BTC Chapter 404 : Richards second gear

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“”Rubber Man Second Gear”?” Reed Richards took out a paper book from the group space, full of doubts.

He did not take the lead in reading the book, but was thinking about what kind of space state the space was. “Is the group space a two-dimensional space, put the three-dimensional entity into the two-dimensional space, and then transmit it in some way.”

“This Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group is not only information, but also an entity. It is equivalent to a space-time transmission device…”

Reed Richards recorded his thoughts, which opened the “Rubber Man Second Gear” to read.

Just looking at a review, Reed Richards’s eyebrows rose. “Is there another way to fight?”

He went on, describing: “Rubbers can use the muscles of the legs as a biological pump to pump up the body, speed up blood flow, strengthen the body. In a short period of time, the body’s speed, strength, toughness and other aspects will be improved and will greatly enhance their combat strength!”

It is also mentioned that this method can only be used by rubber people, because when the blood flow is accelerated, it will bring great pressure to the blood vessels and body organs, ordinary people can’t afford it, only rubber people with more flexible cells can do it!

“It’s a whimsy!” Reed Richards exclaimed himself.

After his body was mutated into a rubber man by cosmic ray radiation, he did scientific research on his blood, bones and all aspects, and got a lot of data and conclusions. Such as extreme extension length, high temperature resistance, expansion index, cell recovery ability and so on.

But he never thought about developing the ability in the body to improve the way he fights, perhaps because he is not a soldier in his bones, but a scientist.

“Susan! Come on, I found something good!” Reed Richards turned on the communication device and shouted.

Soon, a confused female voice rang in his ear: “Dear, what happened? Have you observed anything?”

Reed Richards looked back and saw no one. When the sound stopped, only a figure of a blonde girl wearing a space suit appeared.

This is his assistant and girlfriend, Susan Storm, one of the members of Fantastic Four, with the ability to invisibly and control the field.

“No, no, no observation, I got a great gift. A new friend who gave me a message, you see!” Reid Richards handed the “Rubber Man Second Gear” to her.

Susan opened it and immediately shook her head: “Which madman came up with this? If the blood flow is too fast, the blood vessels will explode!”

“I want to try, my blood vessels can be tougher than the average person!” Reed Richards exclaimed. “I can’t wait to do this experiment. If the above is true, the next time I am in danger, there is enough power to protect you!”

“Contact the ground, ready to return!”

Twelve hours later, Reed Richards and his girlfriend Susan returned to the ground smoothly.

They prepared the test and emergency medical equipment and went to a no-man’s land for a second-grade test.

“Scientists are mad, actually dare to take their own body to do experiments. If your whole body blood vessels burst, the instrument may not be able to help you!” On the side, one of Fantastic Four Johnny embraced his chest and said.

“Begin, I am not coming to accompany you to the sun.” Stone man Ben Grimm gently squeezed the soda can into a tin. His body is covered with orange stones, like the exoskeleton of a creature, with great strength and resistance to attack.

“Dear, be careful, don’t support it, don’t force it.” Susan said with concern. “I will protect you with a position.”

“Well, I will be careful.” Reed Richards nodded cautiously and began to open “second gear state” according to the tutorial in “Rubber Man Second Gear”.

“Breathing, breathing faster!” Susan counseled, “Compress the air to the legs and compress it with the muscles of the legs, like a power pump!”

Reed Richards did as he did, and his breathing rate increased dramatically. In order to increase the amount of gas exchange, he even breathed his mouth wide and breathed.

Johnny was on the side with a smile: “Oh, Sister, the person who came up with this mischief is really talented. The genius Richards was made into a clown!”

“Don’t talk!” Susan glanced at him and continued to coach Richards.

Reed Richards is still trying to open the second gear state. His leg muscles are compressed and bounced like an air pump, accelerating blood flow in the body.

“Heaven, it’s hot!” Reed Richards couldn’t help but yell.

“Well?” The stone man looked at the large watch and said, “It’s been a minute!”

“Not yet, still have to work harder!” Reed Richards continued to work hard, his skin gradually became red, and steaming gas appeared on his body!

“Look at him like a roast crab!” Johnny took out his cell phone and took this scene. “The rubber man also had the idea of ​​self-immolation. I learned it.”

“No! Richards, stop!” Susan cried. “Your body temperature has risen by a dozen degrees, so you can’t stand it!”

“Not enough!” Reid Richards cried breathlessly. “My heartbeat is accelerating. My whole body is hot. I can feel that the energy in the cell is burning!”

Another minute passed, Reed Richards’s skin was as red as the stone man, and his breathing was relieved at this time, seemingly adapted to this frequency.

“How do you feel?” Susan asked.

“Good! Unprecedented feeling! I am full of strength, my adrenaline is secreting, my whole body is cheering!” Reed Richards said excitedly, “I can’t help but want  to vent, fight!”

“Ben, let’s compare!”

Ben took off his shirt and revealed the body full of hard stones. He said, “Say in advance, fight like a man, don’t entangle me with your body!”

“No, this time we have a tough guy’s duel!” Reed Richards said, punching a stone man.

The stone man blocked his punch and felt a huge force, made him back two steps!

This surprised him. In the Fantastic Four, he is the strongest power. But now, Richards can actually play such a huge force, it is a bad thing!

“I want to be serious!” The stone man screamed and slammed his fist at Richards.

“Come on! Try my second gear rubber fist!” Richards’s fist stretched backwards, and then used the contraction of elasticity and his own punching power to fight forward, with stone man’s hard confrontation.

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