BTC Chapter 279 : Industry Conference

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“Invite.” Huawei President Zhai Zhigao, “Whether they come or not, the invitation is must. After all, it is a matter of the whole industry.”

Everyone also defaulted to his words, but in some people’s minds, they still don’t support much. In China, Red Letter has also seized the market of many manufacturers, and naturally there will be people dissatisfied.

Tian Xiangshan personally called Lu Zixin to say this. He said: “This consultation is for us, privately, and it is not a formal meeting. If you are convenient, you can participate. Let’s talk, Discuss the countermeasures.”

“Since the peers are there, we certainly have to go!” Lu Zixin replied directly, “President Tian, I am looking for you to drink!”

“Haha, OK, then I will send you the time and address.”


This so-called private meeting is exactly what Lu Zixin means. He was still thinking about finding a time to publicly announce his decision.

Since there is such a negotiation, it is just a good idea to make a final connection with these colleagues. This will not only determine the status of Red Letter in the industry, but also find many partners. Simply put, these companies are potential customers of Red Letter! Just sell technical products to them!

Pengcheng, a low-key luxury private club.

Today is a special day. The boss of private club has already arranged it in a week. I must do a good job today. Because today will be the meeting in mobile phone industry in China, and the meeting that are worth hundreds of millions of people are catching a lot and must be entertained.

Xiao Ling is a waitress in a private club. She is 19 years old. She has professional etiquette, service training, and also has a fluent foreign language.

In the previous week, she had special training, various service arrangements, guest appearances, names, etc., so that these big brothers would not feel a slight dissatisfaction.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang, welcome…” Xiao Ling stood in front of the main hall and smiled and received a big buddy.

The characters who often appear on the news and on TV appear in front of her, making her feel a little excited, and most people simply can’t reach this circle.

“The front hall noticed that the CEO of Red Letter Group arrived, pay attention to the reception, don’t make mistakes!” Xiao Ling’s headset sounded the voice of club manager, and she immediately became nervous.

The CEO of Red Letter Group! This big scorpion is too heavy. In the past few months, Xiao Ling has often seen news about red letter in the news. Everyone is saying that red letter is so powerful that make Americans forced helpless.

The CEO of Red Letter is also the idol of many people, including Xiao Ling. However, she has only seen photos of Tang Gang and has never seen photos of Lu Yan.

Another guest came from the parking lot, Xiao Ling was even more excited. Is the legendary Lu Yan appearing? But she found it wrong, it seems not?

This is a handsome young man. It seems that he is almost the same age as her. According to Xiao Ling’s estimation, he should be the assistant of big sister.

She said politely: “Hello, welcome, are you coming to the meeting?”

“Yes, where are President Tian?” Lu Zixin asked.

“President Tian?” Xiaoling asked. “Is it President Tian of Rice?”


“President Tian is negotiating in the inner hall.” Xiao Ling said, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Take me over,” Lu Zixin said.

“Okay, please come with me.” Xiao Ling led him to the road, and always thought about it, who is this young man, is it the general of Tian?

Among the people who attended the meeting, only one of them was so young. In any case, the identity of Lu Zixin is definitely not simple, otherwise the door to the club will not be able to enter.

She still has some regrets in her heart. She will receive this young man, and she will definitely miss Lu Yan. I don’t know what Lu Yan is like, and there will be no chance to see it.

When she arrived at the inner hall, Xiao  Ling knocked at the door and shouted: “Hello, there are guests.”

“Enter.” There was a voice inside, Xiao Ling pushed the door open and quietly looked inside the hall. Those big brothers are sitting on the sofa, discussing what, some people are still frowns, and the atmosphere is somewhat depressed.

Lu Zixin just stepped in. The people inside saw him. Several of them stood up directly, such as Tian Xiangshan and Qi Zhigao. Others saw it and immediately stood up.

“Boss Lu is here, we will be officially opened. Xiao Lu, don’t come innocent!” Tian Xiangshan walked over, smiled and shook hands with Lu Zixin.

“Innocent, innocent, Old Tian’s body is really good, basketball is good!” Lu Zixin said that Tian Xiangshan showed his basketball photos on Weibo.

“Haha, exercise, better than your young people.”

“Right, this is the general manager of huawei group.” Tian Xiangshan introduced him, “Are you still meeting for the first time?”

“Not the first time, every day in the news can see General Zhai!” Lu Zixin shook hands in the past, “Has been handed for a long time.”

Looking at Lu Zixin and talking to them, Xiao Ling was very surprised. It turned out that this young man is the boss of Red Letter, but why is he so young!

The CEOs of Huawei are more than seventy. The presidents of several other companies are mostly fifty, and the forty are strong!

Lu Zixin is incredible at this age! Is he, controlling the Red Letter Group?

Xiao Ling really wants to tell friends about this, the CEO of Red Letter Group is young and handsome! It’s just no reason!


Lu Zixin and the people present had a simple understanding, and most people still welcomed him and were not so polite.

“President Lu is young, but the ambition is not small. The mobile phone market has been accounted for more than half of you. Recently, we are entering the accessories market. We are almost out of food!” A man in a suit was half joking, half-satisfied.

He is the boss of China Daguang Electronics Co., Ltd. Lei Yansong, mainly engaged in mobile phone chips, storage and other electronic accessories. The performance of their company’s products is a bit worse than that of Red Letter. The high-quality products of Red Letter have reduced the market share by nearly half, so they are dissatisfied.

“President Lei laughed,” Lu Zixin said. “The market is the result of user choice, and we can’t talk about it. We are also working with many companies to develop together.”

“Common development?” Lei Yansong whispered. “I see that only you can develop now, and we must all go backwards.”

“President Lei, that’s enough, let’s discuss it.” Tian Xiangshan said, “Our goal today is to discuss a countermeasure to deal with the increase in intellectual property fees of American companies. Internal commercial competition is not included here.“

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