BSI Chapter 65 : Change

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The following period, Xia Yan began to be responsible for the contract transaction with Kūkaku, and to help Kūkaku to set up the factory.

The newly opened factory is made in a streamlined style and is divided into several groups. The formula of gunpowder is left in the hands of Shiba Kūkaku, which she personally manufactures.

The size of the factory is not large, probably after has been batched, to meet the training consumption of the Onmitsukidō troops. After all, they rarely have the initiative to attack.

Even so, the factory got a job for a part of Rukongai residents. Although there are only 20 people, Shiba Kūkaku focuses on finding poor families. Their income can support a family, which indirectly saves more people.

Xia Yan felt that this was a good thing. He experienced the pain of living in the chaotic area of ​​Rukongai, so he was able to help them, Xia Yan felt very happy.

“The bomb is officially equipped, even in Gotei 13 many Division has an interest, you are doing very well.”

On the day after the completion of Soi Fon training, Soi Fon was covered with sweat, and it is already summer, and the weather is already hot.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Is there any reward from Soi Fon Captain?”

Soi Fon picked up the towel, wiped the sweat, and curiously asked, “What reward do you want?”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon, and some shyly said: “I want to invite Captain to participate in summer festival?”

Soi Fon asked: “Summer festival, this year’s new festival, I heard that people at Human World like it, and many of the rotating Shinigami will go to the summer festival at Human World.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes, there is still a month to start, I want to invite Captain to join me.”

Soi Fon frowned and said: “The Shinigami Women’s Association has said that they have to go to the summer festival together.”

Xia Yan heard this and looked a little low. He said, “That, forget it.”

Soi Fon glanced at Xia Yan, saw him sad, and felt a little unbearable in her heart. Plus he did a lot during this time, Soi Fon sighed and said: “You did a lot during this time, and often accompanied me training, if you like, I can accompany you.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “That’s great, I ordered a bathrobe for Soi Fon Captain and will be delivered later.”

Soi Fon frowned and asked: “Bathrobe, is it the clothes after bathing? Why wear that? Still need to order?”

Xia Yan explained: “The bathrobe is similar to the kimono, but it is more casual, and the color application is more abundant, very beautiful, and it is also a must for summer festival.”

Soi Fon looked at Xia Yan and asked, “You have ordered me, can I refuse?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I know that Soi Fon Captain will not reject me.”

Soi Fon coldly snorted, said: “Do you know my body size?”

Xia Yan said: “Of course, Soi Fon Captain is 148cm and weighs 46kg.”

“Is that me?”

Soi Fon raised her hand and gonna hit Xia Yan head.

Xia Yan said quickly: “I am sorry Captain, but I have been training with Soi Fon Captain all the time. I know all about Captain’s height, weight, shoulder length, waist circumference, bust and hip circumference.”

Soi Fon heard this, the corner of the mouth showed a smile, Xia Yan joined the Onmitsukidō troops for more than a decade, the two have been training together, very familiar with each other.

Wait, what does the bust and hips mean?

Soi Fon gave a look at Xia Yan, and some helplessly said: “Well, I will get a bathrobe.”

Xia Yan said: “Can I still ask for a request?”

Soi Fon squinted at Xia Yan and said with a sigh of relief: “You don’t have to take a shot.”

Xia Yan immediately horses hands together, said: “On a request.”

Soi Fon said impatiently: “Let’s talk.”

Xia Yan immediately said: “Change a hairstyle.”


Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, Asked: “Why should I change my hair?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “This hairstyle is very unsuitable for Soi Fon Captain, which makes Soi Fon Captain a lot more ugly.”

Soi Fon doll head completely blocks the forehead and looks awkward.

Soi Fon touched the scorpion and said, “I don’t want to be beautiful.”

Xia Yan said: “But it is not conducive to fighting. Your two little braids often come and go, and stay in there. Once move will open and fall, will it not be uncomfortable?”

Soi Fon thought of the scene of the battle in the past, I feel really uncomfortable, but after so many years, I have been this head shape since I was a child, and I am used to it. It doesn’t matter if I change it.

Xia Yan pursued the victory and said: “Soi Fon Captain, according to other team members, you have been this hairstyle for a long time, for decades, why don’t you want to change it and bid farewell to yourself?”


Soi Fon thought of her past, poured her best years, and got betrayed.

After so many years, She still can’t forget it.

Not wanting to forget, but not forgetting.

Perhaps it is better to change from my past habits, Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, “Well, I will change a new hairstyle, but what hairstyle should I change?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I designed a hair style, and I will let the hairdresser handle it for Soi Fon Captain. It is definitely suitable with Soi Fon Captain.”

Soi Fon nodded and said, “Okay.”


Xia Yan clenched the fist, so that his two plan realized.

Take Soi Fon to the summer festival, change her hairstyle, and then the final purpose.

Xia Yan just smiled, and suddenly Soi Fon palm was fanned on Xia Yan’s head.

“What are you smirking!”


A month passed quickly, and the summer festival soon came. On the afternoon of the day, Xia Yan stood outside the door of Soi Fon and whispered, “Soi Fon Captain, are you ready?”

“No problem.”

There was a faint voice inside, the tone was not as hard as usual, very soft, with a touch of shame.

The sound fell, the door opened, and a figure appeared in front of Xia Yan.


When I saw Soi Fon, I was shocked by what I saw.

The first is Soi Fon hairstyle, which I let the hair stylist do, but I haven’t seen the finished product yet, only the design.

After seeing the haircut of Soi Fon, Xia Yan was very surprised.

The current hairstyle, when Soi Fon and Yoruichi in the original work, Yoruichi hit with lightning strike, blowing Soi Fon hair to the back of the head, first short hair, then the right hair combed up, similar to the back, the left hair hanging down Tilt down.

Short hair is more versatile, and most of the faces are exposed, so that the eyes of the eyes are opened, forming a perfect picture.

That is the last picture of the 150th.

The painting was a picture of Shinigami’s previous style, and the faces of the characters were too sharp. Under such circumstances, Soi Fon was so beautiful and shocking.

In addition to the hairstyle, the Yukata is also very beautiful, the white bottom, the light purple pattern, deeper and more sophisticated, but there is still a feminine.

It is so beautiful.

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon in front of him, smiles and says: “Captain, you are beautiful.”

Soi Fon turned red and stared at Xia Yan. “I don’t go, it will be a shame in a while.”

Xia Yan immediately horses hands together, said: “Soi Fon Captain, please go, I have prepared for this for a long time.”

Soi Fon glanced at his clothes and remembered the beautiful face she saw in the mirror. SHe knew that Xia Yan had spent a lot of time for this reward.

Well, it must be.

“Let’s go.”

Soi Fon took a slow step, but accidentally slammed it on the threshold, and the yukata can’t take too much pace. Although the underside is wrapped around the two sides of the placket, the overlapping part can actually be slightly opened, but the upper part only binds the thigh, so the swing range is not broad.

Soi Fon was wearing it for the first time, so she was uncomfortable, but she reacted very quickly and jumped up when she wanted to turn over.

“Do not move.”

But one sounded, Soi Fon forcibly stopped, and the next moment entered Xia Yan’s arms, and he held her hand and stopped the falling figure.

Then Xia Yan helped Soi Fon slowly straight up and said: “Captain, today you think of yourself as a normal soul, what Ability can not be used, enjoy the summer festival.”

Soi Fon nodded softly and said, “I remember.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Let’s go, Captain, why don’t you go?”

Soi Fon turned black and said, “You, release my hand.”

Xia Yan said with a sullen face: “Can’t I hold your hand? I am afraid that you will fall. ”

Soi Fon said with anger: “I can go, or I will not go.”

“All right.”

Xia Yan had to let go, the dark road is not the time, but I hope that after end the summer festival, your hand is still your own.

Soi Fon walked forward in a small step, walked a distance and shouted: “Follow.”


Xia Yan immediately ran over and stood by Soi Fon side, and the two walked toward the distance.

The first summer festival of Seireitei began!

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