BTC Chapter 41 : Why are you?

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Aside, Cao Nan quickly for Xu Cheng explains: “Uncle Xu, Xu Cheng did nothing wrong.”

Pang Qing, who also echoed:. “Yes ah, yes this Lu Zixin is unruly”

“Shut up!” Xu Huarui shouted, “Nothing for you!”

He screamed, Cao Nan and others did not dare to talk back. But one by one is very unscrupulous, Xu Cheng, what is it?

Xu Cheng angered: “What is he? Why should I apologize to him?”

“Hey!” A burst of cracks suddenly sounded, and everyone widened their eyes.

At that moment, Xu Huarui actually directly slaps Xu Cheng face. He also looks angry and shouted: “It’s a confession!”

“Dad, are you hitting me?” Xu Cheng looked at his dad with disbelief. I didn’t expect that I was actually slapped in the face of the public!

“It’s you!” Xu Huarui pointed at him. “You… look at you, what do you do? General Lu is the guest of our company, we are discussing cooperation matters and what are you doing?”

He is very angry, the company has been preparing for this list for a long time, who knows that Xu Cheng actually played this out!

Xu Cheng still did not understand, Xu Huarui again apologized to Lu Zixin: “General Lu, really can’t help. The dog is reckless and offended, you must not care. I am guilty of a feast today, let him apologize to you!”

Xu Huarui series of words made the training class almost stunned!

Listening to the taste in his words, it seems that Lu Zixin is really invited by Tiancheng. And the identity is not low, let Xu Huarui personally entertain!

What makes them dumbfounded is that Xu Huarui also played a big mouth because of this incident! It is also incredible to let Xu Cheng apologize to Lu Zixin.

“He is, who is it!” Cao Nan whispered in a low voice, full of horror in his tone.

Su Zhirong looked at this scene with nervousness and surprise, and her heart was full of surprises and doubts.

Qi Yong frowned, and all kinds of speculation in his heart. The arrival of Lu Zixin today made him very confused. Now, this scene has appeared again. Is Lu Zixin a senior executive of a big company?

Pang Qing and others who have just spoken out of Lu Zixin are even more worried. They feel like they are in trouble.

Xu Cheng expression was distorted, his stomach full of fire. If the one who beat him was someone else, he had already erupted. But that person is his dad, he can only kneel.

At this time, Gao Song had already learned the identity of Lu Zixin from the secretary of Xu Huarui, and he also turned pale.

This young man is actually the boss of the Red Letter game! As the management of Tiancheng Electronics, he naturally knows that the company and the Red Letter game talk about business.

Tiancheng Electronics has gone from bad to worse in recent years. The Red Letter game is a period of rapid development. They have defeated the big layout of the Tecent game and let the people in the industry know the strength of this company.

Therefore, long-term cooperation with Red Letter Games has become a designated supplier of electronic equipment, which is of great significance to Tiancheng. The directors also met and discussed.

And Xu Cheng, just now I have to drive away the boss of the Red Letter game, this is simply to lick his own rice bowl, no wonder Xu Huarui will give him a slap!

It’s his first thought. He quickly went to Xu Cheng ear and whispered: “General Xu, Lu Zixin is the boss of Red Letter game.”

“What?” Xu Cheng who was angry and when heard this sentence, could not help but shout.

His expression changed instantly, like being poured a basin of ice water, turning from anger to fear. What does this mean? Of course he knows that this is the most important business action of the annual cost year! Almost want to be messed up by him!

“Why are you?” He did not understand why Lu Zixin would be the boss of the Red Letter game? Isn’t he the poor hanging wire?

In the previous experience, Lu Zixin did not show that he was the boss of Red Letter game. The “Desolate Battlegrounds” of Red Letter Games is crazy on the Internet, and the profit of one month is higher than they are every year!

If it is Xu Cheng himself, surely what luxury cars and watches are replaced, and the female stars are tender, and they are everywhere. And Lu Zixin, actually low-key also went to school for training classes!

His questioning is also what Cao Nan and others want to ask. Lu Zixin is actually the boss of a big company! This is too sinister?

Lu Zixin smiled and looked at him with disdainful eyes, and did not pay attention to him.

Xu Huarui said: “You still don’t apologize?”

Xu Cheng looked awkward and asked him to apologize to Lu Zixin? There are so many people watching, including Su Zhirong, he can’t pull this face.

At this time, Deng Kang said : “Xu Cheng, I think you want us to hold a shareholder meeting, remove you from the company’s management?” He and Xu Huarui are friends for many years, know each other well, so dare in front Xu Huarui face, say this!

Xu Cheng turned pale, fighting back stuck on the bow Lu Zixin said: “General …… Lu ……”

“I …… I’m sorry.” he said every word, seems to have to spend his might, he After finished, Xu Cheng felt that his face had been torn into pieces! At this moment, it seems as if everyone is laughing at him! Whether in the training class or in the company, he can’t lift his head!

All this is because of Lu Zixin! Lu Zixin, whom he once looked down on, did not say a word now, so he had to bow his head and apologize!

“No need.” Lu Zixin did not accept his apology, but said to Xu Huarui: “General Xu, I have something to do today, your company’s affairs, then discuss it later.”

His tone is dull, but Xu Huarui heart can not calm. Looking at Lu Zixin appearance is really angry! This means that this cooperation may have to fail!

He hurriedly said: “Mr. Lu, this is really something we can’t live with. But you must not doubt our sincerity. I can guarantee that as long as we cooperate, we will definitely show the greatest sincerity!”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded. Said: “I believe that other matters, you discuss with Manager Liu.”

“Good.” Xu Huarui did not say anything more, he knows that the other party is now angry, saying anything is useless, I only hope that this can also remedy!

Lu Zixin said goodbye, Xu Huarui and others will send him to the door.

And Xu Cheng, they still stay in place. Xu Cheng squatted, his expression was cloudy and uncertain. Just now Lu Zixin disregard for him has stung his inflated self-respect!

Now I want to come. He used to show up in front of Lu Zixin. It’s like a performance with a clown. It’s funny!

An unidentified woman whispered: “Is Lu Zixin very powerful?”

Next to Gao Song, he sighed and nodded. “The boss of Red Letter game, we General Xu have to personally receive it. Hey, this time, it is really big trouble!”

Although this is Xu Cheng pot, it is conceivable that he will certainly be blamed and punished. He is still a bit uncomfortable with Xu Cheng in his heart, he is flattering himself, and he is still tired of him!

The woman pouted and told herself not to call out. She used to be unfamiliar with Lu Zixin, but she despised Lu Zixin failure to pay money.

It turns out that people not can’t afford it, they don’t need it at all!

Cao Nan and others are also somewhat overwhelmed. They used to be contemptuous of Lu Zixin. Now the other party suddenly turned into a big business, so they were ashamed to find a hole to get into it.

The most surprising thing may be Su Zhirong, she did not expect that there will be such a reversal. Lu Zixin actually has such an identity!

No wonder he said he works in a game company!

No wonder he said that he can help introduce the work!

No wonder he just came so fast!

No wonder he said that he was invited by Tiancheng!

It turns out that everything is not bragging, but really! He is actually the boss of a big company, so young!

I know a big man? Su Zhirong is a bit awkward in her mind.

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