BTC Chapter 89 : Look!

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin’s office is on the 30th floor and has a very broad view. He put the mini Iron Man out of the window and the mini Iron Man activated the power unit and floated in the air.

On the smart watch, an interactive virtual screen appears with the view and control options of the mini Iron Man camera.

The scene around the mini Iron Man was clearly demonstrated.

It is now nearly 100 meters high, surrounded by office buildings. The Mini Iron Man is only as big as the average hand in the air, so no one notices it.

Lu Zixin controls the mini Iron Man to fly down and circle around the Red Letter building to familiarize himself with the operation.

On the 16 floor, by the window, two employees are chatting on the break.

“I tell you that the winning team is definitely Real Madrid this evening. Do you believe it or not? You watched last week… eh?” One of them noticed a strange thing in the field of vision.

“What happened last week?” The person next to said was curiously, “Why don’t you say that?”

“Look!” he said, pointing out the window. “Look, is there something flying there?”

The two kept looking around and found a shadow flying over.

“what is that?”

“Drone machine?”

“The drone flies so fast? I didn’t see it clearly, I saw a red thing.”

“Of course it can fly so fast!” One person must say, “I last watched the New York drone contest online, and the drones is really fast and cool!”

“I don’t know who is playing the drone here, I don’t know if it have photographed us.”

“Get it, who shot you!”

When they talked, Lu Zixin had already controlled the mini Iron Man to turn around the company building for a few laps. This thing has an auxiliary control system, so the control is still very simple, there will not be a situation like an ordinary drone accidentally hitting an obstacle.

And its signal is particularly strong, and it can be perfectly controlled within a few dozen miles.

Some people saw the Mini Iron Man and they shouted.

“Look, it’s Iron Man? My God, it’s really Iron Man!” A sister screamed and pointed at the mini Iron Man flying out the window.

“Damn, are you teasing me? Is there such a small Iron Man?” The male colleague next to him was surprisedly said.

“This stuff is so handsome! What is it? Is it a drone?”

“Is this style too hoisted? But where is its rotor? How did it fly?”

“It’s gone, fly fast!”

“Where is it sold? I want one too!” Someone asked, everyone shook their heads.

At this time, their supervisor came over and asked: “What are you looking outside?”

“Look at Iron Man!” said a lively sister.

“Iron Man? Why don’t you look at Spider-Man?” the supervisor said, and everyone laughed.

Lu Zixin controlled the mini Iron Man to find Su Zhirong’s office, Su Zhirong was working in the office.

She is dressed in a white business attire, dignified and elegant, looking at the documents intently. The legs are stacked together and the long legs are attractive. However, no employees dare to appreciate the scenery of Su Zhirong.

Lu Zixin controls the mini Iron Man to fly in from the window. It is worth mentioning that this mini Iron Man has no noise when flying, and it is hard to find without listening.

Looking at Su Zhirong’s serious look, Lu Zixin played with a big heart and controlled the mini Iron Man to take a look at Su Zhirong’s shoulder.

“Hmmm?” Su Zhirong was looking at the file and suddenly felt that someone had touched her, and suddenly looked back in disbelief, but nothing was seen.

“Is it my illusion?” Su Zhirong eyebrows are slightly embarrassing and strange. Obviously feels someone touching, can she be in the office?

She continued to look at the file and suddenly felt a cool thing holding her white calf.

“Ah!” Su Zhirong immediately screamed and stood up, her first reaction was something like a mouse. But how can there be mice in this office?

“Don’t be afraid, it’s me!” Lu Zixin’s voice sounded, and Su Zhirong eyes widened. Looking closely at the front, a mini Iron Man was suspended, and Lu Zixin’s voice came from inside.

“You? Lu Zixin, is this what you made?” Su Zhirong asked.

“Yeah? How? This little thing.”

Su Zhirong looks up and down the mini Iron Man, said curiously: “What is this? Remote control robot? Why does it fly, can you talk?”

“A Science and Technology gadget is similar to that of a virtual projection bead.” Lu Zixin controls the mini Iron Man to fly on Su Zhirong’s palm and climb on her arm.

“It’s amazing!” Su Zhirong was also attracted to the mini Iron Man. She let the mini Iron Man climb onto her shoulder and asked: “It’s moving smoothly and feels like a small animal.”

Lu Zixin controls the mini Iron Man to give Su Zhirong an impromptu mechanical dance, funny, Su Zhirong laughed heartily. He said: “Okay, the performance is over. Dear little Su Su, don’t bother you work, see you after work.”

“Okay.” Su Zhirong greeted and saw the mini Iron Man flying out of the window.

Lu Zixin hasn’t played enough yet, continue to control the Mini Iron Man to fly further afield. The Mini Iron Man has a full range of perspectives, and through its virtual projection, Lu Zixin seems to be flying between high-rise buildings as if overlooking the city.

It flies over the business district, pedestrian streets, schools, and the speed is amazing. Lu Zixin saw that in the open-air plaza of a school, someone was playing a drone, and more than one.

There are a total of five people who play the drone, and they know each other. They are all drone enthusiasts. They make an appointment online and come here to release the wind.

Some of them are also holding a selfie stick and a mobile phone live broadcast device, which is being broadcast live. Next to them, some passing students watched curiously.

“Welcome the new live broadcast audience, the old irons, point to the top right corner, watch the anchor take you to play the drone!” The man whose name is called “machine brother” shouted, and the passing person was curious to take a look. His mobile phone screen.

“Machine brother” is a live broadcast of the fast beast, a special anchor for playing the drone, the popularity is very high, there are tens of thousands of online people in the live broadcast room.

On the barrage, netizens brushed the comments.

“The anchor, how do you play today? Like the last time, use a drone sister!”

“Running with water friends, PK!”

“Mr. Brother, which school are you, I seem to have been there!”

“The aunt next to the strength steals the mirror!”

“Mother, is your drone repaired? Did I remember it last time?”


The brother said: “Brothers, this time I have made a few water friends, and it’s fun to play. Everyone will be entertained, don’t forget to brush the presents!”

He finished, and there were some tips for gifts on the barrage, but they were small gifts for a few dollars.

The local tyrant of the live broadcast said: “If you have fun today, at least three rockets!”

“Well! Local tyrant, I took a screenshot!” said the brother.

In order to attract the audience and gain rewards, the brother often plays some less serious games. He also thought about the activities of today, and definitely attracts attention from netizens!

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