BTC Chapter 71 : Changes

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He has a fever all over his body, his body is full of open pores, and his sweat is flowing. It seems that there are ants crawling through the bones, itching can’t work, but there is no way to contain it.

“Water, drink water!” Lu Zixin felt that the throat could not dry, and quickly poured a few large mouthfuls of mineral water.

Only after drinking the water, he felt that the brain was very dizzy, and there was a feeling of fainting. Lu Zixin quickly went to the bedroom, but before he got to the bed, he passed out.

He didn’t know how long he had slept, and the whole person was confused and unconscious. When Lu Zixin woke up again, the window was already dark.

“I slept all day?” Lu Zixin rubbed his head and picked up the phone to see a few missed calls and text messages.

He opened it, it was the phone of the company’s employees, and Su Zhirong was looking for his through private chat.

Lu Zixin simply replied and began to examine the condition of his body.

He remembers that people who have been injected with super serum often wake up from a thin to a strong, eight-pack abs. For example, the captain of the United States, or the little spider.

However, Lu Zixin opened his shirt and looked at it. Not only did he not be strong, but because the genetic variation consumed a lot of fat, the whole person lost a lot. Fortunately, the manual has already mentioned that after supplementing the body, it can become stronger than before.

He tried to use his muscles. Is it a lot more flexible? After dozens of push-ups, Lu Zixin didn’t feel tired.

Even the action that he couldn’t do before, now it’s easy to do it. Even walking upside down is easy.

Now his physical quality can only be said to be better than ordinary people and reach an excellent level. However, the effect of H1 serum is not fully realized in a few hours, but will gradually increase in the second half of the month.

“Test it in a few days, now just to eat, starve me!” Lu Zixin quickly found the prepared food and gorged it into his stomach.

He stayed at home for a whole week, and the company’s affairs were also handled by phone.

After a week, Lu Zixin has become completely different. The weight is changed twenty or thirty pounds, there will be obvious differences in appearance.

Lu Zixin burns fat first, and then rapidly grows various cells through the mutated gene, and the difference is more obvious.

In the mirror, Lu Zixin looks at his body. The original flat belly, at this time actually has a well-defined abdominal muscles, which looks fit and strong.

The chest muscles are slightly raised, but not exaggerated. The biceps and triceps on the arms are also clearly visible.

On the whole, it is more symmetrical, and the whole person reveals a masculine beauty.

As for the face, the contour lines of the face are more obvious and more three-dimensional. Don’t say anything else, at least add 30% to Lu Zixin face value! Step directly into the ranks of handsome guys.

When Lu Zixin came to the company, people who saw him were surprised.

Zhu An stared wide-eyed, looked up and down all over him and said, “Hell, I remember you are not like this?”

“You are not going to plastic surgery? Is it more handsome than me?”

“Have you seen the plastic surgery for only one week?” Lu Zixin asked. “In fact, I just changed my shape and exercised.”

“Impossible? Is it that I am too busy recently, did not pay attention to your changes?” Zhu An can not understand, he always feels something wrong, but Lu Zixin is Lu Zixin, a week, plastic surgery can not become like this. And Lu Zixin looks like it’s stronger and there is no other suspicion.

“Is it so amazing to change the shape? I will change one another in the next day!” he envied.

Not only him, but other employees saw him with a look of suspicion.

In the bathroom, a female employee was surprised, said: “I just saw our General, how do I feel that he is getting handsome? Is it just me?”

“Do you think so?” said the companion. “I thought I was blind, and I always felt that he had changed.”

“It’s weird.” Although they have some doubts, no one can think of the reason. They think that they have not paid much attention to it before.

In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin asked Red Queen about own physical condition. Knowing the effect of his H1 serum, it will take at least two weeks to fully complete, during which his physical fitness will slowly increase.

Lu Zixin sits in the office and opens a document. He glanced at it and the contents above were already printed on his mind.

After many tests, his memory has been greatly enhanced. As long as he has carefully read things, he almost can’t forget it.

Not only that, but the speed of thinking has also increased dramatically. The same problem, he only needs less than half of the time to get the answer.

Tok,tok!” Su Zhirong knocked on the door and walked into the office.

“General, this is the file that you need to sign.” Lu Zixin didn’t come for a week and have a lot of work. Su Zhirong has a lot of documents and needs Lu Zixin approval.

“Take it over.” Lu Zixin finished, and he heard Su Zhirong scream, “Ah?”

She was kneeling in the same place, her eyebrows were slightly stunned, and her eyes were surprised.

“You are Lu Zixin?” Su Zhirong asked in a skeptical tone.

“Don’t know me?” Lu Zixin stood up, said with a smile.

“No… you… I always feel that you have changed, but I can’t say where it is different.” Su Zhirong wondered.

“I know, it’s getting handsome!” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“It became smug!” Su Zhirong gave him a playful look.

Lu Zixin suddenly felt an impulse in his nerves and couldn’t help but hug her up.

“Hey, office, work!” Su Zhirong wanted to break free, only to find that Lu Zixin’s arms were strong and powerful, and there was no way to escape.

Lu Zixin didn’t move, staring at her with a gaze, and Su Zhirong was a little embarrassed, cheeks slightly red.

At this time, Lu Zixin was thinking about another problem. H1 serum improves his physical fitness, and the secretion of various hormones is also stronger than before.

Su Zhirong just had a playful look, he was a little impulsive, this may be a side effect? Still not enough?

Lu Zixin sniffed on Su Zhirong pretty face, said with a smile: “What are you afraid of, this is my office.”

“If you are seen, how bad it is.” Su Zhirong broke free and said: “Slack for a week, you are busy today. These documents must be approved by you, I have seen it, and I will give you a The place to pay attention.”

Lu Zixin saw that there was a pencil on the document and he saw that Su Zhirong was very careful.

“It’s hard.” Lu Zixin said, this is his job, and Su Zhirong has done it.

“It is estimated that you are too busy today, nothing, I will work overtime with you at night,” Su Zhirong said.

“No, it’s done in an hour.” Lu Zixin smiled confidently and began to approve documents.

“Bragging! It’s good to be busy today. I have seen it for two days!” Su Zhirong said that Lu Zixin had already worked, and he saw that he was moving quickly and almost swept away. Making decisions is amazingly fast.

“Look carefully, some are important documents.” Su Zhirong stressed, “What if it’s wrong?”

“I can’t be wrong, don’t believe you look again.” Lu Zixin seems to be able to use both minds at the same time. He actually began to approve two documents at the same time. The left and right hands picked up two pens and signed them together, like a primary school student.

Su Zhirong didn’t believe that, picking up a document to check was really correct. She picked up the other ones and checked them one by one. she found that there was no problem, and some important comments were written in great detail, not like writing indiscriminately.

“How are you so fast?” Su Zhirong exclaimed. “I can’t see with my eyes, you’ve already thought about it? Are you a genius?”

“Of course, the genius in genius!”

In less than an hour, Lu Zixin has already fixed all the work, and Su Zhirong inspections are not checked. She has completely served.

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