BTC Chapter 405 : New Material Export Restrictions

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“Boom!” The air made a burst of loud noise, only to see the stone man lying on the ground, incredibly stared wide-eyed looking at Richards.

Just now that punch, he has used 50% strength, I thought it would be possible to stabilize Reed Richards attack, who expected the other party to play stronger than him, actually knocked him to the ground!

“OH, MY, GOD!” Susan screamed in her mouth. “Richards, you knocked down stone man by his fist! This state is really useful!”

The stone man was not willing, climb up and shouted: “I have not played my best! Come again!”

“Come on!” Reed Richards is also in a state of excitement for PK with stone man. In absolute power, the stone man is still stronger than him.

However, Reed Richards speed and anti-strike ability have also been improved. Without using other methods of combat and Science and Technology, the stone man can be suppressed!

“Too strong!” Johnny exclaimed, “It turns out that this second gear is true! Older sister, I also want to learn second gear!”

Susan gave him a blank eye. “You can’t learn!”

Richards continued the test and after ten minutes he felt very tired.

“I feel that the second-gear status is increasing with the combat power, and the physical energy consumption is also more. I can’t support it for too long now. Right, Susan, have the data just recorded?”

“Record, is comparing analysis.” Susan replied.

The people returned to the base and the comparison data came out.

“In the state where you opened second gear, the strength and speed… all of these values ​​have been significantly improved. The result of the body test is that it consumes too much energy. It only needs to be supplemented with organic nutrients and water to recover. There is no loss in your body.” Susan handed the test report to Reed Richards. “Congratulations, your experiment is successful!”

“The things group owner gave are true!” Reed Richards was so happy that he seemed to have come into contact with something that was incredible!


On the earth where Lu Zixin is located, this time is already the morning of the next day.

He opened his eyes, a quiet face was holding his arm and slumbering, and the bed was still lit with two messy stockings and a set of white nurse uniforms.

Su Zhirong was very tired, but Lu Zixin was still full of energy. He took out his mobile phone and boarded the group. He found that Reed Richards gave him a message.

It said : “I have successfully opened the second gear, and the combat effectiveness has improved a lot. I still have a problem. Since this is the second gear, is there still a third or fourth gear?”

“The wise man really thinks a lot!” Lu Zixin said in his heart, there are indeed three, four, and other combat methods, but this thing he will not, can’t teach!

He had to reply : “There is only two files at the moment, you can also develop new combat modes by yourself.”

He opened the company’s internal management system to see the progress of the project.

Last night, during the day on the other side of the ocean, the business representatives of Red Letter Group negotiated with American Superconductor Company in the United States, and the results were not satisfactory.

American Superconductor said it was very regrettable that it could not reach a cooperation. Because they received the news, the US Department of Commerce will issue a document listing a number of new materials that will be subject to export controls, including superconducting materials used to make superconducting quantum computers.

On the other side of Japan, although there is no superconducting material to restrict exports, they are expensive, and after testing, these materials are not very suitable for use on red letter superconducting quantum computer.

In this way, you still have to rely on your own way.

Lu Zixin thinks carefully about the new superconducting materials that Red Letter Group can naturally manufacture. But manufacturing and mass production in the laboratory are two concepts.

Commercial mass production must take into account the cost and industrial level of the new materials manufacturing industry. He sent a message to the assistant, let him collect the technology and industrial level of several large new material suppliers in China as soon as possible.


Three days later, US Department of Commerce officially announced a list of restrictions on the export of a number of new materials to China, which completely broke the way for Red Letter Group to purchase new superconducting materials in United States.

American Computer Association, Walter lit a cigarette and looked at the window, said with a smile: “According to our investigation, Red Letter Group could not find a second suitable supplier except Fujikura in Japan.”

“And Fujikura’s superconducting materials do not meet their production standards and are expensive. China domestic chemical and materials companies have not yet been able to manufacture this new superconducting material.”

“So you can rest assured that we still have time. Red Letter Group does not solve this problem, there is no way to produce quantum computers on a large scale!”

“That’s great!” Behind him, Plit said, “We have reached an agreement with Intel and Google to conduct technical exchanges and jointly develop a new commercial quantum computer. Together with our three major companies, we will be able to recover the situation!”

China, Red Letter Electronics Co., Ltd. Headquarters, Lu Zixin just read the material company information collected by the assistant.

“This Xinhe Chemical can be excluded. Zhonghua New Materials Co., Ltd. and Taiguang Magnetic Materials can be considered.” Lu Zixin explained to the assistant, “But remember that their superconducting materials do not meet our standards. If you want to become Our suppliers are required to receive cooperative R&D contracts. Otherwise, we would rather spend more time building new material plants.”

Lu Zixin still tends to co-develop, and Red Letter Group needs to operate too many projects. If you want to build your own products from raw materials to products, the cycle of that product will take years! And because it is not professional, it will cause more problems and make Red Letter Group become bloated.

“Okay, President, I will contact them immediately.” The assistant cleaned up the documents and left the office.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin asked: “Who can help improve this superconducting quantum material? Make it more suitable for commercial production.”

In the quantum computer data that Lu Zixin received before, the superconducting quantum materials were all in the laboratory version, which was not expected by the group members of his data, because they defaulted to the new material technology of Lu Zixin’s local ball.

In fact, in terms of new materials technology and development, the related industries are still a little worse.

The first response this time was Reed Richards, who had only been in the group for a few days. He set special attention to Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group and wanted to know more about this group, so he was the first person to see a question from Lu Zixin.

Reed Richards : “This is a small problem, give me a day, no, half a day, I will sort out the information and send it to you.”

Mr. L : “Then, thank you.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: deliberately take a step later.]”

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