BTC Chapter 88 : Mini Iron Man

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Tony Stark: “All of the Science and Technology industries, the most important is the research base. If you want to grow your company, you need to establish a scientific research base with a high level of Science and Technology.”

Mr. L : “I also have this idea, but the current strength can’t do it, and it can only be developed for another year or two.”

This kind of research base is too much investment. It’s a national level laboratory, and it’s worth hundreds of millions, not to mention the research base that houses multiple research laboratories.

Now Red Letter is enough to studying a mobile phone chip. The high-quality Science and Technology optoelectronic devices are as small as a million, expensive or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tony Stark : “I can only wish you all the best. Oh, it’s not too late, I almost forgot. Today seems to be my birthday party, Pepper is calling me.”

Mr. L : “Happy birthday! Sorry, no birthday present.”

Tony Stark : “Thank you. Unfortunately, I can’t invite you to participate. Today I invited dozens of female stars to my villa.”

Mr. L : “666!”

Tony Stark : “Right, give you a little gadget before I leave, this is birthday party commemorative gift that Jarvis gave me.”

Then, Tony Stark sent him a Red envelope in the group, and then the speed of light off the assembly line.

Lu Zixin opens the Red envelope, then group prompts Appear : “Congratulations, you have received Tony Stark Red envelope and got a Mini Iron Man.”

“Mini Iron Man?” Lu Zixin extracted the things from the group space, and in his hand, there was a palm-sized Iron Man model.

The red mechanical body, yellow mask, exudes a bright metallic luster. Some details are also very refined, like a completely copied steel shirt. I don’t know what metal used to make it. It is very light in my hand.

“This model is not bad.” Lu Zixin was feeling that there was another smart watch in front of him.

“Tony also sent me a watch?” Lu Zixin picked up the smart watch and the smart watch was designed to be full of Science and Technology, and light. The dial is small, please click to activate.

On the dial, some options are illuminated, along with a “Mini Mark activated button”.

Lu Zixin Gently press, then Mini Iron Man in his hand suddenly blinked and said in a mechanical voice: “Hello, master. The Mini Mark machine reports to you.”

The Mini Iron Man flew directly from his hand and floated in midair.

“Cool! It can be manipulated!” Lu Zixin was amazed, which is much more powerful than the average model.

He continually to study the control smartwatch in his hand, and like most smart devices, it also has a voice assistant.

Lu Zixin asked: “What function do you have?”

Mini Iron Man said: “Mini Mark Machine No.1, the whole body uses the latest aviation metal, can resist high temperature and high pressure. It is equipped with power device, intelligent identification, navigation survey, paralyzing current and so on.”

Saying, there is a virtual projection screen on the smart watch with a more detailed introduction.

Lu Zixin look one by one, it turns out that this Mini Iron Man is not an ordinary toy. In fact, he should have thought that with the character of Tony Stark, he would never do anything that can only be enjoyed.

This Mini Iron Man is like a drone and can be controlled by a smart watch. Flying, monitoring, and micro-powered devices allow it to lift a person’s weight.

Most importantly, Tony Stark also equipped it with offensive weapons! In Mini Iron Man body, there is a miniature electric energy storage that can be launched through Mini Iron Man arm.

This kind of electric energy has several degrees, and the strongest can instantly destroy the cranial nerves of the creature and directly kill the enemy. The slightest is paralytic current, which causes the organism to be temporarily paralyzed by current without physical danger.

The weakest level is almost a mobile charging treasure. This “mobile charging treasure” is different from other ones, such as Lu Zixin, which has no power in the wild. He can directly control him to fly from a place ten miles away and charge his mobile phone – at least Tony Stark certainly did not think about this usage.

Lu Zixin wrote a message to Tony Stark : “Thank you for your little present.”

At the same time, their group chat ended and Red Queen has already gone offline. In the Red envelope that Lu Zixin sent to her, there are some complicated encryption programs. In human terms, it is a kind of “data weapon”.

With this data weapon, Red Queen can crack some of the permissions that are restricted to her. Of course, limited to a few small aspects, the core authority is also in the hands of the top management company.

Red Queen’s mainframe is located in the underground base of Raccoon City. After the zombie crisis broke out, it was once destroyed, but it was quickly re-controlled by the umbrella company and built twice as a base for biochemical research.

In the base, Doctor Isaacs walked out of the test cabin and said to Red Queen: “Red Queen, I found that you have been a bit abnormal recently, maybe you need to format and restart it again.”

Red Queen has no emoticon, said by mechanical sound: “Dr., after testing, my program did not have any problems.”

“What is the study of the H-series serum?” Isaacs stared at Red Queen’s virtual projection. “I have never approved this project!”

“Dr., this is the serum I extracted from an evolutionary human, and I collected various serum data according to your requirements,” Red Queen replied.

“Stop this meaningless behavior!” Isaacs ordered. “What I want is to develop our biological and chemical weapons to the greatest extent. This earth needs to be cleaned and all dirty humans are removed!”

“Execute the order.” Red Queen said, but the program created a contradiction, and she did not report the errors. The order of Isaacs seems to be not restrictive to her.


The Red Letter company building, the legal procedures of the two subsidiaries have been completed, officially became Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. and Red Letter Game Co., Ltd.

The office location is still in the same office building, but the operations team is operated independently.

Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has also been announced, but it is still only an empty shell, no business projects.

The original R&D team of Wangtang has also been signed by Red Letter Electronics to start research and development of hardware such as chips. For some reasons, some people have gone, and Red Letter has recruited some people to become a brand new team. Professor Dai Liang is the leader.

After Lu Zixin revealed some technical information provided by Red Queen, Dai Liang was amazed. He seems to have seen a glimmer of light. The chip development that they had not completed in Wangtang is now possible in Red Letter!

If it can be achieved, he and his research and development team will become the benchmark in the professional field, and even get higher honor, money and status!

Therefore, Dai Liang not only pushed other activities on his own, but also concentrated on research. He also recruited several of the figures who are already PhDs, signed up for Red Letter, and conducted research and development together.

It is impossible to complete this kind of thing in a few days. R&D is not completed, and Red Letter Electronics will not have other businesses. So after the normal operation of the subsidiary, Lu Zixin was actually a rare and easy to get up.

In the office, Lu Zixin is playing the Mini Iron Man, flying it out of the window and testing its performance.

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