BTC Chapter 513 : Hong Xiaoxiao Request

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“Emergency applications to major blood banks and organ banks have been sent, but they are basically out of stock. The blood banks and organ inventories across the country are in a state of constant urgency.” Hong Xiaoxiao made a long list of all blood types and organs, which are urgently needed.

This problem is not only faced by Red Letter International Hospital, but is faced by all hospitals in the world.

The general solution is to call on volunteers to donate blood and organs, but this is far in short supply. Lu Zixin has been paying attention to this problem and wanted to find a relatively perfect solution.

A few days later, the first death occurred in Red Letter International Hospital!

Deaths in the hospital are a common occurrence. Not all diseases can be treated. Such place is not a hospital, but a temple.

But, this case pushed Red Letter International Hospital to the forefront of public opinion. The death case this time is not caused by terminal illness that couldn’t be treated, but because of kidney failure without a matched kidney source, which delayed the optimal treatment period.

Normally, Red Letter International Hospital is not to blame for this kind of thing, because the patient has passed the optimal treatment period before being transferred. As for the matching kidney source, Red Letter International Hospital couldn’t change it either.

However, due to the high expectations of public on Red Letter International Hospital, and this is the first death case, it naturally attracted a lot of attention.

The media, like the wild wolves who smelled the blood, came over and licked their flesh.

Today’s focus: “The first death in Red Letter International Hospital!”

News hotspot: “There are deaths in Red Letter International Hospital! Does the world’s number one medical institution over-reputed?”

New wolf hot search: “Death case at Red Letter International Hospital”.

Knowing hot list: “Is there a death in Red Letter International Hospital? Does it mean there are some problems in Red Letter International Hospital?”

Tencent Aspect: “Deaths at Hongxin International Hospital.”


Most of the media are mostly headline parties. Some people who did not know the truth saw the death at Red Letter International Hospital and thought there’s a problem with the cancer treatment drugs. They immediately began to complain.

“I know cancer is not that easy to treat!”

“There’s still a problem, right? It’s just over a month, cool!”

“It turned out to be bragging before!”

Some people call bad. Naturally, some people debate: “A group of wise people! Didn’t see death cases as kidney failure? Which hospital is not dead?”

“I looked at it carefully. I really can’t blame them. There’s no matching kidney source and they can’t do anything.”

“Is the homework finished or overtime? A group of idle and boring people are beeping here.”

“It’s not cancer, it’s good.”

Others talk about the problem of organ resources, messy, no matter what they say. They can’t solve the problem of insufficient blood bank resources and organ pool resources.

Red Letter International Hospital also issued a statement condemning the rumors, and at the same time stated they will do their best to solve this problem that plagues the medical community.


“Can it really be solved?” Ji Peng, the dean of Red Letter International Hospital, asked himself, then shook his head and sighed: “At present, this is an unsolvable problem.”

“President Lu, our hospital just established. Our blood bank and organ pool resources still very limited. Now we can only accept patients selectively. Those who require organ transplantation or large amounts of blood transfusion can’t be accepted. Although it will affect the hospital’s reputation to some extent. But this is also a way out.”

Lu Zixin brows slightly wrinkle, the signature of Red Letter International Hospital is the best medical institution in the world. The so-called world’s best medical institutions, even the blood and organ stocks are not, it’s really a joke.

Moreover, he opened the hospital not to make money. If you just want to make money, just sell cancer-inhibiting drugs directly at high prices, you can make a lot of money. It’s his goal to solve the human disease problem and make Red Letter International Hospital a leader in future medical technology.

“How about the other cases?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Some patients who can be transferred have already moved to other hospitals. But there are still some patients who can only be hospitalized in the hospital.” said Ji Peng.

Some patients reluctant to transfer because they know. Even if they go to other hospitals, they still face problems with lack of blood or matching organs, so it’s better to be hospitalized here.

“Xiaoxiao, do you have any solutions?” Lu Zixin asked the little girl.

Hong Xiaoxiao said: “Dad, I can only make a conditional screening on the admission application and reject some patients. However, the condition of the patients in the hospital is constantly changing. Some need further treatment or when the condition deteriorates, they needed medical treatment. These resources are beyond my prediction.”

Quantum brain intelligence is based on big data analysis, but it can’t predict the future. The changes in the human body are far from being predictable by computers. Every minute, every second, the situation of patients in this hospital is undergoing unpredictable changes.

Lu Zixin  also felt a bit of a headache. He didn’t know much about biotechnology. It was really difficult to come up with a solution for a while.

Hong Xiaoxiao image projected in front of Lu Zixin and said with a sincere face: “Dad, I have a new friend, but she also got a serious illness. Can you help her?”

“Well? Who?” Lu Zixin said curiously, a person who can become friends with artificial intelligence, is really rare. Hong Xiaoxiao is in the online world every day, but most of them are just a collection of data and cybersecurity monitors, and there are very few humans that make her interested.

“It’s her, a patient at Red Letter International Hospital.” Hong Xiaoxiao projected a scene, which is a scene in Red Letter International Hospital.

On the bed, a small figure lay on it and was chatting with the virtual nurse in the hospital. These virtual nurses are intelligent programs that can easily identify some disease problems and provide care for patients.

The image zoomed in and Lu Zixin saw it. It was a four or five-year-old girl with a small body and a thin face. It looks like a delicate flower, it will fades when it was touches.

Although she is a sick person, her eyes are extraordinarily full of curiosity and innocence.

“Sister nurse, are you not tired?” The little girl asked the virtual nurse.

Virtual nurse said with a slight smile : “No, I am a smart program, I will not feel tired.”

The little girl said curiously: “Then why I feel tired, sometimes I feel so hurt!”

The virtual nurse said: “Because you are sick, your body is weak. When your illness is good, you will not be like this.”

The little girl sighed regretfully and said, “I want to get better soon, so that mom and dad won’t be so sad.”

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