MST Chapter 20 : Just Married

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From the car, Liu Chiyan put on sunglasses and a large mask.

Ye Guang said: “It’s useless to wear it. You will definitely take it off later, we have to take a photo.”

Liu Chiyan ignored him.

With uneasy, complex mood, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan enter the Civil Affairs Bureau, marriage registration office was very noticeable.  At a glance,  we saw that there is no one in the entire Civil Affairs Bureau today, marriage registry office is a pair to register the people are not, five or six of the window is also empty, Only the most side of the window in a look at the elder uncle wearing reading glasses leisurely drink tea, watching the newspaper.

See Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan come in, Grandpa put down the newspaper, “Come to register?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, Grandpa, we register.”

Grandpa took the reading glasses and looked at Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan with smile. “Yes, how come to register today.”

What happened to the register today? Ye Guang was a bit puzzled and asked: “What happened today, can’t I register?”

Grandpa shook his head and said: “It is not impossible to register. According to yellow calendar, today is still a good day, but today is April Fool’s Day.”

“April Fool’s Day?” Ye Guang, “April Fool’s Day!!!”

Liu Chiyan is also dumbfounded.

Well, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan didn’t notice that today is April Fool’s Day, April Fool’s Day, is this a joke? [A-N: Set here only because of the plot needs, do not substitute for reality, in reality, April Fool’s Day is actually more than usual!]

Granpa said: “Yes, today is April Fool’s Day, now the young people have been April fools, so also afraid of April Fool’s Day, said that the wedding is April Fool’s Day joke, so now every April fools people to register more and more less, this does not, our unit today other colleagues are directly on holiday, I am a person to watch, anyway, no one.”

Ye Guang feels that today God is giving him a April Fools joke, what is it?

Looking at Liu Chiyan, Liu Chiyan frowned and looked gloomy.

“Knot!” Liu Chiyan said arbitrarily, “Chinese, what is his Western April Fool’s Day!”

Good domineering.

Said, Liu Chiyan took over the household register book in Ye Guang’s hand, and then handed it to Grandpa work window, firmly saying: “We register!”

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan, who was so fierce, stunned, then smiled.

Granpa took the household register book and said, “You are a good girl.” Then he took out a booklet and wrote while asking: “What is the name of the girl?”

“Liu Chiyan.”

Grandpa looked at Ye Guang and asked, “What about him?”

Liu Chiyan just wanted to say, then suddenly found… What is his name? So she stopped.

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang have been together for a few days, and even both of them have slept in a bed, but Liu Chiyan has forgotten to ask Ye Guang what is his name. Ye Guang is also, he did not introduce himself, did not say what his name, the subconscious has always thought that Liu Chiyan knows.

Liu Chiyan was speechless and suddenly felt that she had done something very outrageous. She actually registered and got married with someone who didn’t even know his name, and most of the reason was that she took the initiative to force the other party.

Some slyly turned back, Liu Chiyan asked a little embarrassed, “That… What is your name?”

Ye Guang froze, she doesn’t know my name? I rely on it, as if I have never told her! ! !

The registered grandfather was dumbfounded. what’s the situation? what’s the situation is this! After a lifetime in marriage registrar office, what kind of person he has not seen, what wonderful couple he has not seen, flash marriage has been registered by his hand, but this situation is really the first time I saw it! Even if you don’t even know the name, you can register? Today is April Fool’s Day and don’t be kidding!

Grandpa is cold-faced, “Hey, today is April Fool’s Day, but don’t you make a joke with the old man. If you don’t know the name, you will register to get married. Where is the April Fool’s Day joke?”

Ye Guang hurried forward and explained, “Grandpa, Grandpa, don’t be angry, my name is Ye Guang, the Ye of night, the Guang of light, you are suffocating.” Pointing to Liu Chiyan, “Which of us dare to come here to make fun of you, she is not because the marriage is too excited, her mind didn’t turn around, so she couldn’t name me.”

Grandpa will be suspicious, “Really?”

Ye Guang nodded again and again, “Really, really!”

Liu Chiyan also nodded with the match.

Grandpa didn’t make it difficult for them, gave them a form and let Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan fill it out.

Then he took Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan to take a photo of the couple, because the staff member of the camera is not there today. The grandfather is good, and he volunteered to take pictures for them. He has not paid Ye Guang, saying that Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are his first pair of newcomers today will give them a sneak peek.

Originally Liu Chiyan and ye Guang two people are ready to be exposed to marriage, maybe too old, not pay attention to entertainment circle, incredibly did not recognize Liu Chiyan, when the photo is to take off sunglasses and masks, the moment Liu Chiyan took off the mask, Grandpa just looked at the same, and then muttered, “So juicy girl, accompany this young man a pity.”

Liu Chiyan grinned.

Ye Guang have black line, what happened to me? What’s wrong with me? Old bastard, you have to say clearly! Don’t say clearly… I can’t take care of you either.

Finally, the uncle gave them a certificate, knocked the stamp, and all the procedures were completed. The Grandpa held two red books in his hand and led Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang to swear:

“We voluntarily become husband and wife. Starting today, we will shoulder the responsibility and obligation that marriage gives us: filial parents, teach children, respect each other, mutual trust and mutual encouragement, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, mutual affection, love for life!

In the future, no matter whether it is good or bad, no matter whether it is rich or poor, no matter whether it is health or disease, whether it is youth or old age, we are all in the same boat, suffering and sharing together, sharing happiness and suffering, and becoming a lifelong companion! We must stick to today’s vows and we will be able to stick to today’s vows. Oathman Ye Guang / Liu Chiyan.”

After the oath was completed, Grandpa handed the marriage certificate to Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan, and blessed: “A hundred-year marriage.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang thanked the Grandpa in unison.

Out of the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan still have some look.

Just married?

Ye Guang felt a little bit unbelievable. The two men had a full understanding of the three days and stole the household register from their home. Both parents and their families did not know, and they were registered to get married.

Really married like this? Although  there has been a marriage experience in Dream World for Ye Guang, it is Dream World, and it has completely different perspectives and feelings in Dream World.

When she stepped down the stairs, Liu Chiyan almost stumbled, and Ye Guang’s hand helped her quickly, pulling her into his arms.

Liu Chiyan was blushing, but did not push Ye Guang away. Instead, she reached out to Ye Guang’s waist and put her head on Ye Guang’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. “In the future, you should not bully me.”

Ye Guang hugged Liu Chiyan and smiled. “In the future, I will only bully you.”

Liu Chiyan is very satisfied with Ye Guang’s answer in Ye Guang’s arms, with sweet smile.

“Ahhhh…” Liu Chiyan suddenly screamed, “I forgot one thing!”

Ye Guang asked: “What is it?”

Liu Chiyan didn’t talk, took Ye Guang and went in the direction of parking.

On the car, Liu Chiyan took two A4 paper prints from the bag, took out a signature pen, handed the pen to Ye Guang, and then grabbed the contents of A4 paper with both hands, said to Ye Guang. “Signature!”

Ye Guang, “What is this? Signature, you have to let me see the content first.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “Don’t show it, you sign it.”

Ye Guang certainly does not agree. “If you don’t give me a look, I won’t sign it.”

“You promised me one thing last night, saying that it is this, you sign.” Liu Chiyan said with a smile.

Ye Guang another sigh, it seems that I really promised her one thing yesterday. The gentleman said that it is difficult to chase after him. This is a matter of principle. “I signed it, even if you sold me, I recognized it.” I bit my teeth and signed the name.

“In two copies, there is one.” Liu Chiyan reminded.

Ye Guang signed another name on another.

Seeing Yes Guang signed, Liu Chiyan nodded with satisfaction, picked up the documents and looked at it. ‘Ye Guang’ was signed right at the signature place and carefully took one of them back into the bag. Liu Chiyan handed the other one to Ye Guang. “The agreement is in effect, let’s see it!”

“What agreement?” Ye Guang took it, I saw the A4 paper marked “Marriage Agreement.”

Ye Guang looked down and looked at this, his forehead started sweating.

Then take a look at marriage agreement on the steering wheel. “I don’t agree with these!”

Liu Chiyan looked at him smugly, her eyes smirking, like a little fox who was conspiring to make a fuss. “No matter, you have already signed it anyway.”

“You are unreasonable!”

“Which is unreasonable?”

“The ones in your agreement that say not allowed to bully you, to love you, to think for you, not to provoke you to get angry, forget what to do without physical contact and sexual behavior without the permission of the woman?”

Liu Chiyan squinted with big eyes: “Is there a problem? Without me, you don’t want to touch me.”

“We are legal couples!” Ye Guang is angry.

Liu Chiyan blinked innocently. “My mother said that girls should be self-respecting and self-disciplined, and they should not be taken advantage of by boys casually.”

Ye Guang: “I can’t help but get married and have to be a lifelong Pan Junjun.”

Liu Chiyan’s face is slightly red. “That depends on your performance.”

“Well, let’s not say this. All the income of this man is controlled by the woman. The woman will give the man a certain monthly living allowance. The man’s other income sources other than the woman’s living expenses must be handed over to the woman. What is going on here? I can’t agree with this!”

Liu Chiyan is a little embarrassed to say: “My mom said that men can easily get bad if they have money, so I have to control your source of income. Anyway, it won’t make you hungry. You can spend money, but you must apply in advance to me and I will approve it as appropriate.”

“But that is my personal income, how can I give it to you! You are capitalist hegemonism!”

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