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He thought for a while and said, “I think about it again, and say it in a few days.”

Such a big thing, he will not be able to decide for a while, and if he is agreeing, he has to ask other shareholders’ opinions, because Red Letter will definitely dilute their share of shares.

Su Shi thought for a long time, it seems that Su Zhirong said it makes sense. Until the middle of the night, he was thinking about this issue.

Ye Rui asked: “You don’t sleep so late, what do you think?”

Su Shi said things to his wife simply, Ye Rui said with a smile: “You, it is a confused brain. Let us first look at the objective point of view, if Red Letter is a good thing or a bad thing?”

“Of course it’s a good thing!” Su Shi said. “The capital and resources of  Red Letter are all we need. Now, thunderstorm appliances are less than enough. They can only compete with those low-end brands and have low profits.“

“If you can enter the high-end smart home field, then there is a future. Unfortunately, no capital will invest in us? They all invest in those big brands.”

Ye Rui said with a smile : “The objective angle you have analyzed, I will help you analyze it from a subjective perspective.”

“You want to develop smart home, right?”

“Yeah.” Su Shi nodded.

“Then, the other shareholders of the company feel that they have invested more in R&D and there is no obvious visible return. So they want to continue to maintain the current state, which is different from your business philosophy, but you can’t convince them.”

“If Red Letter is in your company, you have the right to speak. You think about it, who made the decision in the company at that time? Lu Zixin is your son-in-law, and his business philosophy is the same as you. At that time, the company is not you. If you have the final say, those shareholders will no longer affect you.”

“Oh… it makes sense!” Su Shi reacted.

“So, this is not simple, objective and subjective are beneficial, what do you want to do so much? This event has become a success! Are you afraid that you are not kidding with you?” Ye Rui said.

“Yeah, my mind just turned a corner!” Su Shi figured up a little, said with a smile: “It’s still my wife’s understanding.”

“Okay, sleep, something else, think again tomorrow.”


Su Shi agreed with Lu Zixin’s proposal, and then he went to persuade the company’s other shareholders.

In addition to the loose stocks, Thunderstorm Appliances has a total of nine shareholders holding more than 5%. These eleven people are all management of the company, of which three percent of the three are the Su Shi who owns 12.3%, and the other vice-general of the company, Cai Yun, who holds 14.5% of the shares.

The remaining largest shareholder, Nie Guanglin, the current CEO of Thunderstorm Appliances, holds 18% of the shares.

Basically, as long as the three of them, or the majority of the nine, agree to a decision, then this matter is fixed.

Su Shi’s work has always been vigorous. When he can’t wait for the New Year, he will find Cai Yun and Nie Guanglin.

Nie Guanglin has been more than 50 this year, and is ten years older than Su Shi. At the beginning, he, Su Shi and Cai Yun three started a business together in Jiangcheng, and then stood on shanghai.

In the office, Nie Guanglin reluctantly said: “Old Su, now big New Year’s, people are very busy. You call us, what is the important thing?”

Cai Yun speculated: “Isn’t that your smart speaker?”

“Hey, this is not to mention!” Nie Guanglin said, “Everyone has talked about it in the meeting before. This investment is not directly proportional to the return. The project must be cut, and it is useless to tell us.”

However, this time, Su Shi did not show the disappointment as before, but said: “No, the smart speaker is already done.”

“Do you do it?” the two were surprised.

“You can come and experience it.” Su Shi took the two people to the experimental room of the smart home, let them experience the function of the latest version of the smart speaker.

The two suddenly showed a happy color and said: “Great, our smart speakers are better than the East’s ding-dong speakers and Tmall spirits.”

“This project has not been lose invested, Old Su, congratulations, you have succeeded in research and development!”

Nie Guanglin is said with a smile: “Now the company has another home appliance product, this is your credit! After the meeting, I will announce this to the whole company!”

“This is actually not only the products of our company.” Su Shi’s words made the two doubts.

“What do you mean?”

“This latest smart speaker, the voice interaction system, is improved by Red Letter. There are some important high-Science and Technology sensors from Red Letter.” Su Shi explained that to the two people.

“Red Letter? How does this relate to Red Letter? Our company has not cooperated with them?”

Su Shi simply explained it and said: “Red Letter Company wants to invest in us to jointly develop the smart home field.”

“Investing is welcome, but they want to be the biggest shareholder…” Nie Guanglin frowned. “Is this not for us to give the company business?”

Su Shi explained: “The main business, they will not intervene for the time being. But in the business direction, they will ask to go to the smart home field. They have investment and technical strength, we do not suffer!”

Cai Yun slightly thought about it and nodded: “On the surface, it does not suffer, and even accounts for a big deal!”

“But I am afraid that the business philosophy of Red Letter is different from ours, and the management and business methods are re-arranged.”

Su Shi said: “Our company has not had any performance growth for a few years, maybe it is a change.”

Nie Guanglin did not express his opinion, and he was very clear in his heart. If Red Letter invests in Thunderstorm Appliances, the stocks in the hands of each of their shareholders will become more valuable. Companies may also get better development opportunities.

But the most important point is that the company will be separated from his control and will be included in the Red Letter Group. He can’t bear to part this CEO  position. Although he is not the leader of any organization, he can enjoy the thrill of some status as the highest level of a company.

“Old Cai, what do you think?” Nie Guanglin asked Cai Yun.

In fact, Cai Yun is very happy in his heart. No matter who controls the overall situation, he can uses it. And his net worth will rise.

Therefore, Cai Yun’s euphemism said: “I think I can talk to Red Letter, but the conditions must be studied again.”

“I have to consider this matter.” said Nie Guanglin. “When the year is over, discuss it again.”

Nie Guanglin was unable to make a decision at the moment, and the same was true for other shareholders. That kind of pure investor, naturally hopes that Red Letter will enter the game. However, if it is in the management of Thunderstorm Appliances, there is some hesitation. If the red letter enters the main company, its position will change, so they are waiting to see each other and discussing it with each other.

Su Shi also told Lu Zixin about this situation, Lu Zixin said with a smile: “It’s not easy, give them a few days, they can make a decision.”

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