BTC Chapter 280 : Takes you to play

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Lei Yansong stopped complaining, but his words were said to many people. In this incident, almost all of his peers were affected. Only cooperating company with red letter is still developing rapidly.

The people were almost there, and everyone started to discuss in the hall.

Qi Zhigao first said: “In the past few days, our communications industry in China, especially our mobile phone industry, has been seriously affected. According to statistics, the value of Science and Technology stocks in the communications industry has evaporated by more than 300 billion yuan in the week.”

“Investors are worried about the future status of our companies in China Science and Technology industry, and they are selling their stocks, which is not conducive to the development of our company.”

“At the same time, the control of the core technology by the upstream companies in United States makes us difficult to move.”

The boss of Zhongxing Mobile said: “Not only that, because of the electronic consumer product tax, our business in United States has been greatly affected, and the profit margin has shrunk severely. I think we should jointly issue a statement, hope the government can give us help.”

“At the same time, seek the help of partners in United States to maintain market stability.”

“These measures have already been done, and the results have been minimal.” The chairman of the VI mobile phone said, “We are fat sheep in their eyes. We must be under the knife. Now the most important thing is if the loss can be reduce to a minimum?”

“Replace the technology source?” Someone said, “Some technologies, the price of Samsung Group is cheaper than in US.”

“Samsung is also very serious about the technical blockade. The display screens for us are all one or two generations behind! And some of Samsung’s own models are using Qualcomm chips, and they cannot be expected.”

“That still has to talk to the Americans.” Someone said helplessly.

“Talk to them, isn’t it a sheep in the mouth?” Lu Zixin said. “They just wait for us to lower our posture and make compromises!”

Everyone looked at Lu Zixin, Tian Xiangshan frowned: “This is clear to everyone, but without making certain concessions, the loss will be more serious.”

Lu Zixin said with a smile: “If this is the case, then don’t cooperate with the US!”

“President Lu, what you said is easy!” Lei Yansong said, “You don’t cooperate with the US, that is, you don’t enter North American market for the time being. But many of our companies must rely on their technical authorization and don’t cooperate to drink the Northwest wind?”

“Yeah, although boss Lei’s words are sharp, but this is indeed the most realistic situation. The reason why the US is unscrupulous is because the core technology sources are in their hands.”

All the people present are in the line, and there are naturally many in my heart. Although some companies often announce what products they have independently developed and how many patents they have mastered, there are very few masters of the core technology sources.

Simply put, their patents are small patents, and one hundred adds up to one another, and the quantity does not make any sense.

“Everyone can look into the long-term, 6G era is coming, 4G, 5G related technology must be eliminated, as long as the first step in 6G era to gain a foothold, when we are in control of the right to speak!” Lu Zixin sitting on the sofa, calmly said.

Many people secretly shook their heads, and another boss stood up and said: “6G era? Red letter’s sky Net plan is good, you have mastered the core technology of 6G, and will not be used for the next five years.”

“But we are different. It takes a few years for 6G network to become popular. In the past few years, many small companies may not be able to stop it, and wait until that time?”

“Moreover, we don’t even have a company with 4G core technology to study 6G technology, that’s not realistic!”

“Well, that’s right!” The crowd nodded and felt that Lu Zixin was standing and talking without hurting.

“Everyone can technically cooperate or share with each other, which can promote the development of the entire industry and reduce the restrictions on American companies.” Lu Zixin continued.

Everyone disagrees, saying that is to say, who will share their skills? Everyone is competing in the domestic market. As long as there is one more core technology than the other, there is more competitiveness!

Lei Yansong said with a disdain: “President Lu, to say the core technology, Red Letter is now mastered  the most, can President Lu come out and communicate with us? No!”

“So, President Lu, let’s talk about the actual, let alone those virtual things.”

“How can’t it?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Hmm?” Lei Yansong sighed, not knowing what Lu Zixin meant.

Lu Zixin continued: “We are interested in working with our colleagues to develop new technologies in 6G era, including and not limited to smart chips, communication devices, software, etc.”

This is Lu Zixin’s original purpose, and he does not mind licensing some technology to other companies. Instead of letting Americans earn, it is better to charge less for Red Letters and increase the competitiveness of the entire industry.

For Red Letter, not only is there no loss, but it also earns reputation and money. As for the competitiveness of other companies? That is even more non-existent.

Even if everyone uses 6G smart chip, using the mobile phone operating system of Red Letter, etc., Red Letter still has unparalleled competitiveness, that is artificial intelligence technology!

Red Letter can stand out in 4G era and continue to grow in 6G era. Promoting the development of the entire industry is beneficial to both market and enterprise development.

The market is like a pond. The enterprise is like a fish in a pond. Some fish are large and some are small. When there is too much water, the big fish are arrogant and the small fish can survive. If there is less water in the pond, big fish and small fish will not survive.

“President Lu, what do you mean?” Entrepreneurs looked at Lu Zixin with some surprise. According to Lu Zixin’s literal meaning, Red Letter wanted to authorize their technology to cooperate with everyone.

“My meaning is very simple. Red Letter has mastered the core technology of 6G communication. The laying of 6G network will also speed up. It is expected that more than ten stars will be launched within this year to complete the 6G network coverage in China.”

“If you are interested, you can work with us to jointly develop the latest mobile phone chips or other related technologies.” Lu Zixin said in detail again, everyone in the room suddenly assured!

They absolutely did not think that Red Letter would be so generous! It makes no sense! If they have such a technology, they must be hiding in order to maintain their leading position.

Red letter said that they want to cooperate with them and carry out technical authorization. Are they not afraid of being overtaken by other companies?

Lu Zixin can guess from their subtle expression changes. These people are still underestimating red letter. The technology he says is the rest of red letter, just selling a part to them to make money.

If red letter is too simple to be exceeded, the big group in the group will not agree!

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