BSI Chapter 139 : Caught in the past

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At the moment when Xia Yan body was shaking, the body was swallowed up by black material.

Then, all the black matter in the Space jerked, forming an electronic board on the ground with power and time numbers.

In the electronic board center, Xia Yan stood in the middle of it, and was looking around.

Soi Fon saw this scene, frowned and asked, “What is this Ability?”

Yukio said with a smile: “This is my Fullbring Ability, Fullbring is the strength to extract the soul within material. My Ability relies on game console in my hand, I can bring people into game space, set game rule, control everything in this space, just enter the game console, do not complete the game rule I set, no one Can come out.”

Soi Fon heard this, her brow wrinkled, and if they didn’t finish game rule, they could not come out, which was troublesome.

Ginjō said with a smile: “Is it really surprising? What you have just dealt with is just no time to use his Fullbring, and his degree is slower. Under your sneak attack, he will naturally die.”


Soi Fon didn’t understand a bit, and she was upset, only thinking: “Is they really strong? Is it true that both myself and Xia Yan have made a mistake. ”

Seeing Soi Fon tangled face, Yukio smiled and asked: “Who is going to play in this world to solve this little devil?”

“Let me help you.”

Ginjō stood up and said: “After all, Captain of Gotei 13th, I will solve with insurance.”

“Well, Big Brother, I will bring you in.”

Yukio said that, then black material covered Ginjō and became the interface on the ground again.

Ginjō also came to Xia Yan.

“How good are you?”

Along with a whisper, Tsukishima appeared beside Soi Fon and attack her.

Soi Fon stepped a little, her body was glittering, and left the place, while Tsukishima sword shattered the ground directly.

“So fast.”

Soi Fon has some surprises, she didn’t expect the opposite side to be so fast.

But at the next moment, Soi Fon was shrouded in black, and then Yukio said: “It will destroy the house, Tsukishima, you can play in the game space.”


Tsukishima jumped into the black electronic board and entered game space, appearing in front of Soi Fon.


Inside the space, Xia Yan looks at Ginjō. smiles and says: “Are you my opponent?”

Ginjō said: “Of course, I must let your arrogant devil look at our Strength, so let me personally take it.”

“This way, but I have to fight, because Soi Fon’s sister has restrictions, she can’t deal with Tsukishima.”

Soi Fon has no problem with Riruka and Yukio.

But against Tsukishima, there are some attempts, and one-fifth of Strength can’t fight him, Tsukishima level is that can fight with Kuchiki Byakuya.


Soi Fon entered game space, looks around, and asked, “Where is this?”

Tsukishima slowly emerged not far from Soi Fon and said: “This is Yukio game space. Game space rule is only one party to kill the opponent before they can leave.”

“So, then I have to kill you?”

Soi Fon looked at Tsukishima, and the latter said softly: “Yes, but if you can kill me.”

His voice fell, and Soi Fon’s body disappeared and came to Tsukishima side, Suzumebachi stabbed.

But Tsukishima was a little bit better, and the whole person jumped out quickly, and then turned back.

So fast.

Soi Fon quickly evaded and flew retreat, escaping the slash.

It seems that if I just use Shunpo, I can’t win.

Need to use Shunko.

Thinking of this, Soi Fon took off haori [A-N: the previous chapter added the content of leaving Gigai, the clothes changed, the clothes refer to Kurosaki ichigo, Tōshirō Hitsugaya five people Human World group, and Rukia, Shinigami left Gigai, the clothes will not the same.], thrown aside, revealing the battle suit inside.


The back of battle suit, Kido bursts and is filled with blue light.

“It’s really weakened.”

Soi Fon feels that the Shunko is weak, about one-fifth of Strength, which is the limit of the body.

Shinigami limited release is limited to one-fifth of Reiatsu, the Reiatsu is reduced, and Reishi power output is reduced.

Soi Fon’s one-fifth of Reiatsu, probably only Vice-Captain intermediate-level, can be powerful, but weak.


The wind blow, Soi Fon flashed behind, and long sword hit the ground at Soi Fon foot.

“How fast is it?”

Tsukishima had some surprises, looking at Soi Fon, and the next moment, Soi Fon appeared behind him, Suzumebachi stabbed.


Tsukishima wants to go back to block, but Soi Fon leaves at the touch and leaves.

On Tsukishima chest, there was a bee-printed, black-winged bee wing that quietly bloomed.

Seeing this, Tsukishima asked inexplicably: “What is this?”

Soi Fon shook the shook head and said, “How can I tell you? Isn’t that something you have to guard against? ”

Tsukishima heard this and shook his head and said, “No matter what it is, it has no use for me.”

With this Tsukishima raised his sword and cut it to himself.

The long sword was crossed in the bee pattern, and the bee pattern was broken and disappeared.

“This is?”

Soi Fon stared big eyes, she don’t understand why the bee sting is gone.

“You don’t tell me your Ability, but I can tell you about my Ability.”

Tsukishima slowly said: “I can change the individual’s ‘past’. For people, I can integrate my own existence into the past side of the opposite side, let the life of the opposite side have me. For objects, I can change the current result by sandwiching different pasts.”

Tsukishima Shūkurō’s Ability is very strong, changing the past, of course not history, but the individual’s past.

People can appear in the opposite side of life and become part of the opposite side of life.

When fighting objects such as Kuchiki Byakuya, he can make a trap in the past by touching the ground, and then let Kuchiki Byakuya step inside and get trapped.

In the future, Kurosaki ichigo Zanpakuto was broken by Yhwach by changing the future. Inoue Orihime could not repaired it. It was Tsukishima. By sandwiching the ‘unexploited future of Tensa Zangetsu’, Zanpakuto could be repaired.

This is the Ability of Tsukishima Shūkurō, so the bee pattern does not work for him.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t use Zanpakuto.”

Soi Fon coldly said, a flash, came to Tsukishima Shūkurō and kicked out.

Her speed was very fast, and she immediately arrived near Tsukishima Shūkurō.

But at this moment, the dark ground suddenly slammed into a spike and stabbed Soi Fon.

Soi Fon is dodging, but Tsukishima has long been able to dodge this move.


Soi Fon was directly hit, but the whole person was not hurt, fell to the ground, looked at him and asked: “Your sword is useless, and are you afraid? Let others help you.”

Tsukishima said with a smile: “The changes in the ground, it is not controlled by Yukio, but I have made a trap in the past of the ground, let it go to attack you.”

“As for the sword is useless, who gives you the illusion, the sword is useless.”

Along with Tsukishima words, her eyes at Tsukishima became more and more different. Finally, she said, “Brother, I finally found you.”

The past that Tsukishima and Soi Fon imposed was that he was the only remaining brother of Soi Fon.

“Yes, it’s me, come over here.”

Tsukishima waved at Soi Fon, who focused on Tsukishima and ran towards him.

“Tsukishima is playing this game again, but Tsukishima must kill her before leaving the space I set.”

Outside the game space, Yukio said with a smile.

Riruka’s eyes were bleak, and because of her own sake, let them die, which made Riruka’s heart intolerable.

But when Soi Fon came to Tsukishima front, the surrounding Black Space Level 1 was broken, and a long sword crossed the chest of Tsukishima.


Tsukishima struggled to turn his head and saw it behind his own, a figure with a sharp-edged bar mask. There were two pairs of thunder wings behind him. He held a short gun in his hand and pierced the heart of Tsukishima.

Soi Fon saw this scene and shouted subconsciously: “Xia Yan, why are you killing my brother?”

But then Tsukishima died, and the history of the past disappeared automatically. Soi Fon calmed down and said, “It turned out to be the case,”

Xia Yan took out the short gun and looked into the distance. The sharp corners of head brewed energy, and finally gathered into a red beam of light and shot at space.

Wherever the light column went, Space was broken and all disappeared.

The so-called game space can’t be broken, and it is limited to the size of energy. Even after Yukio absorbed the energy of Kurosaki ichigo, it was smashed by Kurosaki ichigo and Ginjō slash.

In the face of Xia Yan Cero, the game space couldn’t last long.

The two left  game space and appeared in front of Yukio and Riruka. The former’s face was full of panic. He said dumbly: “Is Ginjo dead, this is too fast?”

The second Ginjo and Tsukishima lost, and he also destroyed Space, and what is this huge sense of oppression?

Yukio stood in front of Xia Yan, only feeling the shortness of breath, Xia Yan in front of him, brought him great fear.

“Ginjo, Tsukishima, you, you actually killed them.”

Riruka is saddened by the grief. She is one of the few people who cherish the relationship between comrade and one of the people who have been redeemed by Ginjo.

“I actually have no choice! After all, you have to kill us, and Ginjo is still wanted.”

Xia Yan scratched his head and looked at Riruka, saying: However, it seems that you brought me back?”

Liluka heard this, wow spit out a blood, grief and anger, directly coma.

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