BTC Chapter 70 : Don’t jump off the the building

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Mr. L : “[emoticon: You seem to tease me?]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: funny face] is actually not without gain. Although the full version of the super serum can not be copied, but I extracted some variant genes, added to normal cells, and produced low-level serum.”

Peter Parker : “What is low-level serum?”

Red Queen : “It’s the part that not have the spiders ability. It’s only the part of the gene that enhances the body’s physical and neural response speed, and the variability is low and the growth is low.”

“In your words, it’s a low-grade version of the super serum. I call it H1 serum, and the H2 version is still under development.”

Lu Zixin saw this news, and in his heart, he quickly said : “Which H1 serum can be injected into ordinary people and strengthen the body?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Congratulations, you are right, reward you with a little red flower].”

Lu Zixin suddenly had a thought popping up. If he injected this serum, would it also become a “superman”?

Red Queen continued : “The owner, your share, I am ready, do you want it?”

Of course he wants it, but he thinks a little more. What if the injection fails and becomes a death case?

Lu Zixin tangled and asked : “Is there a problem?”

Red Queen : “After simulation calculations and biological experiments, H1 serum has not failed, there will be no problems.”

She finished and sent Lu Zixin an exclusive Red envelope directly in the group.

The little spider immediately called : “Wow, Red envelope? Is this a gift? I have never received a gift from other worlds!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: you don’t need] This H1 serum is useless for you, you need Red envelope to find the owner!”

Peter Parker : “Is this too rude? Today is not Christmas.”

Lu Zixin Just remembered, it seems that he did not send Red envelope to Peter Parker. He went to check the group activity. After these days of chat, the activity level has reached Level 4, and the experience is 132/2000. Most of the experience is from the small spider water group. Naturally, there is also a random Red envelope.

Lu Zixin said : “Look at the fact that you have added so much activity to the group, you will be given a Red envelope.”

Said, he sent the random Red envelope to Peter Parker.

At this time, in the world where Peter Parker is located. Peter Parker was playing with his mobile phone on the ceiling and saw Red envelope, and he quickly clicked.

Group Tip : “Congratulations on getting the Red envelope from the owner and getting a copy of the ‘spider solution improver’.”

What he got was a description of the chemical reagents, which detailed how to improve the spider silk solution.

Peter Parker spider silk is not inexhaustible, the spider silk produced from the body is limited, and it consumes physical energy.

The idea came from the way he saw the production of biological spider silk material from the Osborne Industrial Building. The spider silk solution is stored in a vessel and emitted through the emitter.

Once this solution encounters air, it will condense into a tough and super strong spider silk, replacing the problem of insufficient spider silk.

It’s a pity that the solution he tried to make was always a problem, and the modifier was just the perfect solution to these problems.

Peter Parker was overjoyed and sent a message in the group : “Many thanks the group owner, how do you know that I need this? It’s great, with it, I can definitely make the spider silk launcher!”

Mr. L : “That’s good.”


After a few minutes, the group members were offline, only Lu Zixin was still tangled, whether to accept Red Queen Red envelope.

He thought for a while, and then clicked on it and stored it in the group space.

Group Tip : “Congratulations on getting Red envelope from Red Queen for a copy of H1 variant serum.”

Lu Zixin didn’t worry, called out the group assistant and asked: “Is this variant serum, if I use it, will there be an uncontrollable accident?”

Group Assistant: “Everything in the Red envelope is detected by the group system, which is consistent with the description of the Red envelope. Otherwise, the Red envelope will become a suspect and give Red envelope with a warning.”

As a result, Lu Zixin is more assured. This Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group is so powerful that the detection function should not go wrong.

He received the H1 serum directly, and in his hand, a small syringe appeared. In the syringe, there is a tube of green liquid.

There is also a manual for H1 serum, which contains instructions on how to use the injection and how to use it.

“Injection method: Align any venous blood vessels in the body and directly inject all the serum.”

“Note: When using, please ensure that the surrounding environment is quiet, no external factors interfere. There will be 24 hours of reaction time after use, the body may have symptoms such as fever, vomiting, pain, etc. Do not use other drugs or treatments. When user was a child, please add plenty of food and water, sugar, protein, water…”

“Predicted results: enhanced memory, physical fitness, cell growth rate, hormone secretion accelerated… (Note: H1 serum is a low-level version of super serum, which plays only about 10% of super serum, depending on the physical fitness of different people, or variation Situation, there is a deviation in the degree of performance.)”

At the end of the manual, there is a message from Red Queen.

Red Queen : “The owner, don’t jump off the building after the injection, it will still fall! [emoticon: a sincere and sincere smile]”

“I won’t jump off the building!” Lu Zixin said to himself. Since Red Queen has said that there is no Peter Parker spider ability in H1 serum, and the effect may be lower than 10%. Isn’t it a courting death?

Even if he has the abnormal resilience of Wolverine and Death, he will not try. Self-mutilation, can this kind of thing only be done by madmen?

Lu Zixin put H1 serum into the group space, this thing must be prepared in order to be used, otherwise it will be disturbed, and unexpected changes will be completed.

He first handled the company’s affairs, prepared the plan well, and freed himself for two days.

Then I went back to my home, closed the door, prepared some food and water, and started injecting this H1 serum.

“Who designed the needle? How is it so thick?” Lu Zixin spit, then squirted the syringe into the vein on his wrist.

The green liquid was all infused into the blood, and he saw his blood vessels change color for a while and spread to other places.

“Is there any feeling?” Lu Zixin was injected, and the body did not feel any change, it was a bit hot.

He also opened the phone with ease and played a few games. It was about an hour later that Lu Zixin felt strange.

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