan into his arms. Liu Chiyan didn’t know whether she was obsessed with it, or she didn’t want to refuse it, let Ye Guang take her into his arms.

Ye Guang sounds light, heavy and emotional, and continues to read:

  ”But one man loved the pilgrim Soul in you,

   And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

   And bending down beside the glowing bars,

   Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled

   And paced upon the mountains overhead,

   And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.”

  This is Dream World, Yeats dedicated to his girlfriend Maud Gonne warm and sincere love poem.

The language of poetry is concise, but the emotions are rich and true. Yeats uses a variety of artistic expression techniques. Such as hypothetical imagination, contrast, image emphasis, symbolization of sublimation, reproduce Yeats loyal love to his girlfriend.

Today, the two of them just received the marriage certificate. Ye Guang will now read this beautiful love poem to Liu Chiyan, and he is also showing his heart to her. He wants to accompany her until old and loyal. Dream World is like this, now he wants this world too!

After a poem was finished, Liu Chiyan did not speak for a long time, then reached out and hugged Ye Guang, held his hand and screaming, “Ye Guang.” This is her first time called Ye Guang.

“Yeah?” Ye Guang responded.

Liu Chiyan whispered, “You will accompany me to the old age, right?”

Ye Guang smiled: “If a person is destined to accompany you to the old age, then this person is me, it can only be me!”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “Maybe I won’t want you that day.”

Ye Guang pretending to be angry: “You dare!”

Liu Chiyan snorted, “I have to watch your performance.”

Ye Guang smiled and asked: “How about my performance now?”

Liu Chiyan: “Generally average. Still continue to work hard!”

Ye Guang: “Yes, Lord Queen, you ordered me that the small one is for you.”

Liu Chiyan laughed and was very happy. “I just said to sing to me and sing to this palace.”

“Okay.” Ye Guang said, “The song name is also called When you are old.” Say, Ye Guang started to sing, there is no soundtrack, there is no instrument around, Ye Guang can only sing, but Ye Guang yesterday took a Sounds of nature’s tone skill, singing the sound is very good, though The singing was a little worse, but the voice sang very well.

“When you are old and gray hair.
And full of sleep.
When you are old and unable to walk .
And nodding by the fire,recall your youth.
How many loved your moments of glad grace.
And loved your beauty with love false or true.
But one man loved your pilgrim soul in you.
And loved the sorrows of your changing face.
When I’m old and eyebrows lowered.
When I’m old and eyebrows lowered.
The hazy light shining fast.
The Winds blow across,Send your message.
This is a song in my heart.”

After a period of singing, although there is no soundtrack, but the most beautiful song is still beautiful in the song and the beauty and poetry of the lyrics, Liu Chiyan is somewhat obsessed.

“When you are old and gray hair.
And full of sleep.
When you are old and unable to walk .
And nodding by the fire,recall your youth.
How many loved your moments of glad grace.
And loved your beauty with love false or true.
But one man loved your pilgrim soul in you.
And loved the sorrows of your changing face.
When I’m old and eyebrows lowered.
When I’m old and eyebrows lowered.
The hazy light shining fast.
The Winds blow across,Send your message.
This is a song in my heart.
When I am old,I really hope.
Here is a song, sing for you.”

After singing a song, Liu Chiyan gave a very fair evaluation: “The sound is very good, the song is very good, and the singing is worse.” Fluttering and staring at Ye Guang, “Is this song and the poem just now, Did you write it yourself?”

Ye Guang, in the face of his newly married wife, will definitely not lose face, very shameless and said: “Of course! Was my talent amazing?”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “a little bit.” Added, “just a little.”

Ye Guang smiled proudly. “Your husband is amazing!”

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