BSI Chapter 64 : Bomb purchase

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After dinner at Shiba’s house, it was already late in the evening. Xia Yan returned to 2nd DIvision and did not rush to give Soi Fon a bomb made by Shiba Kūkaku.

On the second day, Xia Yan called Soi Fon to train and presented the three bombs one by one to Soi Fon.

“The power is not bad, there are smoke and flash effects.”

Soi Fon looks at the bomb, thoughtfully.

Xia Yan looked forward to ask: “We can provide these bombs for Onmitsukidō troops. It is easy to operate and can we purchase?”

Soi Fon replied: “In fact, the criminal war forces have a long time to have such ideas, smoke bombs, flares, all have an important role, but the only problem is the miniaturization of bombs and ignition style and actual combat, and now Shiba home made bombs do this, but actual combat is still a problem and needs to be carefully tested for combat. ”

Xia Yan thought for a moment and said: “Then I borrowed ten criminals member and gave me a month of training time. Can Soi Fon Captain have a look?”

Soi Fon nodded and said, “Okay, you should do it.”

Xia Yan heard Soi Fon order and began to arrange for the criminals member.

In a blink of an eye, one month passed.

On this day, Soi Fon stood in the center of training field, surrounded by more than a dozen criminals members, next to Shiba Kūkaku and Xia Yan.

These criminal members carry a number of bombs on their bodies. The bombs after the improved process are more compact, and it is not a problem to wear more than a dozen of them with their weight.

Xia Yan smiled and said to the empty crane: “After training, the combat strength of these criminal warfare members has increased greatly, but how to do it, you need to experiment well. If you succeed, you can harvest a large number of orders.”

Kūkaku nodded and said: “Soi Fon’s Strength is very strong, but I believe these bombs can work for her.”

“Look at the results.”

Xia Yan said, wearing goggles on the eyes.

Xia Yan voice just fell, and the two criminals flew toward Soi Fon. The other criminals simultaneously took off the goggles on the forehead and put a bomb in their hands, but only in the diagonal. The criminal members ignited the flash and threw it at the center.


The release time of the flash bomb is about a second. In this second, Soi Fon has knocked down the two people.

The flash bombs released a strong radiance, and Soi Fon knew that there would be this result, closing the eyes.

But at this time, Six Path broke open and sealed Soi Fon’s figure.

These are six ordinary shells with only concentrated energy release.

“Too slow.”

Soi Fon shouted, and the eyes scolded the flash, not at all, but only a little on the toes, and the body flashed, rushing out from the gap between the shells.

But just rushed out of the gap, but rushed into a smog, the smog filled with a touch of red.


Soi Fon coughed up sharply and only felt that the throat was very uncomfortable.

“The newly improved smoke bomb effect has increased the irritating effect and has a huge effect on people’s eyes and respiratory tract. It seems to work well.” Kūkaku said with a smile.

Xia Yan nodded, said: “Soi Fon Captain knows the role of the flash bomb, so she always closes the eyes, but she does not know the effect of the smoke bomb. If it is other people, the flash bomb will cause it.”

Soi Fon felt the smoke in her throat, and at this time, a few silhouettes rushed around, and the short sword in his hand stabbed the vital point of Soi Fon’s body.

Soi Fon resisted the body discomfort, listening to the sound of the air in her ear, a short thorn in her left hand, waving a few times in the air, blocking all the Attacks.

But at this time, a loud noise came.


The sound is sharp, but at the end it becomes a shock, which is even more uncomfortable.


Soi Fon felt a pain in his ear, a roar in his head, and no sound was heard.

Tremor bomb.

The fourth weapon that Xia Yan asked Kūkaku to study, also did not tell Soi Fon, she was greatly attacked without knowing it.

This sharp sound has a high frequency of vibration and does not reach the extent of the eardrum, but it can cause short-term deafness.

Soi Fon eyes didn’t dare to open it. The air in the respiratory tract was irritating, very uncomfortable, and the ears couldn’t hear it.

At this moment, the figures were once again coming.

Soi Fon was inevitable, but as the commander-in-chief of Onmitsukidō troops, she felt extremely sensitive, and with the winds driven by the surrounding attackers touching the skin, Soi Fon took their tracks.


At the moment of wind, Soi Fon has already become a phantom and disappears.

Soi Fon rushed out of the encirclement and intended to pull the distance, but at this moment, a loud explosion sounded.

I saw a violent explosion in the circumstance of the encirclement formed by the criminals. Flame rolled up and shrouded Soi Fon.

“This is…” Kūkaku big eyes stared.

Xia Yan smiled and explained: “These 10 players, I let three of them mastered the Kido, respectively, Hadō #12-Fushibi, Hadō #31-shakkahō, and Bakudō #26-Kyokkō, with Fushibi in the outside of the perimeter wiring, with Kyokkō cover, I told them As long as Soi Fon captain hearing, vision and breathing sealed, on time detonated, sure enough, Soi Fon captain tried to rush out, was just hit.”

Kūkaku stunned and asked: “Are you not afraid of hurting her?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Soi Fon Captain will not be so easily injured.”

The smoke of the explosion dissipated, and a figure was scattered all over the explosion. The explosion did not cause damage to Soi Fon, and all of it was blocked by the body.

“Okay, let’s end it.”

Xia Yan made three arrangements, using special effects smoke bombs and Tremor bombs, plus a Kido combination, forced Soi Fon Shunko, is enough.

Soi Fon, a glittering, came to Xia Yan and asked, “What are the smoke bombs and Tremor bombs? There is also a final explosion, how does it look like a combination Kido? ”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Ordinary smoke bombs are too weak, so something is added. The Tremor bomb is a newly developed bomb. As for Kido, I picked out the criminals members with high Reiatsu and trained them to master only one Kido. Each team has three people, and ten people form a small team to cooperate with each other. Soi Fon Captain, is it ok?”

Soi Fon coughed and said: “After your training, such a team can already against the Experts Captain level, and indeed the actual combat power has improved a lot.”

Kūkaku looks at Soi Fon and asks: “So, did you decide to purchase?”

Soi Fon said: “Yes, the specific contract will let Xia Yan do it, and then he will be responsible for this. I am going to wash the body.”

Leaving this sentence, Soi Fon turned and left, leaving Xia Yan standing next to Kūkaku.

Kūkaku looks at Xia Yan, curiously said: “It seems that your Captain trusts you.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “That is of course, I am so good.”

“Do you?”

Kūkaku hugged Xia Yan, and the busty chest squeezed Xia Yan head, saying: “The little devil must take care of me when drafting the contract.”

Xia Yan said with anger: “I know Kūkaku sister, let me go, I am dying.”

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  1. Interesting bomb 😀 but at captain lv, are not she already can feel others by just their reiatsu ?

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    1. Not too sure how the author make this, if you read manga bleach you will understand that in manga have many question background story 😂

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