BSI Chapter 84 : Tosen Kaname Wants

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I can’t see it, everything in front of me is only dark. Can’t hear, the surrounding sounds are all isolated.

Reiatsu Consciousness loss, Xia Yan can not feel the opposite, Tōsen Kaname Reiatsu.

Loss of smell, Xia Yan can not smell any smell.

This is the ambiguity of Suzumushi, depriving the visual, auditory, Reiatsu and sense of smell.

However, there is still a sense of touch. Xia Yan can feel the collision between the clothes and the body skin, and can feel the touch of Zanpakuto and the palm of his hand.

But in the case of losing four senses, it is very terrifying to maintain possession of touch.


Xia Yan can’t let the opposite side take advantage, thus inspiring the thunderclouds in the sky, and the thunder in the black enchantment.

The intensity of black enchantment is not high, and its own thunder can destroy it.

But just as Thunder were coming together, a huge transparent wall appeared in air.

Bakudō #81, Dankū, can defend Hadō below #89th, the defensive power is amazing.

Boom, bang, bang.

All Thunder were blocked by Dankū, and Ichimaru Gin saw the scene and said with a smile: “Captain Aizen is really reliable.”

Xia Yan saw that the black enchantment was not destroyed and knew that it might be blocked.

Then you can only fight.

Xia Yan raised his right hand and a huge blue light emerged from the gun. He used Hadō #88 Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō to break the Space.

But at this moment, Xia Yan right arm hurts, and Tōsen Kaname Zanpakuto cut the right arm of Xia Yan. The moment Xia Yan being cut, he was able to dodging in time, but still left a piece on his arm. Deeply visible bone scars.


Xia Yan couldn’t help but make a painful sound, only the tactile perception of World, the touch became very sensitive, and the pain that followed made people feel desperate.

“This is my Bankai. As long as you are in my Space, your vision, hearing, smell and Reiatsu will all disappear. Just leaving a touch, do you feel pain now?”

Tōsen Kaname looks at Xia Yan, but then he replied by himself: “There is no effect at all because you can’t hear it.”

“However, you are really strong. I wanted to cut your hand. But I only cut a blood mark. Your skin is so tough.”

Tōsen Kaname swayed and flew toward Xia Yan, and his long sword turned into a shadow.

 Puff puff.

Just in an instant, Xia Yan has several more wounds on his body. These wounds are not big, but the pain of the wound is desperate.

The purpose of Tōsen Kaname was not to kill Xia Yan, but to let Xia Yan collapse in pain and torture him with pain.


Covered by great pain, Xia Yan short gun in his hand waved, and a blue bird flew out of the gun.


One of the birds was smashed in the distance and exploded.

“Over there!”

Xia Yan felt that the current in the distance changed, and instantly arrived at that position, a shot here.


Xia Yan stab was empty, but the back was cut by a long sword, and the blood sprang out.

He knew that the thousand birds he had sent out could be feedback to the owner, so he had long waited.

What should I do?

Can not be beaten like this, Xia Yan again attacked, the body suddenly filled the thunder, rotating around the body, forming a huge magnetic field.


Tōsen Kaname long sword hit again, slamming into Xia Yan waist, but at the moment of Zanpakuto contact, Metal blade and magnetic field made a movement to cut the magnetic line, generating a current, and the charge carried by the current was captured by Xia Yan.

Xia Yan reached out and grabbed with his hand. In the moment when Zanpakuto cuts the waist, Xia Yan extended his left hand and grabbed the Zanpakuto directly.


Xia Yan smile, short gun stabbed, stabbed to the abdomen of Tōsen Kaname. [X-N: if you have play final fantasy you must have see gun sword from Leon, but this is the short version]


Tōsen Kaname was full of horror, sideways dodging, but the next moment, with a bang, short gun pierced Tōsen Kaname left abdomen.

Xia Yan left hand was also marked by a deep blood mark by Tōsen Kaname.


Xia Yan left hand sprayed blood, Tōsen Kaname quickly left Xia Yan, squatting in the distance.

“It’s a terrible little devil.”

Tōsen Kaname did not expect Xia Yan to capture himself in this situation.

“Where are you?” Xia Yan couldn’t see Tōsen Kaname, smiled a little, and the short gun in his right hand began to gather Thunder Energy.

Seeing that he gathered Thunder, Tōsen Kaname had no choice but to rush forward and cut it out.


At the moment when Tōsen Kaname long sword entered the magnetic field, Xia Yan reacted, and the short gun crossed and blocked in front of Tōsen Kaname long sword.

The next moment, Xia Yan lifted the foot with glittering blue light and kicked it forward.

Thunder Kick.


The huge Strength kicked Tōsen Kaname directly, and make him heavy fell to the ground.

This is the main orientation of the prediction, and then uses the magnetic field style to sense the position of the opposite side.

“God damn it!”

Tōsen Kaname stood in the distance and did not take the initiative to attack, but Xia Yan once again gathered Thunder Energy, he had no choice but to rush.

“This time, crush your spine.”

Tōsen Kaname doesn’t want to torture Xia Yan anymore. He wants to abolish Xia Yan directly, even if Bankai is broken.

The 9th Division is in charge of prison and is very good at torture. In addition to Bankai, there are many opportunities for him to start torture.

Therefore, with Xia Yan right hand gathered Thunder Energy, Tōsen Kaname appeared behind Xia Yan, and the sword in his hand stabbed Xia Yan spine.

At this moment, Xia Yan right hand’s pointed to the ground, and bang, centered on the position of the gun tip, an invisible electromagnetic radiation scattered.

Electromagnetic Pulse.

Xia Yan gathers Thunder to detonate the center, and emits free electrons from the periphery. With the magnetic field of Earth, super strong electromagnetic radiation can be formed.

This electromagnetic radiation can interfere with electronic equipment, but at the same time can also have an impact on the human body.

When the radiation of low microwave power acts on the human body, it can cause disorder of the physiological function of the human body, and irritability, headache, and memory loss occur.

High microwave power can cause severe burns and even death in the internal tissues of the skin.

If you continue to increase power, you can even kill all the creatures in the surrounding kilometers, and the creatures in the far range will also be the zombie action function.

This is the power of electromagnetic radiation.


At the moment when it was hit by electromagnetic radiation, Tōsen Kaname just raised the long sword in his hand, but at the next moment, the skin became hot.


Just as Tōsen Kaname slammed the power of the electromagnetic pulse, the next moment, Tōsen Kaname spit out of the blood, the internal organs were burned in an instant.

Did not kill.

But it was enough, Xia Yan left hand clenched into a fist, and the slamming blow was on the ground.

Boom, countless currents are scattered and spread around.

Tōsen Kaname resisted the pain, quickly retreat, but still caught by the current.

“Got you.”

Xia Yan was laughed, and his body suddenly disappeared. He appeared in front of Tōsen Kaname and stabbed him.

Tōsen Kaname took out a long sword and squatted. Xia Yan short gun was blocked by Tōsen Kaname long sword.

And the next moment, Xia Yan left hand appeared a projectile, and shot it out.

Small electromagnetic gun.


Tōsen Kaname was dodging in time, but was still penetrated by the electromagnetic gun and a big hole appeared in the right chest.

“No, I can’t beat him. If I go this way, I will die.”

Tōsen Kaname made a timely judgment, relieved his Bankai, and the body was glittering and appeared in the distance.

Xia Yan full power attack can reach the level of Zaraki Kenpachi both hands Zanjutsu. After 30 years, Zaraki Kenpachi unbuttons the eye mask and uses one-handed sword to break Tōsen Kaname into serious injuries.

Later he has no Suzumushi Ability, and he can’t defeat Komamura Bankai.

Even if Xia Yan is injured, he can defeat Tōsen Kaname.


Aizen looked at Tōsen Kaname and frowned slightly, some unhappy.

Tōsen Kaname squats on one leg and says, “Captain Aizen, sorry, I failed.”

“Get up.”

Aizen was a little disappointed. He didn’t take care of Tōsen Kaname. Instead, he looked at Xia Yan and said, “It seems that your Strength is beyond my imagination.”

Xia Yan gaze reveals a stunned look, regardless of his blood, looks at Aizen and Ichimaru Gin, and asks: “Who is the next one?”

Ichimaru Gin clenched his short sword and said with a smile: “Captain, let me kill him.”

Aizen shook his head and said, “The set time is coming, I will leave him.”

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