MST Chapter 79 : Ready to make TV show

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Out of the local police station with Yiyi, Ye Guang opened the household register book and looked at the fourth page of the household register book. It’s already printed Yiyi’s identity information and handed the household register book to Yiyi. “Look, now you are also people with a household register.”

Yiyi took over the household register book. Carefully, she still couldn’t recognize many words, but she still knew her name. She held the household register for a long time. “Ye Guang, will I be like other children in the future?”

Ye Guang smiled and knelt down. “No, you are different from them.”

Yiyi pouted.

Ye Guang: “You are smarter than they are.”

Yiyi suddenly smiled. “That is, I am the smartest and most beautiful.”

Ye Guang collected the household register book and laughed. “You have all been in my housekeeper register. I will be your father in the future.”

Yiyi glared at him and said, “It is not! You are not my father.”

Ye Guang, “Oh, no matter, you are on my house register, nominally I am your father.”

Yiyi kicked him, her eyes wide open, cute and said, “Ye Guang, you are a big liar! You didn’t say this to me before, I don’t believe you anymore, liar!”

Ye Guang laughed and picked up Yiyi, and kissed her on the face. “Haha, no matter, anyway, I will tell others that you are my daughter.”

Yiyi wiped Ye Guang saliva where he kissed her while struggling in his arms. “Ye Guang, you Big bad wolf, big liar, you bully me! I want to tell my aunt.”

Ye Guang holding Yiyi, laughed and walked towards the parking spot not far away.

On the way going home, Ye Guang also found copy shop to copy several copies of Yiyi and his pages, Yiyi wants to enter school, fearing that it is used, it is impossible to go home every time to steal the house register Book.

After returning home, Ye Guang familiar with the road, put Household register book in locked drawer, Yiyi information has been printed up, father and mother gonna found it sooner or later things, but Ye Guang now still not think how to explain, can only first hide it, how long can I hide it? Find a suitable opportunity to make it clear to my parents. I will not be afraid that my parents will find out in the night light, after all, household register this thing, every household has, but basically it won’t be turned over as long as it’s not used.

I hope my parents suddenly know that have a cheap granddaughter will not fry.

Say, Ye Guang put Yiyi household register in his household register book, in fact, is also under a great determination, to know, no matter how you like a child, how good for him, but really say let him on your household register, believe or will hesitate to consider, this is the Chinese subconscious a traditional concept, a blood family of traditional ideas, Ye Guang very like Yiyi, Yiyi life, Ye Guang also for his heart, he wanted to protect Yiyi, he has a strong desire to protect, Yiyi only appeared in his world two days, but in his heart has already accounted for a great weight. Therefore, Ye Guang was determined to put Yiyi on his own house register, but this thing must not be told to father and mother in advance.

Father is a family with a strong traditional concept. Some old-fashioned, Ye Guang knows father. If he said it to Father beforehand, Father wouldn’t agree, so he can only come and play it! Fortunately, he has a high school classmate who works at a local police station, otherwise it is hard to say whether this can be done.

Go back to Studio.

Liu Chiyan: “Where are you going? This has been for most of the day.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Temporarily confidential.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and didn’t ask him. “Yiyi, you told my aunt.”

Yiyi stared at her and thought about it. “I am also confidential.”

Liu Chiyan, “Hey, you two must have done something without me.”

Ye Guang smiled.

Liu Chiyan did not continue to ask questions. Ye Guang and Yiyi have a good relationship. She is also very happy, “Ye Guang, come over.” Liu Chiyan greets Ye Guang, when Ye Guang approached, Liu Chiyan continued, “I am going to make a TV series.”

Ye Guang looked at her doubtfully.

Liu Chiyan: “Why are you looking at me like this, can’t you shoot a TV show?”

Ye Guang: “No, it’s OK, but how come you suddenly want to shoot a TV show?”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Company opened a few days, in addition to you took an advertising business, and nothing else to do, although we this entertainment studio is three years not open, opened to eat three years, but we have just opened, or we have to take out some works as soon as possible to come out better, otherwise other;s people ask Youxianqi Entertainment, you have what works? Then we said that took two ads, that much is shame. And I see that you are now panicking every day, to find something for you, this TV series you come to play.”

Ye Guang: “Ah? Am I coming? I have no experience in TV series, and I don’t know if I can do it.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “What experience do you have? You haven’t made two advertisements. You can’t learn. I will teach you when I go, and I think it’s good when you shoot advertise.”

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “Let’s do it, I will play it, no problem, um, is there a script, give me a look.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “Without the script, I still only have the idea of ​​making a TV series, for script type is still uncertain.”

Ye Guang said, “So, what do you want to shoot? Investment?”

Liu Chiyan shrugged, “I don’t know, but I have the intention to make a sitcom. The scenario is simple, and the cost is relatively low. I don’t need to expand the crew too much. Studio foundation of these employees, looking for some field, assistants and the like should be almost the same.”

“Scenario drama.” Ye Guang thought for a moment, “Would you like me to make a script?”

Liu Chiyan gave him a surprised look, “You? TV scripts are not advertisements, not easy.”

Ye Guang snorted, “looking down on people! Well, I am also a novelist, Ghost Blows Out The Light is still broadcasting now.”

Liu Chiyan: “Really?”

Ye Guang: “OK! Write it out and you will know. ”

Liu Chiyan nodded and smiled. “Yes, then you write.”

Ye Guang is going to open the computer and write the script at the desk.

Liu Chiyan: “Write it now, have you conceived so quickly?”

Ye Guang’s glimpse, “Don’t look at who your husband, just a script, trivial.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, regardless of him.

Ye Guang started the journey of code words.

Liu Chiyan talked about shooting a sitcom, Ye Guang instantly remembered a small investment drama in Dream World, “iPartment”!

In Dream world, ipartment is undoubtedly successful, this completely new director, new actors, as well as small investment TV dramas, once the broadcast response is extremely enthusiastic, in the contemporary young people deeply influence, almost everyone knows, the play is full of jokes and classic quotations, can be described as a joke , this TV show started in fact because of the production cost reasons, the production is actually some shoddy, can not cover up its due light. Eventually become a drama in the hearts of a generation.

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