MR Chapter 60 : Showdown

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“Congratulations, President Qi, the business, you have won it.” An old man with a white hair, looking at the two contracts in front of him, and then looking at the woman sitting opposite him, sighed helplessly. Finally, I bite my teeth, as if I had made up my mind, I signed my name on the two contracts.

“Thank you, Yueda Technology is now merged into our Qi Group, and will definitely become the first industry of the Qi Group.” Looking at the old man’s in front of her, the pretty woman sitting across from the old man could not help but smile and said to the old man.

“I hope so.” Sighed, the old man smiled awkwardly. He really don’t know if the decision he made today is right or wrong.

“Old Qin, you can rest assured, President Qi means, you have not seen it, Yueda will be thriving under her leadership.” At this time a middle-aged man who looks like forty years old, sit smiled and said it from aside.

“Oh, this is still used by you, how is the means of President Qi, I am not clearer than you, or else I can not sell Yueda to President Qi, I have to admit, I am now is old, now is the world of young people! Yes, Yueda was acquired by President Qi. This is a happy event. At night, I will open a banquet at home. Everyone must appreciate it.” The old man smiled helplessly, but quickly cleared it up his mood, a smile on the face of everyone sitting in the seat.

“This is what it should be.” When everyone heard the old man, everyone here laughed. Although President Qi bought a 60% stake in Yueda Technology, it should be known that this was not a listed company. It is a private company. The Old Qin, who is in front of the company, has a 100% stake in Yueda Technology. Now it sells 60% and left 40%.

What’s more, if you want to deliver the factory and the company well, you can’t help Old Qin, so this party must be attended.

“Niece Qi.” As everyone agreed to the evening time, they all dispersed, Qi Li also left the room with her assistant, came to the underground parking lot, ready to drive away, but did not get on the car yet. But was stopped by a person.

Liu Li looked back and couldn’t help but reveal a smile on her face, because the person who called her should be regarded as her shackles.

“Niece Qi, you are going fast enough.” The visitor is not someone else, the middle-aged man who just spoke in the conference room.

“Uncle Zhao, is it too slow for you to go, what do you want to call me?” Looking at the middle-aged man in front of her, Qi Li rarely showed a look of laughter, but turned to formally look at the front and asked the middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man is called Zhao Jianjun. Counting it, he knows both Qi Family and Jiang Family. In the past, he lived in a community, but he was a little younger than Qi Li and Jiang Hai’s parents. Later, Qi Li’s father resigned to make money, and he followed, and it can be regarded as the shackles among Qi family. Because he was hurt when he was young, he was unable to have children, so he always took Qi Li as his own daughter. After Qi Li has done such a big thing, she can take over the company. There is a lot of credit for him, and for Zhao Jianjun, Qi Li is also very much recognized.

This is not, now Zhao Jianjun, is the vice president of Qi Group, and his position in the company is only under Qi Li.

“This is the case. At night, I want you to bring a partner. Do you choose someone?” When he heard Qi Li’s words, Zhao Jianjun smiled and asked Qi Li. Hearing his words, Qi Li stunned.

“I just took it with me. I haven’t been here for so many years.” When she heard Zhao Jianjun’s words, Qi Li asked curiously, and heard the girl she was talking about, the girl in glasses around her couldn’t help but look at  Zhao Jianjun.

“Ah, it’s not a bad trip, but a big niece, don’t blame me for being an uncle’s mouth. You are married now. If Jiang Hai knows these things is fine, if you don’t know, you are always so ignorant. His existence, the reputation outside, there will be problems, although I know that the combination with Jiang Hai was an expedient measure, but it is always so dragging, no matter what you are, or to him, it is not a good thing. After all, Jiang Hai child was also the one I grew up with. It is always like this. It’s not good for you. If you feel that you can get along with Jiang Hai, then you can try it. If you can’t feel it, then you Now that have mastered the group, you can divorce Jiang Hai at any time. If you feel that your mother is not good at it, I can help you.” Looking at Qi Li in front of him, Zhao Jianjun said hesitantly.

“What is Jiang Hai’s identity, how to match the president!” Zhao Jianjun’s words just finished, the Qi Li eyes here can not help but flash a trace of sorrow, she really did not think, Zhao Jianjun is to tell her about this, And when he saw Qi Li’s hesitant gaze, she hadn’t spoken yet, and the assistant behind her had already said it.

“You shut up, Jiang Hai no matter what status, at least now he is still Qi Li’s husband, not you can evaluate.” Hearing this girl’s words, Zhao Jianjun’s brow wrinkled, said with uncomfortable look.

He has long felt that this little girl has a problem, so hostile to Jiang Hai, she will not be psychologically problematic.

“Uncle Zhao is right, I told you that Jiang Hai is my husband, and you can’t evaluate him… I don’t know, Uncle Zhao, I think I understand, I will consider it.” Qi Li reprimanded the assistant  and turned her head and said to Zhao Jianjun.

Zhao Jianjun looked at Qi Li and didn’t know if she really listened to it. But in any case, my uncle’s already said this, and it was impossible to see the two parties.

“You do it yourself!” sighed, Zhao Jianjun no longer said more, after nodding to Qi Li, he turned and left.

After watching Zhao Jianjun leave, Qi Li and the two also walked to the Maybach parked next to them, the driver has been waiting in long time.

After the two got on the car, they started the engine and headed for the company in the city center.

“Is there any contact with Jiang Hai recently?” If it wasn’t for Zhao Jianjun today, it might be that Qi Li was about to forget her own husband, but now that she listened to Zhao Jianjun, she also felt that it was time to change her attitude.

Indeed, when I first got married, the person she loved in her heart is not Jiang Hai. Just like Zhao Jianjun said, it’s just a matter of expediency. Of course, the person she loves in her heart is not the one she used to be beloved person.

After all, that guy, but killed her father, and almost forced their home, the family broke.

This hatred has already ruined the original appreciation and admiration. The husband and wife are the same forest birds, and the big ones are flying together, not to mention the original two are not husbands and wives, so she has been more than a couple for more than a year. Can be regarded as a complete empty window period.

Every day, she is afraid that she will think of her father and think of the wrong things she has done. Therefore, she has been working hard to make her forget about her children’s affair. But after Zhao Jianjun raised it, she couldn’t help but change.

Of course, she still has no good feelings for Jiang Hai, but she is not prepared to directly open Jiang Hai. She is going to give Jiang Hai a subsidiary and let him prove his worth. If Jiang Hai really reaches her heart standard, this life… It is not impossible to go on like this. If Jiang Hai can’t do it, it’s a big deal to separate the subsidiaries. It’s a compensation for Jiang Hai. Anyway, the two are considered to be happy. He, some are not very authentic.

“No, since he made a phone call more than two months ago, there is no more news.” Hearing Qi Li’s words, although there was some disgust in her heart, the assistant next to her answered with certainty.

“This guy… he haven’t called me for three months? What did he do? Really, call him.” Hearing the assistant words, Qi Li’s brow wrinkles, and women sometimes in this way, you are too enthusiastic, she will hate you, if you are far away from her, give up her, she will feel uncomfortable.

After picking up the phone in the assistant’s hand, Qi Li looked at the familiar and some strange numbers. After hesitating, she still hit it. When the phone rang about ten times, it was picked up, but the sound was heard. It is very dull.

“Hey…” Listening to the voiceless voice on the other side of the phone, Qi Li’s brow wrinkled deeper, and it was really muddy that could not help the wall.

“Hey, I am Qi Li, it is already a little late in the afternoon, are you still sleeping?” Qi Li said in front of the phone.

“Qi Li… I am dizzy, how do you think about calling me.” Listening to the slightly strange voice over there, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but touch his head and climbed up from the bed, squatting on the door. The two dogs made a gesture to let them continue to sleep. Jiang Hai opened the bedside lamp, and there was a 13-hour time difference between the east and west time. That is to say, now Beijing is a little afternoon, and Jiang Hai here is just twelve o’clock in the middle of the night.

“Don’t worry about it now, send me your ID number. I will book you the first flight. I just talked about a business. At night, the other party has a family dinner. I need you to accompany me.” Listening to Jiang Hai’s somewhat dull voice, Qi Li said quickly, and when he heard Qi Li’s words, Jiang Hai here has some tears and laughs.

“Looks, you didn’t go home to check it out, but forget it… I still tell you clearly, I feel that it is not a problem for us to always rely on each other. I am grateful that you lend money when my family needs it. I borrowed 400,000 yuan, I have earned it recently, I am place it at home, and there divorce agreement. I have already signed a good letter. If you have time, you will go back and sign it. It is also effective.” On the bedside, Jiang Hai smiled and laughed at himself. He really didn’t know how this woman remembered him, but in any case, he also explained the time.

But what’s strange in my heart is that if Qi Li didn’t sign, then isn’t he still not divorced? But when he applied for the US Green Card, he clearly wrote the divorce. What is the routine?

In fact, he is also a small immigrant unit of US, as long as you have money, hidden marriage? Concealing you all…

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