BTC Chapter 127 : Exemption

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Now, Ishikawa has to be anxious. He said: “Hurry to contact Red Letter, indicating that our company is willing to cooperate. If we can jointly develop new batteries, we are willing to pay them the corresponding fees!”

Now he doesn’t think about making money from Red Letter, but just getting cooperation and keeping Headquarters satisfied and keeping his position.

In order to express “sincerity”, Ishikawa also personally called Tang Gang.

“Manager Tang, hello, I am Ishikawa of Fujitsu battery.”

“Mr. Ishikawa, do you have anything?” Tang Gang asked.

“This is the case. Last time our cooperation was not achieved. We have reconsidered that there are indeed some unreasonable places in some regulations. I will apologize to your company first.” Ishikawa said in a sigh of words.

“Oh, this is a business act, I can understand.” Tang Gang is indifferent, but his heart is dark. This brat was still arrogant before, but now he actually took the initiative to apologize, now know it is wrong?

“This is the case, our company is still very willing to cooperate with Red Letter. Especially in the research and development of new batteries, we have many years of technical experience and complete equipment. You see, in this regard, whether our two companies can Cooperation?”

After saying this, Ishikawa also felt that it was not enough. He added: “This does not require you to invest a penny. We are willing to invest and develop together with you! With our experience, equipment and technology, we can definitely achieve a win-win situation!”

Tang Gang’s heart is shameless and he still look at their new battery technology. He said directly: “Sorry, no interest.”

“Manager Tang, the specific matters can be negotiated again! When do you see when you have time, I will visit your company?”

“There is no time in the past, there is nothing else I hang up.” Tang Gang finished, did not give him a chance to say a word, hung up the phone.

“Damn!” Ishikawa’s sigh of direct slamming the phone on the ground. “This Tang Gang, no face is given! Does he think that we can’t develop a lithium-air battery?”

Nishimura saw that he was angry, and expression was very calm, saying: “I can’t develop it in a short time.”

“I want to write a report to Headquarters and explain the red letter to them. Nishimura, you have to help me, this is really not my fault!” Ishikawa said.

“Yeah.” Nishimura nodded, but his eyes flashed a bit of sarcasm.

Two days later, Ishikawa’s office. Nishimura hits the door and says, “Ishikawa-kun, the instructions of Headquarters have been sent.”

Ishikawa Zhuo hurriedly asked: “How do you say about Headquarters?”

Nishimura said without expression: “Headquarters believes that you have problems with company transactions. Let you go to Headquarters immediately.”

“Immediately? Then my job…”

Ishikawa has not finished yet, and Nishimura said: “The work of the branch is handled by me for the time being. You don’t have to worry about Ishikawa.”

“You?” Ishikawa is a sneak peek, and reacts randomly! His position was withdrawn, and the one who took over him was Nishimura.

“Nishimura!” Ishikawa Zhuo looked at him with cold eyes, with some resentment. Then Nishimura was not convinced that he was originally sent by Headquarters, and Headquarters trusted him more.


When the outside world changed due to the battery technology of Red Letter, Lu Zixin took a moment to meet with Senior Sister Xue Yao.

“The big president, you are really busy enough, and your house doesn’t care.” When they met, Xue Yao spoke first.

Lu Zixin invested in a high-end residential area in He County along with Baijia Real Estate. However, Lu Zixin has never cared about this project. He did not ask about the architectural style, area, supporting buildings and decoration of his own home.

The person in charge of these red letters was also inaccurate. I was afraid that the house manager who was built was not satisfied, so I suggested that Xue Yao personally ask him.

The two met in a coffee shop. Xue Yao wore a casual black T-shirt with black and white stripes to bring out the slender waist. In the chest part, the deformed lines formed a curve and looked very realistic.

The lower body is denim shorts, revealing long legs that are eye-catching.

She seems to have been dressed up today, with elegant makeup, long eyelashes, and rose-red lipstick filled with seductive scent. Long hair is supple and radiant.

“Of course I care, isn’t this coming?” Lu Zixin said.

Xue Yao looked at Lu Zixin. He wore a dark casual dress. Although he didn’t wear tight-fitting tight clothes, his body was not bad.

As for the temperament of the look, it is more and more calm and deeper than before. Perhaps it is the psychological effect brought about by the difference in identity? Xue Yao thought to herself, in any case, she always felt that Lu Zixin was more masculine.

“No, I know you don’t have time to think about it. I brought a few design solutions today. The designers of our company are almost annoyed by me. This is a first-class single-family building. Not to mention He County, that is. In the first-tier cities, they are top-notch homes!”

Xue Yao took out a few designs from her bag and handed it to Lu Zixin.

“Single villa, living room, swimming pool, garden… so big, I know the habits that my parents can’t live.” Lu Zixin casually looked down and said with emotion.

“I am used to living in, what one do you like? I will finalize it for you, or you can ask for some requirements, we will redesign.” Xue Yao said.

“Are you asking my parents?” Lu Zixin asked.

“After asking, uncle and aunt think it will do, mainly to see you.” Xue Yao nodded.

“Okay, don’t bother too much trouble, then this one.” Lu Zixin chose one of the very modern villa designs.

“When it is time to decorate, follow-up questions, please come to you.”

“Of course, these are all on me.” Xue Yao nodded.

In fact, Lu Zixin wants to build a residence like Iron Man’s seaside villa or Batman’s Bat Cave, which is full of high-quality Science and Technology. He has all kinds of intelligent equipment, has an artificial intelligence butler, and wants to drive or when he wants to fly. As far as the plane is concerned, it is very comfortable.

However, the technology is not enough now, he will first let go of this idea.

When he have a cup of coffee, the house matter is finished. Xue Yao said: “I really envy you, such a big house, if I study for a few years, I will feel that it is not enough. You actually decided to look at it, and it really has money and willfulness!”

“I trust you, I have to review it for at least three times!” Lu Zixin said, and Xue Yao smiled and said: “I really thank you for your trust.”

The two chatted for a while, Xue Yao asked: “You are not in a hurry today? I have to say that I want to invite you to dinner, right today?”

“Not so polite.”

“That is different, today is my birthday, I just want to ask some friends. Even with you, just save a meal.” Xue Yao said jokingly.

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