BSI Chapter 38 : Real Combat Power

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After Xia Yan saw the Ikkaku Shikai, there was an infinite fighting intent, and his feet were on the ground, and his body had already appeared on the side of Ikkaku.

Xia Yan will never attack from the front, his speed is the advantage, the straight line is shorter and the action is faster, but for the physical attack type Zanpakuto, the opposite side is unchanged, no matter your speed is fast, opposite The side can handle it with ease.

In particular, Ikkaku Reiatsu is very high, although it is only three seats, it’s Reiatsu is Vice-Captain series.

Xia Yan simply can’t beat the opposite side in Strength, reaction speed, and frontal combat skills.

Especially in the Ikkaku stable center of gravity, when the full power is in front, there is almost no flaw in the front.

So Xia Yan from the side Attack, Zanpakuto stabbed the neck of Ikkaku.

However, Ikkaku speed is extremely fast. He turns the long spear on the back with his hand as the axis. The handle is down and the tip of the knife is tilted upwards, just hitting Xia Yan Zanpakuto blade.


The huge force spreads from Xia Yan Zapnakuto, but at the next moment, Xia Yan has a short thorn in his left hand, stabbing the chest of Ikkaku.

Xia Yan just used this trick to force the Ikkaku Shikai, but now it has no use.

The tip of Ikkaku blade was picked up and the handle rushed to the ground, but as his right hand turned, the handle lifted up and hit Xia Yan short thorn and swayed it.

Xia Yan right hand Zanpakuto flat cut, Ikkaku eyelashes again with the knife tip.

This Ikkaku long spear, with the center of gravity as the axis, with the tip of the tip and the wooden stick at the end, constantly resists Xia Yan both hands Attack.

At this time, Ikkaku gripping method has become a both hands, the knife tip is slightly inclined forward and upward, while the tail end is slightly behind.

It’s like a stick, but it’s a sharp knife.

Xia Yan rushed to attack several times and failed. The battle method of the second Blade Move could not beat the opposite side.

At this time, Ikkaku picked up Xia Yan Zapnakuto and did not take care of the short thorns of his left hand.

The sharp blade slashed to Xia Yan face, and Xia Yan short thorn also stabbed his lower abdomen.

Injury with injuries?

Xia Yan frowned, his short thorn can pierce the opposite side, the blood tank above, can make the opposite side blood flow.

Although bleeding is fatal, this World hemostatic style is much simpler and can be easily treated with Kaidō.

But if you are shackled, you are afraid that you will be split directly into two halves.

Xia Yan did not dare to sneer, tiptoe a little, and the body leaped backwards.

Ikkaku has no squats, the tip of the knife falls, and Ikkaku right foot is moving forward, and the body is moving forward, followed by Xia Yan retreating body shape, and the right hand holds a long spear and stabs forward, hitting Xia Yan face. .

Xia Yan Zanpakuto lifted up and put it in front of him, screaming, Ikkaku long spear smashed Xia Yan blade, shaking Xia Yan arm numb, and the next moment, the long spear in his hand drew an arc in the air to cut to Xia Yan feet.

Xia Yan toes are a little bit, and he is in the air, but the long spear of Ikkaku is picked up again, and the tip of spear is up, cut to Xia Yan lower abdomen.

After the Shikai Hōzukimaru, Ikkaku uses the first form of the long spear form, using the long stick’s combat skills for defense, while using the spear’s combat skills when attacking.

The position held by the right hand is the fulcrum. The thorn, the drill, the sweep, and the cymbal are all methods of fighting the spear.

But because the front is not the spear head, but the blade with the tip of the knife, two inches wide, one and a half feet long, and more battle methods such as smashing, cutting, and smashing.

Coupled with the length of the long spear, you can cover a wider range, once the initiative, is an endless offensive.

Moreover, the distance the arm moves is relatively short, and the body of the gun is shaken, and it can be pierced four or five times in a flash, just like a storm.

This kind of stab speed, Xia Yan is not worried, the battle style of the two Blade Move, Can handle it with ease.

However, the strength of the opposite side is getting bigger and bigger. Xia Yan has always avoided confrontation. He is afraid of Ikkaku strength. Now he is caught by his body and cannot compete.


Xia Yan left hand and short thorn were clamped together, blocking the Attack on the opposite side, but the body was shaken back more than one meter.

Strength is too big.

Xia Yan frowned, the next moment, Ikkaku a long spear squats again.

Facing the long spear of Ikkaku, Xia Yan suddenly shot the short thorn of the left hand and hit the body of Ikkaku.

Xia Yan original intention is to use a short thorn to force the Ikkaku to open the distance and make plans.

However, because long spear is relatively long, giving Ikkaku sufficient reaction time, he just took a step in the side and easily escaped, but the knife in his hand still down.


Xia Yan raised the Zanpakuto with his right hand and tried to resist it, but the huge Strength, pressed Zanpakuto directly out of the hand.

The next moment, the tip of Ikkaku blade is against the throat of Xia Yan.

Xia Yan felt the sharpness at the neck and sighed and admitted: “Ikkaku senior, I lost.”

Ikkaku retracted the long spear, but before he spoke, a voice rang. “To deal with a kid who doesn’t have Shikai, he needs Shikai to win. Ikkaku, you miss the face of 11th Division.”

The sound sounded, and a man with a tall, explosive head walked in the distance, more than two meters tall, exuding the formidable manner, it was Zaraki Kenpachi.

“Captain, sorry, I lost the face of 11th Division.” Ikkaku immediately lowered his head.

He admired Zaraki Kenpachi. After Ichimaru Gin, Aizen and Tossen, these three betrayed the Soul Society, Renji wanted him to take over the position of Captain. He refused and hoped to follow Captain until he died.

“Baldhead, you actually lost to Xiao Yanyan, it is really embarrassing.”

Yachiru were on the back of Zaraki Kenpachi, revealing a small head, ruthlessly ridiculed.

“Vice-Captain, I told you many times, don’t call me that.”

For this nickname from Kusajishi Yachiru, Ikkaku is very angry.

Kusajishi Yachiru and Ikkaku, they fight with mouth with a sentence, and Xia Yan gave a speech to Zaraki Kenpachi. “Zaraki Captain, I will leave first.”

“Hurry up, never dare to fight in front.”

Zaraki Kenpachi is very annoying to Xia Yan fighting style. He never dares to fight in front, always attack the weakness of enemy. This kind of battle doesn’t mean anything.

In Zaraki Kenpachi view, the real battle should be cut against each other!

Xia Yan turned away from the Courtyard of 11th Division, went to the distance, thinking about his current combat power.

I can beat Ikkaku, which does not use Shikai, through the second Blade Move, but he can’t play the first form of Shikai himself.

But Xia Yan has not used Kido, in this year, through Soi Fon special training, Xia Yan Shunpo and Hakuda skills are greatly improved, at the same time Kido and Shunpo, Hakuda  and Zanjutsu fusion , the formation of a melee combat, although there is no Shunko formidable, but can also let strength improve a grade, even if the Ikkaku use the shape of the stick, can also contend.

Only the 11th Division did not use Kido to fight. Xia Yan assessment of his melee combat was not used.

Ikkaku is not yet solved, but the strength of the three-seat is undoubtedly not comparable to the current strongest three-seat Matsumoto Rangiku, but there is also a battle in Vice-Captain.

The same is true for your own real strength. Three seats Strength can compete with some Vice-Captains.

But it is not enough. Now, with his own strength, there are still some gaps between Hitsugaya, Shiba Kaien and Ichimaru Gin’s Strength.

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