BTC Chapter 32 : Banned Him

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The two played with each other, and Xu Cheng was jealous. Although Cao Nan is also good, but the same type of Xu Cheng has seen a lot, but also played a lot. In comparison, Su Zhirong has temperament.

When they finished playing in a game, Xu Cheng set up and interjected: “Are you playing “Desolate Battlegrounds”? I also play, add me!”

Cao Nan also said: “I want to play!”

It is really annoying! Lu Zixin really wants Xu Cheng to get out of the way, and he will play with the girl and he will mix it!

Su Rongrong did not have any opinion, nodded: “Well, just four people team.”

Four people team? Lu Zixin frowned slightly, and he had to join two light bulbs when he was playing with Su Zhirong. impossible!

Lu Zixin soon had a countermeasure. He asked: “Xu Cheng, what is your game ID? I am pulling you.”

Xu Cheng did not notice anything wrong, he said: “Cheng brother 666. I am logging in to the game.”

Lu Zixin took advantage of you did not notice, quickly cut into the mobile phone micro letter to message Zhu An: “within three minutes, the ‘Cheng brother 666’ this ID ban three days! ”

Zhu An is working, see this message, dumbfounding , replied: “What’s wrong? You are abusing power in the game?”

Lu Zixin: “Hurry, don’t explain!”

Zhu An did not ask, let the technicians ban the ID. And he not only closed for three days, but directly banned for a month.

Xu Cheng just log in the game, pop up a prompt:. “Due to players to report illegal third-party software you use, your account will be banned for 30 days, please regulate the behavior of the game, and we maintain a fair and equitable competitive environment together”

“Banned? I was banned?” Xu Cheng stare big eyes, “They actually said that I am using cheat? have to ban for another month!” Upon hearing this, Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong both cast a contemptuous look and played competitive games. Most hate others to cheat.

Xu Cheng quickly explained: “I did not cheat, which is a rubbish game misjudge me!”

“That’s not a solution,” Lu Zixin said, “Since you can not play, we can only be opened.”.

Cao Nan seeing Said: “Forget it, I will not play this shooting game. Xu Cheng, let’s play something else?”

Xu Cheng had no choice but to nod. He is still depressed, how can he be banned after his inexplicable? Doesn’t this game claim to have no cheat?

Lu Zixin continued to play games with Su Zhirong happily until the course started again. After a day, the two were familiar with a lot.

In the afternoon, the course ends.

Xu Cheng ran over and asked Su Zhirong and Cao Nan: “Do you go to dinner? Do you want to go together? I please!”

“Okay!” Su Zhirong did not speak, Cao Nan was happy: “You can also have a meal with the locals.”

Su Zhirong not want to go, said:.” but I want to finish the paper ”

All right, all right, eat a meal and does not take too long” Cao Nan advised, “Your papers are not about to pay these days, time Still growing!”

Su Zhirong sighed, she already saw that Cao Nan was interested in Xu Cheng, and would definitely try to get herself to go.

“Eating? Su Zhirong, you still owe me a meal, or will you still return today?” Lu Zixin came over.

“When did she owe you a meal?” Xu Cheng was dissatisfied.

“She said it herself!” Lu Zixin said innocently. “She said that she thanked me for helping me fix the computer. I have time to invite me to dinner. I am free now.”

In fact, Su Zhirong did not say this, but Su Zhirong does not remember. This kind of customer talk, many people will often say, have you just said that?

When he heard this, Xu Cheng was not a good start. What does this kid mean? Is the emotional intelligence low? People are obviously a guest, do you still take it seriously?

Su Zhirong thought, Cao Nan had a good impression on Xu Cheng. If you follow your past meal, you may be a light bulb. Then nodded: “Okay. Today, you helped me fix the computer, I invite you!”

Xu Cheng can’t wait to kick Lu Zixin, how can he become Su Zhirong to invite him to dinner? He quickly said: “Don’t, you don’t have to treat yourself today, I will forget it together.”

“No need.” Lu Zixin said with a smile. “Today, please ask Cao Nan first.”

Cao Nan also said this, he said “Since you all said it, then let’s talk about it next time.”

She asked Xu Cheng : “Where are we going?”

“Linjiang Pavilion!” Xu Cheng hated it, obviously he wanted to ask Su Zhirong, but now It became Cao Nan.

“Wow, Linjiang Pavilion, I have heard about it there, I have never been there to eat!” Cao Nan surprised. Linjiang Pavilion is a famous high-end restaurant near Jiangcheng University, and its consumption is not low.

“Is it too expensive?” Cao Nan asked. “And there is still a little bit.”

“Nothing, I have a car, I will send you, I will treat you, you don’t have to worry about your problems!” Xu Cheng said in Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong showed his strength in front of him.

“Well, then I have to go to the dormitory first, but also to get something.” Cao Nan said, Su Zhirong also said: “Me too.”

“Then go first, I am waiting for you.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“I am going to drive.” Xu Cheng said.

Cao Nan was happy to take Su Zhirong away, and Xu Cheng did not go directly to drive, but with Lu Zixin still stayed in the classroom.

“Lu Zixin, huh, huh.” Xu Cheng sneered, “You are very interesting!”

“What do you have to do, are you busy?” he asked.

“How do you know?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Don’t talk to me!” Xu Cheng voice cooled down. “We don’t say whispers, I am looking at Su Zhirong, I want to chase her. What do you want to do with this?”

“You said you, a small staff, fight with me? Are you qualified?”

“Yes.” Lu Zixin showed a smile and asked: “Who is giving you confidence, your aunt?”

“Confidence? My Confidence does not need to give, but it is you, the face is very thick!” Xu Cheng said in a contemptuous tone, “You are not a student, there are some reasons you should understand.”

“Some people can not be compared, whether it is social status, or Personal wealth, personal charm.” When he spoke, shaking the Rolex watch on his hand, the meaning is self-evident.

“If you have to compare this…” Lu Zixin said seriously, “You should not be my opponent.”

“Funny!” Xu Cheng said coldly. ” To tell the truth, I didn’t even put you in my eyes. Just I picked up the girl. When you have been blending, I am annoying.”

“I advise you to still know each other. Since you are mixing in the game electronics, you should know the strength of Tiancheng. If you want to find a good job, I can still Help you. If you want to compete with me, I will not be merciful !”

“Ha ha ha!” Lu Zixin smiled and said: “I really want to know, how do you have a method of unrelenting.”

Xu Cheng brow wrinkles Get up, shouted: “Ignorance!”

“Okay, I don’t want to talk to you more, Su Zhirong is still waiting for me.” Lu Zixin went to the door of the classroom and said: “I don’t care what you want, but what do you want to do, Especially for things about me or Su Zhirong, it is best to measure the amount.”

“To do this, do it yourself.”

Lu Zixin finished, went straight. Xu Cheng face was pulled down, and this kid is really planning to compete with him!

“Just by you?” Xu Cheng disdain, he does not believe that Lu Zixin can compete with him by a little smart.

Thinking of this, he called. “Hey, Old Gao, help me check, our corporate management training class, that is called Lu Zixin, what is it?”

“Okay, I know.” Gao Song voice rang in the phone.

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