BTC Chapter 488 : Warning

Edited: XiaXue

“Oh, that should be a very good professional player. He evaluates you, are you convinced?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Convinced! Of course convinced! Haha, it’s a crazy god!” Lu Hai jumped up excitedly, “No, I have to show off with my classmates quickly!”

He hurriedly sent a message to his classmates, “Brothers, I’m going to play training match with Crazy God later!”

“Which Crazy god?” someone immediately asked.

“Of course it’s ‘crazy grapefruit’! Crazy God!” Lu Hai said.

“Cut, who are you cheating?”

“Crazy gods are playing in Europe, and he is playing against you? Really wise!”

“Lu Hai is more and more able to blow, everyone ignore him!”

Lu Hai saw everyone didn’t believe him, he quickly said: “I swear by my integrity. I’m absolutely not deceiving!”

“Hehe, do you still have morals?”

“Don’t filthy me!” Lu Hai continued, “If you don’t believe me. I will open live broadcast later! Let you see Crazy God!”

“Oh!” The students still don’t believe it.

“If it’s really Crazy god. I will give you the purple flame knife that I brushed!” someone said.

“If it’s true, I invite you to dinner!”

“If it’s fake, wait until you go back to school for clean up! Hum!”

“Okay, speaking count, wait and see!” Lu Hai finished speaking, he asked Lu Zixin: “Second brother, can you start a live broadcast, just my classmates!”

Lu Zixin thought for a moment. The other party shouldn’t mind. So, he nodded and agreed.

After a while, in the virtual projection game room at home. Lu Hai ID received a new challenge invitation. The ID is “Crazy Grapefruit”, the world champion!

“Is it really crazy god?” Lu Hai chose to agree. The other party turned on live-action projection. A young and handsome guy stood opposite, dressed as a professional player.

“Crazy god!” Lu Hai cried, a little incoherent, “Wow, it’s really you! I’m your idol… No, you are my fan.”

Lu Lan burst into laughter and said: “Brother, you should say, you are his fan!”

“Right, right, I’m your fan!” Lu Hai said.

“Haha.” Crazy grapefruit laughed and said, “No need to be nervous.”

He saw Lu Zixin and heard from club owner it was the senior executive Red Letter virtual entertainment, and quickly greeted: “Hello Boss.”

“Hello.” Lu Zixin greeted him back and said: “I heard, your gaming is very good. Please help me test whether this kid has the talent to be a professional player.”

“OK, it’s on me.” Crazy grapefruit said, “Let’s fight now!”

“Yeah!” Lu Hai put away his excitement, prepared the game equipment, his eyes focused.

The video of his simultaneous live broadcast shared among his classmates, all Lu Hai classmates is screaming.

“Crazy god actually appeared! Actually playing games with Lu Hai!”

“My God, that’s my idol! Lu Hai, help me sign!”

“You are stupid, this is a remote projection, how to sign?”

“I’m finished, gambling lost, my beloved purple knives!”

“I lost a meal, but it doesn’t matter. As long I can see Crazy God, it’s worth it!”

“What is Lu Hai’s family background? So powerful? Actually let Crazy gods as sparring partner!”

Regardless of their quarrel. Lu Hai has entered the state. In the game room, both sides wear semi-sneak game equipment.

This kind of equipment can locate the points on human body. Synchronously track the human body movements. Then project various weapons and skill special effects to fight each other.

This kind of game is more tired compared to lying down game. The better physical quality, the easier to play this kind of battle. Crazy Grapefruit is a trainer before he become professional player, so he performed very well in this game.

Lu Zixin was watching the battle, and the match between the two seemed likes magical movie with special effects explosion in the game room. Every moment is a contest between action and wisdom.

I have to say, Lu Hai’s innate talent for playing games is really good and stronger compared to Lu Zixin. However, his opponent is a world-class professional player. His movements and consciousness are top in the world, and he can avoid all Lu Hai attacks.

Crazy Grapefruit already letting Lu Hai play. Lu Hai is panting now, but his face getting more and more excited. Because he found the other party actually guiding him to operate, he learned a lot in short time.

In the end, Crazy Grapefruit used a simple and unpretentious operation to kill Lu Hai’s game characters.

“It’s so cool!” Although Lu Hai lost. He felt extremely proud and honored. Because his opponent is a world champion, he never thought, he could hold on for so long.

“How?” Lu Zixin asked Crazy Grapefruit.

Crazy Grapefruit nodded and said: “His game innate talent is very good. If you train well, there’s indeed a chance to become top professional player.”

“But I have to say a few more words. This classmate, you have to think clearly. This road is not as good as you think. It’s more difficult compared to other professions. After interest becomes career, you may regret your original decision!”

Facing the idol’s teaching. Lu Hai nodded seriously and said: “I know it’s difficult, but I want to try it!”

Crazy Grapefruit smiled and said: “Well, don’t regret your choice. Finally, I will send you a sentence.  No matter who your opponent is. Even it’s me, the world champion. You must hold a belief that you will win. In the arena, there’s no other option, only winning or losing!”

“Well, I remember!” Lu Hai nodded.

“Boss, shall I withdraw first?” Crazy Grapefruit asked Lu Zixin’s opinion.

“Well, thank you.” Lu Zixin said.

“No thanks. it’s part of the business.” Crazy Grapefruit went offline, but Lu Hai couldn’t calm down.

Lu Zixin knows, the words their idols is more useful compared to his own education. Today’s events will definitely have a great impact on his life.

He said: “You should think for a few more days. If you really sure, I’ll help you talk to your parents.”

“I figured it out clearly!” Lu Hai replied immediately.

“Tell me three days later.” Lu Zixin ignored him. He took Lu Lan and said, “Go, eat.”


After three days, Lu Hai didn’t change his mind. Lu Zixin said something to his parents. If Lu Hai said it himself, third uncle and third aunt definitely wouldn’t agree. But, Lu Zixin said and told them this is very promising career. This make the two elders hesitated. Finally, they agreed to let Lu Hai try.

After spending a few days at home. Lu Zixin went to Jiangcheng to find Xue Yao. Xue Yao seemed to be in a bad state recently. He went to see her condition.

Jiangcheng, Red letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd.,. Lu Zixin didn’t find Xue Yao in company after he came, only found Su Xiaomeng.

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