BSI Chapter 37 : Madarame Ikkaku

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In a twinkling of an eye, more than a year has passed. Xia Yan is 15 years old. He entered the 2nd Division for one year and Zanpakuto has been in the two years. He has been infused every day, but still has not been recognized by Zanpakuto.

Xia Yan is not in a hurry. He knows that his Zanpakuto will not be weak, so he just upgrades himself step by step.

And because Xia Yan is only a fifth-class Reiatsu, he can’t learn high level Kido for the time being, and he can’t master high-level Hadō, Hadō #63-Raikōhō and Hadō #88th Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō.

These two Hadō are the most critical Hadō of Thunder Attribute Shunko, which is limited by Xia Yan inability to learn, and the Shunko research has slowly entered a bottleneck.

So at this stage, Xia Yan main purpose is to improve the Reiatsu, and to raise Reiatsu to sixth-class, so that he can improve himself in other aspects.

Xia Yan is a distance from the sixth-class Reiatsu, but there is still a distance, but during this time, his Shunpo, Zanjutsu and Hakuda power is improving rapidly.

Soi Fon special training helps Xia Yan grow very fast.

At this point, Xia Yan was slowly entering the base of 11th Division. Just stepping in, there was a sound of people lining, and shouted, “Xia Vice-Captain is good.”

I saw many members of 11th Division on both sides and said hello to Xia Yan.

This kind of respect is not brought by Xia Yan duties, or is it obtained from Kusajishi Yachiru relationship, but through Xia Yan challenge to 11th Division.

He first came to 11th Division and was not taken seriously. He was considered a little ghost, and then challenged the ordinary Shinigami, and was also despised. The result was very easy to win.

After that, he fought with Shinigami, who was in the seat, and lost the contest from the beginning. In the end, he was able to beat 11th Division members after five seats.

Then he proposed to challenge Yumichika and was rejected by Yumichika because there was no interest.

So Xia Yan challenged Ikkaku, who was ranked in three seats. As a result, I have been losing the challenge until now. Even Shikai of Ikkaku can’t be forced out, which makes him frustrated.

Xia Yan came here this time to challenge Ikkaku again.

“Xia Yan, you are finally here. This time you have not come for a month, I thought you were afraid.”

Xia Yan just walked in, to see the center of the house, Ikkaku, who was holding the Zanpakuto train, stopped the action and looked at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Ikkaku senior, I hope you can say this after the end of the challenge.”

“Brat, you are very confident.” Ikkaku stood on the ring with a sly look on his face.

Xia Yan came to the front of Ikkaku and said: “Of course, my training this month is only to defeat  Ikkaku predecessors.”

“Come on.”

Ikkaku pulled out his Zanpakuto and held it in front of him, his eyes filled with fanaticism.

At this time, Yumichika not far away said: “Everyone leaves arena, be careful to be hurt by them.”

The member of 11th Division quickly retired and gave the entire room to Xia Yan and Ikkaku.

“Come on!”

Ikkaku looks at Xia Yan, hands clenched Zanpakuto.

“Ikkaku senior, be careful.”

Xia Yan words fell, and the body suddenly disappeared. The next moment, a Zanpakuto stabbed the back of Ikkaku.


Ikkaku with the right foot as the axis, the body twisted, Xia Yan sword passed under the armpit of Ikkaku, stabbed empty air.

However, Ikkaku is in this angle, the right hand is swaying, and the Zanpakuto slams into Xia Yan neck.

‘Fast response speed.’

Xia Yan Shunpo speed far exceeds Ikkaku, but Ikkaku reaction is very fast. By relying on the extremely quick reaction, he can avoid the counterattack of Xia Yan, and he can wait for an opportunity.

When Ikaku knife was about to touch Xia Yan neck, Xia Yan disappeared again, appearing on the side of Ikkaku, and Zanpakuto once again stabbed at Ikkaku.

Xia Yan combat style is to use Zanpakuto for stab, rarely use Slash, one is because the stab is more in line with his fighting style, after all, he is short and good at Shunpo.

The second is because Xia Yan just his Zanjutsu, not as good as Ikkaku.

Seeing that it was going to be stabbed, Ikkaku Zanpakuto looked up and opened the Xia Yan Zanpakuto.

Xia Yan target was his armpit, from the bottom up, he could not lift his arm down, so he could only squat up.

This cockroach, the body’s neutral is open, Xia Yan left hand five fingers pick up a joint, and hit the eye of Ikkaku lower abdomen with the palm of your hand.



Ikkaku left hand clenched his fist in the abdomen in time, and Xia Yan palm shot was on the back of his hand, and he returned without success.

At this time, Ikkaku right hand picked up Xia Yan Zanpakuto and immediately held Zanpakuto in armpit and hit Xia Yan shoulder.

In the face of this blow, Xia Yan body rolled to the left front, at the same time, pulled back the Zanpakuto, along the rolling footprint, hit the Ikkaku calf.

Ikkaku can only jump backwards, but when he is still in midair, Xia Yan release out three hidden weapons, to the head of the Ikkaku, the chest and the abdomen.

These three hidden weapons are made by Xia Yan himself. The handle is two inches long and the blade is three inches long. The blade is similar to a military thorn, with sharp bulges and a deep blood groove.

Although the Soul Society’s soul is made up of Reishi, it also has blood, and losing two liters will kill, even if it is Zero Squad’s Nimaiya Ōetsu.

Xia Yan created this kind of hidden weapon, which is to kill the opponent as much as possible.

“Good insidious brat.”

Ikkaku saw the dark weapon, and the Zanpakuto in his hand waved twice in the air. The hidden weapon that attacked the head and chest was opened, and the body fell to the ground. The footsteps glided and slid sideways, avoiding the hidden weapon that hit the abdomen.

But he just got a foothold and a figure appeared in front of him, and Zanpakuto once again stabbed the chest of Ikkaku.

Ikkaku coldly snorted, Zanpakuto slanted out, and opened Xia Yan Zapnakuto.

But the next moment, Xia Yan has a short thorn in his left hand, stabbing the chest of Ikkaku.

Ikkaku used Zanpakuto to push forward, pushing away the moment of Xia Yan Zanpakuto, and quickly retreat, trying to avoid Xia Yan assault.


Xia Yan’s short thorns crossed the chest of Ikkaku, leaving a blood mark.

Xia Yan did not pursue him, but looked at Ikkaku, and said with a smile: “Ikkaku predecessor, Shikai.”

Xia Yan method of combat draws on the assassination of Onmitsukidō’s troops, and draws on Unohana Retsu use of Zaraki Kenpachi combat skills in the future, using the dagger hidden in his left hand to launch Attack on the enemy.

This month, Xia Yan is the joint method of studying the hidden weapon and Zanpakuto, and upgrading his melee Strength.

“Okay, then I will use Shikai to fight you.”

Ikkaku eyes, He know that I can’t beat Xia Yan by fighting skills alone.

Although some of my heart is unwilling, Ikkaku is still low and said: “Extend, Hōzukimaru.”

As the voice of Ikkaku shouted out, the Zanpakuto in his hand changed, from the shape of the knife to a long spear, and the top of the gun was a blade.

This is the first form of the Ikkaku Zanpakuto, the long spear form.

Ikkaku turns the long spear in the right hand, and the long spear rotates around the arm, back to the behind, and the tip of the knife points to the ground.

Then Ikkaku took the left leg and bent his knees. He appeared in front of Xia Yan with a lunge gesture. He extended his left hand and gestured toward Xia Yan. He said, “Let’s begin again.”

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