MST Chapter 200 : Unlocking Heart Knot

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While Ye Guang speaking, Teacher Fan kept turning his head and looking at Ye Guang.

Seeing his gloomy face and floating eyes, an emotion called guilt seemed to spurt out of him and form a substance. Teacher Fan Zhijing suddenly yelled, “Bastard!”

Although Teacher Fan is lacking in strength due to his body. But the tone is severe.

Teacher Fan is obviously a little angry, “Is that what I taught you?”

Ye Guang stunned, and looked up at Teacher Fan.

Teacher Fan: “It seems that I have to give you a lesson! Come and sit down.”

Ye Guang quickly moved the stool forward and sat down in front of Teacher Fan’s bed like a student.

Teacher Fan: “How come you think so. I also heard from Qingwen the day before yesterday. Qingwen also read the Weibo you wrote to me. Tell me first, is the things you said false?”

Ye Guang shook his head quickly. “No, the sentence is true.”

Teacher Fan nodded, “Then you’re still arrogant. No one knows the whole thing better than you. The person who jumps on the river, regardless of life or death, has anything to do with you. This is his choice, his irresponsible behavior for his own life. What’s the relationship with you! If there is a car accident, should we blame the car maker? Is the car maker responsible for the accident? If someone eats fish and gets stuck in his throat, did we blame the fish? Should the fish seller responsible? Where is this truth? Although this is a little different, the truth is the same.”

“In this matter, you are just a consumer. In this matter, you’re just a consumer. You have done the right protection that you as a consumer legitimately and should do, just like making car and selling fish. They are all legitimate acts. He’s a black-hearted businessman. He’s investigated and sued for compensation. What does it matter to you?”

Ye Guang understands the truth, but understanding the truth and the burden in the heart are two different things.

Ye Guang: “But…”

Teacher Fan immediately interrupted him, “Nothing, I really don’t understand your guilt. You are tearing clothes and fighting in the mall. Although I don’t agree with the violence, I ask you, when you tear clothes and give your child a venting time. Are you guilty? Do you think you have done something wrong?”

Ye Guang shook his head, “No, I will still do it.”

Teacher Fan asked again, “When you are defending your rights through legitimate law, are you guilty? Do you think you did something wrong? ”

Ye Guang still shakes his head, “No.”

Teacher Fan said, “Since you don’t think you have done anything wrong, then jumping over the river has nothing to do with you. Why do you feel guilty? Little Ye, when doing things, first of all, we must not violate laws and morals and not be sorry to the people and country. Then ask your heart, what to do, whether to do it or not, you must have clear conscience!”

Ye Guang remained silent and didn’t speak.

Teacher Fan looked at him like this. sighed with a bit of hatred for iron and steel, “You kid, why are you so stubborn in your heart?”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly.

Teacher Fan: “Then I will ask you again, if I give you another chance, will you still vent for your child? Are you still going to defend your rights?”

After Teacher Fan asked this two questions. Ye Guang stunned, as if he was struck by lightning.

If there’s another chance, Yiyi is being bullied by the shop where Yiyi is still going, will he still choose to vent his anger for Yiyi? Will he still choose to defend his rights?

Ye Guang thought for a long time in silence, and Teacher Fan didn’t bother Ye Guang.

Teacher Fan knows Ye Guang is only a momentary confused. Like many people on the Internet who point their finger at Ye Guang, Ye Guang also aimed at himself. Maybe, there’s netizens here who accuse and criticize Ye Guang.

Finally, Ye Guang’s eyes regained focus, slowly stood up. Ye Guang bowed respectfully to Teacher Fan, “Teacher, thank you.”

Seeing Ye Guang’s eyes regained the same look they had when he came the day before yesterday, Teacher Fan knew that Ye Guang had figured it out and walked out, he laughed, “Don’t thank me, you just want to understand.”

Yes, Ye Guang wants to understand. If he is given another chance to come back again, Ye Guang thinks a many ways and behaviors that should have in the store at the time.

But after much deliberation, Ye Guang still felt that he would give Yiyi vent, and he would still choose to protect his rights through the law. As long as he chooses to defend his rights, then Boss Huang Jumping event isn’t accidental, but inevitable fact. In fact, it’s almost inevitable event when Giovanni shop hung up and sold clothes worth of 98,000 yuan with quality problems.

After Ye Guang understand. His thoughts became clear in an instant, and the whole person suddenly became bright, and all the gloom that had condensed on his face was gone.

Ye Guang is not a Virgin with a glass heart, he just got into the tip of the horns by himself.

Teacher Fan looked at Ye Guang with satisfaction, “Little Ye, teacher will say a sentence for you again. You are now big or small star, standing in the spotlight. You doing things in the future, don’t care about the outside view and vision. Otherwise, you will live very tired. If otherwise, the star is appropriate or not. . It is still the same sentence, as long as you don’t violate law and morality, not sorry to the people and country, with clear conscience, be worthy of your heart.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Teacher, I will remembered it. There’s one more thing I wanted to ask you, but I don’t need it now.”

Teacher Fan questioned, “What is it?”

Ye Guang smiled and shook his head, “It’s a multiple choice question, but don’t ask, I already know what to do, thank you Teacher Fan.”

Teacher Fan didn’t ask much, let go of this topic, and chatted with Ye Guang for a while.

Patient is prone to fatigue and sleepiness. Teacher Fan’s spirit isn’t in good spirits. Ye Guang helped him to lower the bed. Teacher Fan rested, and Ye Guang got up and left.

When Ye Guang went out, Fan Qingwen came in, she happened to hit Ye Guang with big impact. Ye Guang almost knocked her down. Fortunately, Ye Guang’s had quick eyes and hands, so he hugged Fan Qingwen.

Fan Qingwen eyes widened and her face blushed a little. Ye Guang looked down at her fair and beautiful face. Suddenly he found out, Sister Qingwen was pretty, but she couldn’t compare his wife, Liu Chiyan.

“Uh…” What’s this feeling on my hand? Ye Guang subconsciously squeezed and then quickly reacted. He quickly let go and took a step back. He looked embarrassed, “I’m sorry, Sister Qingwen, I didn’t mean it.”

Fan Qingwen’s face is blushing, her eyes are watery, “No…Nothing.” She said all right, but she turned her head and embarrassed to see Ye Guang.

Turning the topic, Fan Qingwen said, “Little Ye, are you leaving?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Yes. Teacher Fan is tired and just lie down. I should go back.”

“Oh.” Fan Qingwen sighed. She is embarrassed, when such an embarrassing thing happened just now, “Then, you be careful.” Well, it’s really a good thing.

Ye Guang smiled, staggered Fan Qingwen and went out quickly. Forgot to say goodbye, quite a bit like running away.

Fan Qingwen watched Ye Guang leave,looked at his appearance, closed the ward, smiled. She thought Teacher Fan was still in the ward, she quickly stopped her voice.

Teacher Fan just lie down, but he still hasn’t fallen asleep. He opened his eyes and sighed, “Oh, what a pity, what a pity.”

This sounded like nothing to say, and didn’t understand what Teacher Fan meant, what a pity, but Fan Qingwen stomped her feet in anger.

“Dad! What are you thinking about!”

Teacher Fan: “I didn’t say anything.”

Fan Qingwen: “You obviously thinking… huh!”

Fan Qingwen didn’t talk, but her face was redder.

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