BTC Chapter 40 : Bastard Son

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Gao Song has brought two security guards and surrounded Lu Zixin in the middle. Also order to let the security personnel check the surveillance video of the display area.

At this moment, the scene is extremely embarrassing!

Su Zhirong saw it and quickly said: “Don’t be like this, he may just go wrong. I believe Lu Zixin will not go in and do anything.”

“I don’t believe it.” Xu Cheng was determined to pay attention to Lu Zixin’s face, he after not believing in this matter, Lu Zixin still has a face to stay in the training class for Su Zhirong!

“Is there any problem with monitoring?” Xu Cheng asked.

“Not yet.” Gao Song has received the news of the Security Division, no problem when Lu Zixin is walking inside.

“I don’t care what you want to do. From now on, you can roll!” Xu Cheng pointed at him and yelled.

Others are sitting on the sidelines, and they are too late to get married, and naturally they will not speak for Lu Zixin.

“Xu Cheng, you are too much!” Su Zhirong rarely showed her anger and said.

“This is not your business, I will deal with it.” Xu Cheng said to her.

“Roll? Xu Cheng, if it is not Tiancheng invited me, I will not come here!” Lu Zixin looks cold, this guy actually wants to insult him in public, really do not have temper?

“Invite you? You can see too much, no one invites you!” Xu Cheng said.

“That is, you don’t want to come over!” someone said later.

“Jokes.” Lu Zixin said, “You are such a hospitality? It seems that I have to ask Xu Huarui! This is what he meant, or the meaning of his son!”

He said, he dialed the phone.

“Calling people, are you here is your home?” Someone laughed, the guy called Pang Qing, also a training class, a small role, has been deliberately to please Xu Cheng.

However, Xu Cheng and Gao Song both showed a hint of surprise.

Xu Cheng angered: “My dad’s name is also called by you?”

Lu Zixin ignored him, but asked directly to the mobile phone: “What about people?”

“Come, you are outside the exhibition area… I saw it!” Liu Tong From the B area of ​​the exhibition area, he also followed by Xu Huarui and a deputy director of Tiancheng, and was also a shareholder of Tiancheng.

Lu Zixin hung up the phone and said: “Xu Cheng, remember what you just said, I hope you can say this when your dad asks you.”

“Is your brain sick? My dad will not manage this kind of thing. I counted to three, you better leave by yourself, otherwise I let the security guards start, three!” Xu Cheng face threatened and proud, erected three fingers.

“Two!” He is still counting, and Lu Zixin, still calm and not moving.

“What is this?” His one is still not counted, and a severe blame came from behind Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng’s “one” was blocked in the throat and was blocked in the throat. Because of this voice he is familiar with it, it is his father’s voice.

“Dad?” Xu Cheng looked back in surprise, only to see Xu Huarui, deputy director Deng Kang, and employees and a person who did not know are coming here.

Xu Huarui frowned, his expression was extremely serious!

Everyone heard Xu Cheng shouting, and looked at it with amazement. I didn’t expect Xu Cheng father, Xu Huarui, the real manager of Tiancheng Group, to come!

In their eyes, Xu Huarui is a big man! They quickly let the road open and let Xu Huarui come over.

“What are you doing?” Xu Huarui stepped up and asked. When he first came out, he saw Xu Cheng with a group of people around Lu Zixin, and security guards, and the arrogant look made him notice that it was not good.

“Nothing, deal with small things.” Xu Cheng said quickly, in front of his father, he did not dare to arrogant.

“General Xu, I heard people say that want me to get out of the way and say that I am stinky.” Lu Zixin said coldly, “Is this your sincerity?”

When Xu Huarui heard it, his face suddenly turned black. He finally invited people from the Red Letter game to come to the company to negotiate and visit their equipment.

This single can be said to be the largest single in the company this year, and it also concerns future cooperation issues. The directors of the company are very valued!

However, at the critical moment of the negotiations, something happened like this, some people in the company let the boss of the red letter game go! Which idiot was this made? He can’t wait to give him two big mouths on the spot!

“Who is it?” Xu Huarui voice is cold and hidden with anger! He looked at Gao Song, and Gao Song suddenly trembled in his heart. He had been in Tiancheng for so long, and he rarely saw General Xu have this expression.

What’s wrong with genaral? Gao Song pre-feeled something and said quickly: “I may have misunderstood just now, General Xu, do you know?”

However, Xu Cheng did not realize the change of his old man eyes, but thought it was just a trivial matter.

He said: “Dad, don’t listen to this kid. We are all students of the Jiangcheng University Enterprise Management Training Class. Just like him, I don’t ask for it, but I also broke into our inner display area without any rules. So I let him leave. ”

“Rest assured, there is nothing to do, I deal with it, you are busy you. ”

He had finished speak, He heard Xu Huarui cursed loudly: “Bastard!”

This sentence curse, directly Xu Cheng is forced! He didn’t know why his father wanted to marry him, and he was in front of so many classmates!

“Dad, I didn’t…” Xu Cheng want to explai that, but he hadn’t said it yet. Xu Huarui said with anger: “What are you, do you know what you are doing?”

Xu Cheng was aggrieved, he really didn’t feel that he was doing something wrong! Xu Huarui scolded him in front of everyone and made him too disheartened.

At this time, Liu Tong heard this and probably understood the situation. It seems that Lu Zixin and these people have contradictions, they have to catch Lu Zixin to go!

Lu Zixin is his boss and represents the Red Letter game company. Liu Tong was immediately angrily: “General Xu, General Tang, General LU are subject invite by you, cut it to come  for cooperation matters.”

“Now that we have this kind of thing, will you give us an account”!

See The partner was angry, and Deng Kang said quickly: “Manager Liu don’t angry, we must handle this matter!” He looked at Xu Huarui, Xu Cheng is his son, and should be handed over to him.

Xu Huarui is sinking in his heart. If you can’t let Lu Zixin and Liu Tong be satisfied today, this cooperation is afraid of being yellow!

He immediately yelled: “Funny, and quickly apologize to General Lu!”

Xu Cheng was ignorant of him, so he asked: “Why should I apologize to him?”

The people are also unknown, Xu Huarui said: “You still yell. General Lu is the guest I invited to the company, how do you receive it? Hurry up!”

Xu Cheng was not willing, shouted: “Absolutely impossible! I can’t apologize to this kid!”

He was angry and couldn’t understand. Why Xu Huarui will make such a big fire! On Lu Zixin, also General Lu? His father also gave Lu Zixin a face!

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  1. Umm, can’t really understand what happened except for the expected “father showing up just as rich boy curses our MC and gets faceslapped” 😅

  2. The awful grammer gave me a headache. Im not exaggerating it really did give me a headache. Please fix the grammer it would only take 30 minutes. Please

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