BTC Chapter 461 : Supervision Progress

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“In the X city of X province, the X section of expressway, due to the collapse of the intelligent road reconstruction, the road was interrupted, four people were injured and one person died. At present, the road section has been blocked, seriously affecting transportation, the city government said pay attention to strict supervision and requirements of intelligent road reconstruction…”

Lu Zixin took a detailed look at the news reports. Road construction accidents often happen. This incident has nothing to do with Red Letter Group.

Because the transformation of intelligent roads is built after the cooperative enterprise bids and wins the bid at the local government, the responsibility is borne by the construction party.

However, Lu Zixin studied the cause of the accident and found that it was mainly caused by the lack of experience of the construction unit on the intelligent road reconstruction and the imperfect engineering facilities. Of course, there are also construction safety measures that are not in place, workers negligent and so on.

“This is already the fourth intelligent road reconstruction safety accident.” Hong Xiaoxiao reminded, while casually list all the relevant accidents these days..

Lu Zixin rinsed his mouth and said: “I know that the transformation of maglev roads across the country is not a simple matter.”

From the reports of various places, the road reconstruction is not as smooth as imagined. Originally relying on Lu Zixin’s plan, within six months, the intelligent magnetic levitation road will cover all first-tier cities in China. Within one year, it will cover first and second-tier cities. Within three years, it will cover the first, second and fourth-tier cities, and it will have magnetic levitation sensing roads in most parts of China.

In this way, the magnetic suspension vehicle of Pengyun Automobile can be quickly promoted and spread to the whole world based on the domestic market.

If the current construction speed is slow and prolonged, the accidents will occur frequently. If the magnetic levitation road cannot be perfected within three or five years, what is the use of the magnetic levitation vehicle?

“Xiaoxiao, arrange the plane, go to Pengcheng today.” Lu Zixin commanded.

“Okay, Dad.” Hong Xiaoxiao immediately informed Lu Zixin’s private crew of the message and immediately began preparations.

Lu Zixin simply cleaned up and said goodbye to his father-in-law. As for Su Zhirong, she flew to Japan  yesterday.


Pengcheng, the intelligent magnetic levitation reconstruction section of expressway, Lu Zixin personally came to investigate. The magnetic levitation road of Pengcheng was built by Red Letter Group and Zhongnan Construction Group. Red Letter Group invested and Zhongnan Construction Group was responsible for the construction.

At Pengyun Automobile Conference, Guo Chu, CEO of Zhongnan Construction Group, decided to participate in the project. The Red Letter Group itself wanted to explore the profitability of this new road. So the two sides hit it off and carried out the intelligent magnetic levitation road reconstruction in Pengcheng.

“Pengcheng is an economic big city in the south and an important transportation hub. From north to south, it can connect all the big cities in the country! First of all, Pengcheng magnetic levitation intelligent road is completed, which can be seen all over the country. The magical effect of the new road!” Guo Chu, CEO of Zhongnan Construction Group, said next to the construction site.

If he appeared on the construction site in the past, he must be surrounded by a bunch of engineers, management, and supervisors. But today, it is the CEO of Zhongnan Construction Group and several senior managers, accompanied by Lu Zixin and several senior executives of Pengyun Automobile.

“President Lu, be careful.” There were many debris on the construction site, and a few bodyguards led the way.

“No.” Lu Zixin skills are more agile than them, and he walks fast. Later, Guo Chu and others can speed up to keep up.

On the construction site, several large cranes and loaders are under construction. The workers must first clean up the original roads, the central green belt, the two sides of the fence will be pushed down, and then the magnetic suspension sensor board will be laid, and various electronic equipment and induction equipment will be assembled.

“This is B9 construction section, the progress is still relatively fast, like this laying, can complete hundreds of meters a day.” An engineer next to him said.

Hundreds of meters, Lu Zixin brows slightly wrinkle, asked: “So how long will all the reconstructed sections of Pengcheng be completed?”

“This…” The engineer called out the data of the smart glasses and said: “If there is no accident, the highway reconstruction will take five months, and the urban road reconstruction will be slower, which is estimated to be eight months.”

Lu Zixin nodded and felt that the progress was slow. He turned to ask Dongfang Hao: “Is there any way to improve the construction speed?”

Everyone looks at Dongfang Hao, and it is said that this is the chief design and engineer of Pengyun Maglev Vehicle and Magnetic Levitation Intelligent Lane.

Dongfang Hao was wearing the engineer’s clothes and wearing a safety helmet. He pointed to the construction site and said: “This construction is too slow! A construction machinery will be transferred for half a day. Many constructions have to be completed by human resources. It is really too backward!”

“Master Dongfang, I disagree with what you said.” Guo Chu is not happy, retorted: “The strength of our Zhongnan Construction Group is one of the best in China! These construction machinery are top-level construction machinery. Workers are professional, and these engineers are top engineers with extensive experience.”

“The speed at which we are laying magnetic levitation intelligent road, dare not say the country’s first, but definitely in top three!”

“President Lu should know that there are so many delays and accidents in the construction of the country. Only us have not had any problems so far, and everything is proceeding according to the project plan.”

Lu Zixin agreed: “The strength of Zhongnan Construction Group is indeed very strong.”

Dongfang Hao is a mechanical family. He feel that this backwardness is normal. Lu Zixin has to give Guo Chu a little face.

“These machines are too cumbersome and have a single function! What time is it! I really didn’t think that the construction machinery is so rubbish!” Dongfang Hao said that he did not go through the mind, did not give a person face at all, or that he did not care to give others face at all.

“President Guo, Dongfang Hao speech is a bit straight, don’t mind,” Lu Zixin said.

“Don’t mind.” Guo Chu said that he didn’t mind, but how could he not mind?

He immediately asked: “These construction machinery are all ordered from Yuzhou Construction Machinery Group. It is absolutely world-class. You said it can’t work, is there any better?”

Yuzhou Engineering Machinery Group is currently the largest construction machinery enterprise group in China, and the world’s top 500 enterprises. The quality and performance of its construction machinery no need to be said.

“This is the world-class construction machinery?” Dongfang Hao laughed twice, with a little disdain.

Everyone in the room was speechless. What was wrong with this engineer? Still look down on such an awesome construction machinery? If you want to change to a smaller construction group, you can’t get such a construction machine at all, and don’t talk about building a magnetic levitation intelligent road!

“If you want me to say, there should be more powerful construction machinery, such a road can be laid a few kilometers a day.” Dongfang Hao said.

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