BTC Chapter 361 : Going Home

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In this way, Xue Yao not only made a big splash at the reception, but also completed her goal. Lu Zixin’s appearance this time is of great significance. Presumably everyone will pay more attention to Red Letter Virtual Interactive Entertainment in the future.

On the same day, Lu Zixin and Xue Yao rested on the cruise ship, and Zhang Kaile specially arranged a private VIP room for them.

Open the window, there is a cool sea breeze blowing, outside is the sparkling sea and the lights of the ship.

Xue Yao also wore the blue-and-white porcelain cheongsam and leaned against the window. The breeze blew through her hair, and the moonlight was printed on her pupil. The room was full of retro Western lamps, and the dim light spilled on her, giving a sense of passing through in a trance

She is like the red face of Republic of China. In this vast world, she drifted with the tide, not knowing where to go.

Lu Zixin picked up two glasses of red wine and handed her a cup. The bright red liquid sways in the cup and then flows into the delicate red lips.

“Look.” Lu Zixin handed her a small box.

“This is, earrings?” Xue Yao took the small box and opened it. It turned out to be the previous pink diamond earrings, which was bought by Lu Zixin.

“You must be beautiful to wear it!” Lu Zixin said.

Xue Yao is delighted to wear it, the red diamonds are dazzling, the red goblets swing up the ripples, the red lips are fascinating…

Needless to say, the two have been difficult to distinguish.


The next day, Lu Zixin returned to Jiangcheng with Xue Yao.

Xue Yao began to work on her experience room project and approached Dayuan Real Estate. Lu Zixin, naturally, is staring at the Center for Quantum Computer Research to see the progress. By the way, in spare time and go home to see parents.

In He County, the villa area developed by Lu Zixin and Baijia Real Estate has already been built and sold.

This area is currently the best residential area in the county. Anyone who can live here, in the eyes of the people in He County, is a “rich man”.

Lu Zixin home, also renovated and built the best. Fully intelligent device, plus security system. In addition to the security of the community, Lu Zixin has special private security guards, babysitters and so on.

At this time, Lu Zixin’s family was busy, and several relatives and friends were having dinner at his house.

Today is the weekend, because Lu Zixin told his mother to go home in advance, his mother told his dad that his father said it casually, and as a result, relatives and friends came to visit the big boss.

Now Lu Zixin’s close friends and relatives probably know his identity, and they all see him as a god. Fortunately, Lu Yue repeatedly stressed that it is impossible to promote everywhere, otherwise they have already begun to use Lu Zixin to compare.

Now among all the relatives and friends, Lu Yue speaks with a single word, just like “big family parents”. What happened to everyone, and what contradictions have arisen, please ask Lu’s father to decide!

In the living room, several relatives are chatting.

Three Aunt asked Lu Mother: “When is your family Xin’er arrive?”

“He said that today, he did not say a few points.” Shen Man shook her head.

“Then there must be some time to drive?” asked the aunt.

“He is coming by his own plane, so he is not sure,” Shen Man replied.

“Well, the plane, this is, it is more convenient to come back.” The big aunt felt a little embarrassed, and there was a feeling that poverty restricted her imagination.

“What about a few children?” Shen Man asked.

The nanny next to her replied: “They are watching movies in movie room.”

Lu Zixin’s home, with a virtual projection projection device, is a true home theater.

“Let them play, so as not to bother us.” Lu Yue said, “That, Xiao Wang, take my tea, let’s drink some tea first.”

“Okay.” The babysitter immediately left.

“Then I will cook.” Shen Man got up.

“Is there a chef?” Lu Yue said. “You are also sitting and drinking tea.”

“No, my son likes what I do.” Shen Man didn’t listen, she was going to kitchen.

Lu Yue laughed and said nothing, big aunt and three aunt beside him couldn’t sit still and said, “Let’s go too. When you were a kid, your brothers loved the old hen soup I cooked, and I asked the local chicken to buy it without any feed. The taste was very good!”

More than an hour waiting, there was the sound of a helicopter outside of the villa. The big aunt and three aunt also ran to see, and soon Lu Zixin appeared in front of them.

“Xin’er is more and more like a big boss, this style!” Three aunt praised.

“What is the image, it was originally!” said big aunt, and said, “You have to change clothes first, and our food is ready!”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin came to the living room, first to say hello to big uncle and three uncle, and then to his father.

Fortunately, Lu Yue is much more spiritual than last time. It should be the role of Lu Zixin’s genetic optimization solution from Red Queen.

Lu Yue looked up and down at Lu Zixin and waited for him to talk.

“Dad, my mom?” Lu Zixin habitually blurted out.

“As soon as you come to ask your mother!” Lu Yue didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, said: “The kitchen, cooks for you!”

Lu Zixin hurried into the kitchen to say hello to his mother, and he was driven out in less than two minutes.

“Don’t I tell you the last time? If you go home without a girlfriend, don’t squint at me,” Shen Man scolded.

“Be sure to bring it next time!”

“Don’t talk to me next time, I won’t let you enter the door next time!”


At the meal, the restaurant had a large table full of meals, all of which were local dishes from He County. The main dishes were made by Shen Man, big aunt and three aunt. The chef made the dessert.

“Where is Lu Jun? Why hasn’t he come yet? His brother finally came home once, but he couldn’t come to eat!” asked big uncle.

“He went to Xiao Hai and he will be back soon.” Big aunt said quickly.

Xiao Hai is the child of three uncles, Lu Hai, who is still studying this year, which is the senior year.

Said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived. Lu Zixin’s cousin Lu Jun came with his cousin Lu Hai, Lu Jun matured a lot, and kept a short beard.

And Lu Hai’s appearance is a bit wolf. His clothes were messy, with dirt and blood on his face, blood on his ears and arms, and it seemed to be a fight.

“Xiao Hai, what’s wrong with you? Fighting with people?” Three aunt is shocked, immediately stood up and said with amazement, “That guy hit you, said to Mom, Mom will call the police!”

Three uncles have been screwed up, face is serious, and swears: “You know that it’s foolish, didn’t I tell you to come early, go home to eat together today? What did you do?”

Lu Hai turned aside his head in disbelief and hummed: “It wasn’t me who started first, they were too much!”

“Don’t train your children first. Well, Xiao Wang, help him change his clothes. Don’t you know some medical knowledge? Help him see, is there anything wrong?” Shen Man played round and called the babysitter at home.

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