BTC Chapter 52 : Science and Technology Gifts

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Lu Zixin continued to chat with Tony Stark. Tony Stark casually said some experience and then said : “I will not say more, I will give you something, you can grasp it.”

Said, the group prompted Tony Stark to send him a Red envelope.

Lu Zixin Click to pick up, group prompt : “Congratulations, you have received Red envelope from Tony Stark, get a box of virtual projection beads, two control instruments.”

In the hands of Lu Zixin, there is a small box and two controllers like smartphones.

He opened the small box with six marble-sized metal beads.

“What is this?” Lu Zixin asked in the group.

“The wisdom of genius crystallizes!” Tony Stark said. “Every three virtual projection beads are a set. Once activated, they create an interactive magnetic field that creates a triangular orientation that releases the virtual projection.”

“This is not an ordinary screen-based virtual projection, but an all-dimensional stereo projection. I think this little gift, no one will not like it.”

“Of course I like it! Great!” Lu Zixin replied quickly, virtual projection, this technology he has always been yearning for. However, the current virtual projection technology is far worse, and with technology owned by Tony Stark is completely incomparable.

For example, on Tony Rolls-Royce Phantom, there is a virtual projection function, but only a flat projection.

This stereo projection, you don’t have to think about it, it’s definitely cool!

After Lu Zixin and Tony Stark finished talking, after Tony went offline, Red Queen came out of ban.

As soon as the time came, her message immediately appeared in group chat, instantly filling the screen and displaying 99999+!

Lu Zixin Just look at it, all in emoticon package.

Red Queen : “[Threats emoticon: Believe it or not, I climbed along the cable?]”

Red Queen : “[Golden emoticon: ban me? The lord of this ungrateful guy, mentioning the pants does not recognize people.]”

Red Queen : “[Zombie eats emoticon: the brain is a good thing, but you are not going to be there soon!]”

Red Queen : “[Anger emoticon: Here we are going to be fed zombies!]”


Lu Zixin is speechless, the super computer really can’t afford it, and the emoticon picture is countless!

He was about to talk, and suddenly there was a group reminder in group : “The group member Red Queen maliciously swiped the screen and would be banned for three days, counting down 2 days 23 hours 59 seconds.”

Mr. L : “…can’t blame me this time, not that I forgive you!”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: touch your head, don’t cry] I will come back to you three days later.”

After a few seconds, Red Queen went offline and Lu Zixin went offline.

“Is there a little emotion in Red Queen?” Lu Zixin still thought, Red Queen mood is getting richer!

Don’t mention it, he continues to study the virtual projection beads that he gets. The controller is easy to operate, just like a smartphone.

In the control unit, there are some virtual images, and a virtual projection can be recorded for transmission.

Tony Stark also specially sent two sets so that Lu Zixin can keep a set and a set as a gift.

After reading the instructions, he couldn’t wait to start the experience.

Lu Zixin holds three virtual projection beads and throws them on desk. The virtual projection beads are activated.

A stable magnetic field is formed between the three metal beads to maintain a triangular stable relationship and then begin to release the projection.

However, because of the light in the room, it is not clear. Lu Zixin quickly closed the doors and windows, including the curtains, and the projection became clearer.

He first started a virtual projection of the “seabed world”, only to see the dark blue light from the projection beads, three hundred and sixty degrees without dead ends!

The original modern office seems to have changed into a sea world at once. The deep blue waters are drowning here, and the colored corals grow on the desks, colorful!

The hermit crab crawled in the trash can, the grotesque fish swam around Lu Zixin, and the small shrimp got into his nostrils. Lu Zixin wanted to catch, but only caught the air. The projection was too realistic!

Above the drawer of his desk, there is an octopus tentacle, as if hiding a soft creature inside. Even when Lu Zixin walks, the water plants are fluctuating, and the bubbles in the seabed sand rise and rise!

Being immersive and dreamlike, Lu Zixin was shocked! This is the charm of Science and Technology, which will make it difficult for a human being to see the world in front of you!

“In the future, I will also develop such a technology!” Lu Zixin secretly decided that he would consult Tony Stark when the conditions were ripe.

Now, the strength of the company is still too weak to be able to develop this technology. Even if technical information is obtained, there is no corresponding technical process to achieve.

Lu Zixin is still admiring this exquisite beauty, knocking on the door outside the door. He pressed the button, the projection disappeared, and everything returned to its original state, as if the seabed world had broken like a bubble.

“Please come in.”


Red Letter Games Company, Finance Department.

No matter what company, the finance department is the most important department. Red Letter is no exception, and the financial department recruits people with the most stringent requirements.

Su Zhirong has been an intern in the finance department for more than half a month. Thinking of the reason for entering Red Letter, she also felt a little unbelievable.

The classmates who attended the corporate training class were actually the CEO of the company, and the Red Letter Games Company was set up so short, but it could kill the Internet market and force the Tencent game to make concessions.

This kind of achievement can no longer be described as successful, it can be said to be brilliant! Lu Zixin General, who founded the Red Letter game with one hand, has been a fabulous genius in the company.

It is said that he got the first pot of gold in the Blue Hole game, and then started a business. “Desolate Battlegrounds” is his own hands-on research, directly to the top of the game popularity list, then online game accelerator and so on.

But this CEO is still so young, the young people of the company regard him as an idol, Su Zhirong is actually admire him.

Joining this company, Su Zhirong is also full of struggle. Red letter is developing too fast, and there is no such complicated workplace environment. As long as she scores, she can get promoted, so since she entered the company, she has been working hard to learn and work, and she has been recognized by the company based on her own ability.

The Ministry of Personnel has already talked to her, saying that several departments want her to adjust to the past and can always get a raise. However, Su Zhirong is still considering and has not responded.

The major she studied is business administration. This profession is actually very broad. Anything about personnel, finance, and operations is involved. In addition, she is a student with a strong learning ability. She can do it naturally. .

At the staff desk, Su Zhirong carefully reviewed the previous financial data. When Red Letter Games Company was first established, because there were a lot of mistakes in financial management because of the unprofessional staff, it is necessary to review it again and improve it.

She is wearing a white shirt and a black women’s suit outside, neat and clean. Short hair is refreshing and the face is delicate. The lower body is wearing a matching black tube skirt, acting in a seductive arc, a long stretch of dual condition just together, let the passing male colleagues look unknowingly.

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