BTC Chapter 221 : Helps the city to fight

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The manufacture of new electric vehicles is bound with the help of industrial robots and Iron Head.

There are iron head, metal manufacturing process and motorcycle mechanical structure design is not a problem, and RI-8901 can solve some problems of production line manufacturing and plant construction.

So Lu Zixin went to RI-8901’s single-family villa and sent a task to it, while looking at the state of Iron Head, and seeing it is now honest.

As soon as Lu Zixin entered the villa, he heard an unpleasant song. Although the room was specially designed with soundproofing materials, it was inevitable that there was noise.

Lu Zixin entered the room and saw that Iron Head was becoming anthropomorphic and practicing songs in the room. In front of it, there is a computer and a microphone.

He took a closer look, the original iron head is actually live! Although the camera was not turned on, it was indeed live. Lu Zixin saw that its anchor name was called Teddy, and there were tens of thousands of online users.

“Blow, blow, my pride is indulgent, blowing and blowing does not ruin my pure garden…” The iron-headed sang in love.

Lu Zixin saw that the barrage between the live broadcasts had become a piece.

“Margo’s, the thief singing is hard to hear!”

“Where is the anchor, I am going to kill you!”

“Report the address, the machete in the same city is ready!”

“I just finished eating, I heard this song, old man vomited all the food, and whited my five-faced instant noodles!”

“Does the anchor dare to show up? I promise not to kill you!”

“What junk mics do you use, and also with metal noise?”

For these comments, Iron Head did not care, but said: “The ones on the barrage are jealous of my talent!”

“Although you said that I sang hard, but the popularity of my live broadcast is getting higher and higher! This is an undeniable fact!”

On the barrage, it is naturally a buzz. Lu Zixin said: “Let’s find you right, first broadcast.”

Iron Head broadcasted at a second speed and asked: “Daddy, have you finally let me go out? My goal should be the stars and the sea. These people don’t understand my songs at all. I want to go to the outer planet.”

“Go to your sister!” Lu Zixin just listened to its singing and couldn’t help but scream.

“My sister? Is it that you have created a mechanical life? Beautiful? Don’t make me not recognize it!” Iron Head said in a serious way.

“Shut up!” Lu Zixin said. “This time it is for you to design an electric motorcycle and see for yourself.”

He threw the concept information to the Iron Head, and Iron Head took it and said: “So simple? Little meaning.”

“I know that design is not difficult for you.” Lu Zixin emphasizes, “The main thing is to meet the current industrial level, materials, precision, etc. This makes Zhang Qiang cooperate with you.”

“You want me to cooperate with that nasty foundation?” Iron Head said. “I would rather do it alone. The guy will come back every day except for self-repair. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Lu Zixin ignored its complaint and said: “When you finish it as soon as possible, Zhang Qiang will be responsible for this business.”

Now Zhang Qiang is responsible for enough things, if ordinary people are definitely too busy. But it’s a robot, the information can be read instantly, and it won’t feel exhausted. It’s okay to deal with more things.

In less than a week, Iron Head took out the design of Pengyun electric motorcycle, and more than one, there are more than a dozen models, high, medium and low.

Zhang Qiang, after understanding the industrial equipment and materials that can be used, has planned the design of the production equipment and can start building the plant directly.

On the software side, we are also developing the intelligent system of electric vehicles, and Kunpeng Battery Factory has also begun to add a production line for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Multi-line operation together makes electric vehicles the fastest time to design and manufacture.


After planning, Lu Zixin is also preparing himself.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin is asking Tony Stark about wireless charging.

For all smart products, wireless charging is very necessary. If you have a small mobile phone, a large electric vehicle or other heavy industrial equipment, if you can carry out high-power wireless charging, it is definitely a world-leading advantage!

Tony Stark : “There are three main ways to charge wirelessly, electromagnetic induction, magnetic field resonance and radio waves. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Different products are treated differently depending on the design cost and production cost.”

“If you only need wireless charging for small mobile devices, it’s actually very simple, in the information I gave you.”

“But if it’s a large mobile device like an electric car that requires a high-power wireless charging device, it’s a bit of a hassle.”

“You can consider building a wireless charging station or laying a wireless charging section.”

Tony Stark’s wireless charging section is to build a highway with a high Science and Technology. The surface of this road can absorb solar energy into electricity, and the “road” itself is a large electronic device!

As long as the wireless charging car is driving on such a road section, it can be charged while driving, regardless of the problem of energy consumption. Not only that, but the high-Science and Technology road also has intelligent equipment that can display road signs directly on the ground, wirelessly connect vehicles for navigation and speed regulation, traffic regulation, magnetic induction traffic safety protection and more.

However, if the road is built up and the cost is also astronomical, it will definitely not be implemented until Lu Zixin fails to make a profit.

In the group, Red Queen : “@Mr. L, the owner, you can also use biocharging technology!”

“Look at this!”

She sent a dynamic picture of a disgusting zombie in a biopharmaceutical. It has no feet, but a dead fisheye with fish scales and light bulbs.

The bio-storage was stimulated. The white dead fish eyes of the zombies suddenly brightened, and the instrument data on the bio-storage quickly soared.

Red Queen : “This is a T-54 type electric corpse, a new type of zombie that has been induced by Tvirus-induced mutations, and it is only necessary to supplement it with organic nutrients. The power of a small generator. If there is a large farm, it can even supply the electricity demand of a city.”

“And it can also transmit electricity through the air! [emoticon: electric your little ass]”

Mr. L : “Forget it, I don’t dare to play with the zombie virus.”

Red Queen : “[The big eyes of contempt: coward.]”

At this time, the little spider came out and said : “Bio power generation? I know that the electro-optical people are so mutated.”

Red Queen : “@Peter Parker, go and pick him up and give me research. [emoticon: can’t wait to see]”

Peter Parker : “This is not in line with humanitarianism.”

Red Queen : “Nothing, I am not a human.”

Mr. L : “There is nothing wrong with this.”

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