BTC Chapter 126 : Statement

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“Oh, there is still this relationship.” Lu Zixin smiled. “They are scared!”

Su Zhirong nodded: “When the lithium-air battery technology is mature, the first to suffer is the battery manufacturers.”

“It’s the impact that hits them!” Lu Zixin said. “How much did they earn by relying on technology leadership? When our battery factory developed, let them taste it.”

After a few days, the turmoil of the lithium-air battery, because of the statement of experts such as Masaki, the heat has passed, and everyone basically thinks it is hype.

Under the official media of Red Letter, users are still complaining.

“HX1 battery life is really not good, can you use the new battery?”

“When next batch of mobile phones will be sold? The last time I sold my meal, I was robbed!”

“Four times performance, really? I have to charge the phone twice a day, and the trouble is dead!”

“It’s really disgusting to hype. If you don’t have anything, don’t come out and say it? It’s still ridiculed by Japan people!”


There are a lot of questions on the Internet. The Red Letter Official has not yet responded, and some people have helped them to reply.

Jiangcheng University, Professor Luo Hanshan and other professors developed the preliminary results, then wrote the Science and Technology paper, published in the journal Science and Technology.

Not only that, but the breakthrough of a new energy technology will also attract the attention of relevant national institutions.

After they researched lithium-air batteries, the National Academy of Sciences attached great importance to this and sent a special scientific research team to conduct a review.

Only a few days later,National Academy of Sciences of China official account conveniently released the latest news: “The lithium-air battery jointly developed by Red Letter and Jiangcheng University has reached the practical stage and is sufficiently commercialized by the National Academy of Sciences.”

“The breakthrough of this technology has made a great contribution to the development of new energy technologies in China…”

The news published by the National Academy of Sciences also boarded the “News Network” on the night and the People’s Daily on the second day.

If the company can make some exaggerated things for commercial hype, then the National Academy of Sciences can not make a joke? Their conclusion, that is quite authoritative!

The lithium-air battery technology, which was still widely questioned, became a new technology that everyone called out overnight.

The People’s Daily also wrote a special report for this purpose.

As mentioned above: “Some experts, scientists and institutions abroad believe that it is impossible for Chinese companies to reach their level or even say more than ten years! But it turns out that China’s Science and Technology companies also hold high Science and Technology technology. , also has the ability to develop new technologies!”

Under the column of the news network, netizens are also applauding.

“Well, what kind of expert in the Japan country is a mental retardation. I can’t study it myself, but I can’t blame the red letter!”

“This battery is so bullish, when can I use my little eDonkey?”

“Sounds like a high-end look!”

“The media is too shameful now. I was still talking about other people’s hype yesterday. Today is another brain blow!”

Several mainstream news media have also reported this incident, and many netizens ran to the official website of Red Letter to ask.

“There is a new battery! When will it be launched?”

“Red Letter is really a fork, and a black Science and Technology!”

“See the report of National Academy of Sciences, like it!”

“So many years, finally there is new battery technology!”

“Speak silently, will this battery explode? Four times higher performance, will the power of the explosion be four times higher?”

The official letter of Red Letter also specifically replied to him, saying: “The new lithium-air battery has a safe structure and does not have to worry about safety.”

In addition to netizens, the industry asked more. The company hotline of Red Letter is about to burst. Companies with new energy companies, the mobile phone industry, the computer industry, and even electric vehicles, electric cars, and batteries are asking about this.

If they can work with Red Letter to get this leading product, it will definitely make a difference.

Even Tian Xiangshan personally called Lu Zixin and asked about this.

“General Tian, the situation is similar to the report, commercial is ok. But not so exaggerated, we are still renovating the factory and conducting experimental production.” Lu Zixin said.

Tian Xiangshan said with emotion: “You have really made a big news. We have been trying to improve the battery performance. There is no progress. Your red letter came up later and overtaken it directly!”

“When your battery come out, do I have the opportunity to cooperate?”

“There is a chance.” Lu Zixin did not veto, the new battery is produced, it must be used first. Of course, you can also order other companies to produce a lower level battery for sale.

At that time, he could build a production supply chain system belonging to Red Letter with the battery factory as the core.

“That’s good, wait for your new battery to come out, we must cooperate!” Tian Xiangshan said quickly.

Rice has felt the pressure of competition, not to mention other brands. Immediately, Huawei passed the research and development project of a new type of battery, indicating that a new lithium-air battery should also be developed.

Several other companies have followed suit, not to mention foreign brands, while trying to find out the battery technology of Red Letter, and also set up a lithium air battery research and development project.

The most nervous thing about this is naturally the battery suppliers. Because of this, some new energy companies share prices have been affected, so regardless of research, these companies have issued a statement, will conduct research, and seek cooperation with Red Letter.

Fujitsu Battery, Huaxia Pengcheng Branch, Ishikawa Zhuo and others who heard the news were simply stupid.

“They really researched it? Hell!”

“If the technology is mature and large-scale commercial, then our business will definitely drop rapidly!” Ishikawa was anxious and asked Nishimura to say: “How do Japan headquarters say?”

Nishimura said that he had contacted the Japan company Headquarters and said: “Headquarters will let you take the initiative to contact Red Letter and strive for cooperation. Be sure to find some relevant technical information.”

Ishikawa is the vice president level and is responsible for the business of Huaxia branch. Last time he negotiated with Red Letter, he submitted a deliberation report. At the time, Headquarters didn’t say anything, but now that Red Letter’s new battery came out, Headquarters immediately became angry.

Originally, Red Letter took the initiative to ask for cooperation, and it was actually ruined by Ishikawa. Headquarters also issued a special order to Ishikawa to let him try his best to remedy it. If he is not doing well, his current position can’t be saved.

“Dr. Masaki did not say anything?” Ishikawa asked.

“Professor Masaki is being criticized by the Chinese media for his previous claims. In addition, he submitted an application for new energy research to the Industrial Technology Research Institute, but the institute asked us to add research funding.”

“He want to be research for a while, and certainly there is no result.” Nishimura said the truth.

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