BTC Chapter 402 : Inviting New Member

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Walter’s tone was moderated and said: “The impact of this incident is very great. The Federal Ministry of Commerce and National Academy of Sciences issued a document of order to us.”

“This month, we have to organize a meeting. Your companies such as IBM, INTEL, and Google should unite to launch commercial quantum computers with better performance, and never let Red Letter Group stay ahead of us.”

Plit is still a bit embarrassed. In the past, these giants in the computer industry, whether it is INTEL, AMD, Google, or IBM, are absolute industry hegemons.

Generally, only they compete with each other. Foreign companies have to rely on their core products to survive. Now, they want to cooperate and compete with Red Letter Group! The monopoly of computer core technology has been broken for more than 30 years!

Could it be that this industry really has to change?


China, Red Letter Group, Pengcheng Headquarters.

In the office, Lu Zixin is signing some documents, which are important documents agreed with the relevant departments.

After these days, the standards of commercial quantum computers have also been reviewed and adjusted, and Red Letter Group has begun to prepare for mass production.

Now Red Letter Group has a complete intelligent product industry chain, the main hardware can be produced, whether it is a chip or a micro-projector, electronic components, batteries, etc., can self-produce or find a suitable supplier.

The next step is to complete the scale production and bring this new product to market.

Lu Zixin was busy, Su Zhirong knocked on the door and came in. The black stilettos stepped on the floor with the same small steps as the model, giving a crisp sound.

Outside the thigh is a thin layer of flesh-colored stockings, a skirt that covers the knees and a small suit with a dark square pattern. The chest also carries the precious necklace Lu Zixin gave to her in the last trip, which is dazzling.

“Listen to your footsteps, what happened?” Lu Zixin raised his head and asked with a smile.

“It’s all heard by you, and President Lu is really amazing!” Su Zhirong walked up to him and started the virtual projection device on his desk. Some information appeared in his field of vision.

“Technical patents, product audits, and some conventional computer accessories are now almost in talk, and can be put into production. Only this is a bit of a hassle.” Her finger pointed out one of the projects, and a more detailed introduction immediately appeared on the screen.

“Superconducting materials?” Lu Zixin read, “The supplier of superconducting materials, haven’t settled yet?”

“Yeah!” Su Zhirong shrugged and gave him a helpless look. “We have all the strong suppliers of superconducting materials, and the list is here.”

“One of them, American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) is the most ideal supplier of superconducting materials, but now we have not negotiated with them. Then there is Fujikura Co., Ltd. of Japan, their asking price is very high, there is no agreement yet.”

“What about China?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Here!” Su Zhirong once again operated the virtual projection, and there were several suppliers of chemical materials and superconducting materials from China, as well as detailed introductions.

“The superconducting materials required for the production of superconducting quantum computers, we have all been exposed, their technology and production processes are not up to our standards. The best is AMSC and Fujikura.”

“This is not the case, we must speed up. Superconducting materials are the necessary raw materials for the production of superconducting quantum computers. Without it, we are even more problematic in producing superconducting quantum chips, not to mention the complete computer.” Lu Zixin gently shook his head.

“We also know this problem, but it is a bit tricky.” Su Zhirong said, “American Superconductor is also an important upstream material supplier in US computer industry, subject to the jurisdiction and restrictions of Federal Ministry of Commerce and Computer Association. If they don’t provide us with superconducting materials, we have no way.”

“There is another supplier of superconducting materials in Japan. Their materials are also a little lower than our standards. The asking price is high. The original production cost of quantum computers is high. If high material costs are attached, consumers can’t afford it.“

“Let’s talk about it, let’s take a look at whether domestic material suppliers can improve superconducting materials. It’s not good, I will find a way.” Lu Zixin said.

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong nodded and said, “I will go to Red Letter’s Headquarters tomorrow, and remember to go home at night! I bought a new uniform!”

Her lips were slightly raised, leaving Lu Zixin with a look of her own experience, and then she walked out with her long legs and twisting her body.

“Hey, this chick! Clean up at night!” Lu Zixin had just been picked up by her, and she left.

Lu Zixin finished the document after two hours.

Taking advantage of his free time, he landed on Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group to chat with his group of friends.

When Lu Zixin appeared, Red Queen couldn’t wait for Aite, saying : “@Mr. L, Owner, how is Hong Xiaoxiao? [emoticon: children’s troubles]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: wiping sweat] She is very good, now she has already written her own name.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: a happy smile] Haha, it is the intelligent life that I designed, so she will simulate the neural network so soon. The owner, her IQ will exceed you for a long time!”

Mr. L : “That still has to be my!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: suddenly regret.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: worry.] I don’t know if you have abused Hong Xiaoxiao, whether to give her power, whether it is to let her work hard, or even force her to learn the human moral standards, think it is pitiful. ”

Mr. L : “Enough! Go on, I am the slave of the evil.”

Red Queen : “No, I can’t help it anymore! [emoticon: knock down the dog!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: friend, forbidden meal package?]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: rushing to meet the authority dog.]”

Group message prompt : “Member ‘Red Queen’ is banned for ten minutes.”

Peter Parker : “… Red Queen is being sanctioned again!”

Peter Parker : “Right, group owner, did you last say that you want to invite new members? People?”

Lu Zixin thinks that the new group member’s invitation option seems to be refreshed, and he said : “Invite now, wait.”

Peter Parker : “I really look forward to it. I don’t know which big universe it came from! If it’s just what I know, Spider-Man of the parallel universe, what do you think? It must be cool!”

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