BTC Chapter 533 : The Lucky One

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“Yeah, I think too.” The colleague next to him raised his brow and tried to remember.

Several female colleagues curiously asked: “Really? Who is it?”

“Let me think about it… Before I let a few friends forward the ‘big white guardian’, one of them is…!” The colleague suddenly widened his eyes and looked at the colleague next to him. At the same time, he said loudly: “It’s Gao Xiaokang!”

“Gao Xiaokang?” Several female colleagues are also curious, “Really?”

“Not sure, his Phantom account seems to be Boiling Water? Maybe he remembered it wrong, maybe it is the same name?” One male colleague is not convinced that lucky person who won the lucky prize is the ordinary hanging silk colleague Gao Xiaokang next to him!

“Oh my god! If it’s him, it would be very lucky!” A female colleague covered her mouth in surprise, “Are you sure?”

“This… can’t we just ask him directly?” said the male colleague.

These few people didn’t want to eat anymore, and hurried back to the office, wanting to ask Gao Xiaokang about this matter.

In the office, Gao Xiaokang is still busy. Suddenly, the shouts of several colleagues rang from outside the office, “Gao Xiaokang, Gao Xiaokang!”

“What?” Gao Xiaokang stood up and looked out the door curiously, “Is there something so urgent? Look, how tired are you?”

“Quickly, are you hiding anything from us?” asked the male colleague who ran over first.

“Ah?” Gao Xiaokang stunned, “No!”

“Is there any? There must be!” Another person rushed over. His rushing expression made Gao Xiaokang a little guilty. He struggled for a while and said:” Well, I admit, I ate your biscuits last time.”

“Not this!” one of his colleague anxiously said, “What is your phantom account?”

“Phantom account?” Gao Xiaokang wondered, “Boiling water, why do you ask this?”

“Boiled water! Are you a boiling water?” Two male colleagues suddenly rushed over and pulled his arm.

“Damn, what happened to you?” Gao Xiaokang was confused by their actions. “What happened to my Phantom account?”

“Ah! You are really a boiled water!” The slower female colleague running behind screamed excitedly. “Gao Xiaokang is boiling water!”

“Yeah, what happened? Can’t you tall me first?” Gao Xiaokang asked.

“Still pretending? Can you really pretend?” said a colleague. “You won’t say anything when you won the big prize. It’s too low-key!”

“What did I win?” Gao Xiaokang was still ignorant, “I didn’t buy lottery ticket!”

“Phantom account! Big white guardian, are you not?” the colleague shouted.

“Big White Guardian? Me?” Gao Xiaokang took out his mobile phone and suddenly found that there were more prompts. It is the official notice from phantom virtual social platform. “Dear phantom user’s ‘Boiling Water’, congratulations on your participation in ‘Big White Guardian’ event. You are selected to become the luckiest user in the world…”

“Damn!” Gao Xiaokang eyes widened when he saw the news, “Is this true? Isn’t it your prank?”

“It really is him !” The colleague screamed when he saw the message prompt, “Oh my God, Gao Xiaokang, you are going to develop!”

“Good luck! The odds of one in millions are drawn! I am envious to death. Ah!”

“The Big White Guardian is actually in our company!”

Gao Xiaokang saw their enviable and surprised expressions, it didn’t look like a disguise at all. If this is a disguise, these colleagues might win the Oscar actor!

“Is it true? Really?” Gao Xiaokang kept asking himself. He was not prepared for such a big surprise, but he was extremely expecting in his heart. This is not a joke, but a reality!

Therefore, Gao Xiaokang immediately boarded his phantom account and found that there’s also a lottery winning message in it. Moreover, it was posted on the first page of the homepage! With oversized fonts and virtual images. Congratulations and rewards. His mobile phone number is even marked on it, it’s exactly the same!

Gao Xiaokang watched it three times, and he repeatedly confirmed every character.

Three seconds later, an earth-shattering shout came from the office, “Ah!”

“Hahahaha! I won the prize! I won the prize!” Gao Xiaokang laughed and jumped, overflowing with joy!

“You won the prize!” The colleagues looked at him enviously, wishing that person was himself.

“Gao Xiaokang,  are you crazy? What’s your name in the company?” it alarmed the leader, so the leader walked out of his office and shouted.

Gao Xiaokang calmed down a bit, but before he had time to explain, the female colleague automatically acted as a megaphone and shouted: “Manager Bai, Gao Xiaokang has won the prize! It is the Red Letter official event,’Big White Guardian’, Boiling Water is him!”

“What? Gao Xiaokang is boiling water!” Obviously, the leader also saw the news and looked at Gao Xiaokang in shock.

“Good boy, your luck is against the sky!” Now, he no longer thought to blame Gao Xiaokang, but countless thoughts surged. Now that the employees of the company have won this award, maybe the company can also use it to make a wave of advertisements. The advertising effect is tens of millions, even hundred millions!

“Gao Xiaokang, congratulations!” The leader also congratulated him, and it made Gao Xiaokang, who had always had a low sense of existence, be flattered.

However, this is just the beginning. Soon, the official contact information of Red Letter will come. Then, there will be various media, various platforms, companies, and Gao Xiaokang various contact methods have exploded!

On the Phantom platform, there are more than ten thousand people wanted to add him as a friend, and those who followed him exceeded a million in half a day!

Throughout the day, Gao Xiaokang never stopped talking because he kept talking on the phone. The nearest media has even rushed to the company to interview him on the spot.

The boss and colleagues also gave him the office in a grand manner, and even temporarily served him as a brokerage team. The price is that Gao Xiaokang has to promise to help the company publicize, even the boss personally gives him a bonus, as a contribution to the “Big White Guardian”!

Gao Xiaokang never thought that one day, his ordinary life would change because of a lucky draw! Those who usually ignore him, pay attention to him one by one.

Those opposite sexes who see him coldly had such an enthusiastic and proactive side!

It turns out that he, who has a very low sense of existence, can also become the star that shines in the crowd. Wherever he goes, businesses ask for money to promote or take photos with “fans”. This kind of life has really come true!

For all this, he must thank Red Letter Group. Gao Xiaokang is not a person who is very easy to swell. He knows that these changes come from Red Letter, so after becoming the “Big White Guardian”. He immediately signed with Red Letter virtual mutual entertainment and became a “virtual platform internet celebrity.” and for his own business value.

This wave of operations not only made the “Boiled Water” popular, but also made Red Letter Group, robots and Phantom platform another big hit, with steady profits.

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