BTC Chapter 53 : Department Party

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“Little Su, is it busy?” asked a female employee next to her.

Su Zhirong is seated with female employee on both sides, because the superior believes that if she is sitting next to a male colleague at her desk, they is afraid that she can’t concentrate on her work.

“There is another point.” Su Zhirong gaze still stared at the screen, her fingers pounding on the keyboard.

“I really admire you!” The female colleague next to her admired, “I want to see these data, I can see that my eyes are spent. You can see at a glance, and are more proficient than old staff like ours.”

“Little Su, you said that you are so beautiful, your ability is still so strong, let us old women have to be jealous to death!”

“Sister Lin, you are laughing. You are more temperament, I am learning from you.” Su Zhirong smiled and said.

Gao Lin said with a smile, “Sweet mouth!”

She waited for Su Zhirong to finish, then whispered: “Little Su, tomorrow is holiday, will there be arrangements at night?”

“I am going to bring back the training materials yesterday and learn again.” Su Zhirong said.

“What are you still learning! Holidays are used for relaxation!” Gao Lin said. “I just wanna said that Qu supervisor at night, please go all personel department to eat and sing and exchange feelings.”

“Qu supervisor?” Su Zhirong frowned and said, “I still don’t go? You just have to play.”

“Ah!” Gao Lin interrupted her and said, “Little Su, this Lin sister will tell you a few words as a person. The workplace is no better than the school. If you want to participate in the event, you will participate in the event. If you don’t want to participate, you will not participate.“

“But in the workplace, you don’t go, isn’t that not giving face to the leadership? And it seems that you and everyone are not in the same group. How much more inconvenient is it to work in the future?”

“No need.” Su Zhirong said.

“It is necessary!” Gao Lin stressed. “Everyone goes, you don’t go? It’s not good. And the supervisor is our top boss. I heard that he will be promoted again, if he raises it casually, What is right, promotion, is a small matter.”

“Again, don’t you just have eat and sing? You don’t have to go a date?”

Su Zhirong shook her head, Gao Lin said: “That’s it, the supervisor also told me, must let you go!”

Speaking of this, she looked at Su Zhirong with a meaningful look and said: “You still eat incense. The supervisor is a returnee talent. At a young age, he has already earned millions of dollars a year. People are tall and handsome…”

She hasn’t finished yet, Su Zhirong is said with displeasure: “Sister Lin, work is work, life is life!”

Seeing that she is not willing to discuss this topic, Gao Lin said: “Well, don’t say it. Anyway, the evening party must come, and some of our colleagues have to get together, right?”

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong knows that, it’s too uncooperative to refuse at this time. It’s too big to find an excuse to go back early.

When time got off work, Qu supervisor came over and shouted: “Everyone waits, I have something to tell!”

He looks like 26 or 27 years old, wearing a decent and neat suit, slender, black and shiny hair, it seems to take a lot of thoughts.

He is Qu Siyuan, the head of the finance department. In the finance department of the Red Letter game, the supervisor is about two levels higher than the average employee. It is considered a small leader, and there are finance ministers and financial directors on it.

“Everyone has worked hard these days, so today I discussed with Minister Chai. After work, I invite everyone to eat together and then sing at KTV together at night,” Qu Siyuan said.

“Long live the supervisor!” someone shouted.

“You can have a meal at night, great!”

Qu Siyuan said with a smile : “This event is a voluntary activity. If you want to go, there is no mandatory requirement. But I can say it first. Don’t regret it if you don’t go! Minister Chai, let’s work with us at night!”

He said that Minister Chai, the employees are more enthusiastic to sign up.

Minister Chai is the finance minister. He goes there. The employees feel that they don’t go a little don’t give face, so even if they don’t want to go, they won’t say it.

“I registered!”

“I am going too!”

“It’s okay tonight.”

“Well, I have to send my name to the work program discussion group.” Qu Siyuan said here, looking at Su Zhirong with a smile on his face, asked: “Little Su, do you count your statistics?”

Su Zhirong expressionless nodded calmly, but next to Gao Lin looked at her with a strange look. The supervisor is always very fond of Su Zhirong. Anyone who has a bit of eyesight should be able to see what it means.

Su Zhirong finished the statistics and sent the list to Qu Siyuan.

Qu Siyuan program sent a smile on the face and replied: “Working hard. Little Su, are you going to party? Just let me send you a ride?”

The party in the department is still late, so employees can go home and get ready.

Su Zhirong replied: “No, thank you.”

Qu Siyuan: “Nothing, I am on the way.”

Su Zhirong: “I have a friend to send.”

Qu Siyuan: “Well, let’s go down the road. I will see you at night! There are surprises!”

Su Zhirong frowned, she has already foreseen that something awkward will happen. But if you don’t go, it’s not very good.

Just as she hesitated, Lu Zixin sent her a message: “Wanna eat together at night?”

“Do you have a meal for everyone?” Su Zhirong replied.

Lu Zixin: “No, it’s so cooked.”

Su Zhirong: “No, there are parties in the evening. [emoticon: frustrated]”

Lu Zixin: “Don’t want to go?”

Su Zhirong: “Well, it doesn’t look like you don’t go.”

Lu Zixin: “I am with you.”

Seeing this sentence, Su Zhirong mouth showed a smile, and quickly replied: “Don’t dare! You are the big boss, you have to go, you must not scare our small employees?”

Lu Zixin: “I really have this bad taste! What time and place?”

Su Zhirong sent the message to him and then left the elevator.

In the office, the two women saw her leave, and they uttered a scornful nasal sound.

The two are also interns, one is called Zhang Juan and the other is called Zhou Mei. They all specialize in accounting, and they are internships in the finance department, but the performance is not as good as Su Zhirong, and even turning positive is very risky.

The Red Letter game is developing rapidly, and the welfare of employees is naturally rising. They both want to turn positive, so there is no need to make less effort, such as doing a good relationship with the superior.

“Look at her, wear it…” Zhang Juan was trying to say that he wore so little, but found that he actually wore less, and had to change his mouth temporarily: “This woman must want to seduce the supervisor! Just deliberately eyebrows.”

There is nothing in the middle, and there are some women who are good at it.

“Yes.” Zhou Mei nodded. “The appearance is pure, the appearance of a white lotus flower, and it is impossible to tell what is selling to boss in private.”

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