BTC Chapter 403 : Mr. Fantastic joins the group!

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin opened the group function interface, the options for random Red envelope and random invitation group members have been refreshed, he directly selected the invitation.

Group Tip: “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

Lu Zixin waited patiently. The invitation was a bit long. After ten minutes, Red Queen came out of the Little black house.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: a look of resentment.]”

She complained for less than five seconds, and curiously asked : “What newcomers will be added? I am going to start preparing emoticon bags! [emoticon: slap in the face, swearing and laughing]”

Peter Parker also joked to make an emoticon : “[emoticon: shrouded in the shadow of Red Queen].”

Two hours later, Lu Zixin finally received the latest group reminder : “Reed Richards has joined the group.”

He immediately opened the group list to find the latest members.

“Reed Richards: Also known as Mr. Fantastic, from Marvel universe, is a super-genius scientist with a Ph.D. in multiple fields. After being irradiated by cosmic rays, the body cells mutate into flexible cells, and the individual cells are more powerful. The function allows him to stretch freely without destroying the organ.”

“The mutated Reed Richards has the best IQ of human beings and is proficient in all areas of science and technology, including biochemistry, robotics, computers, communications, synthetic polymers, mutations, transportation, holography, power generation, spectrum analysis, etc. He has achieved even in space and time research.”

“Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards?” Lu Zixin found that this time he invited a top scientist from Marvel universe. In some parallel universes, this one can rely on Science and Technology to confront the powerful enemies like gods.

Lu Zixin hasn’t spoken yet, Red Queen has already sent out the ready emoticon package.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: funny face, welcome to join Ten Thousand Realms base group!]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: welcome newcomers, collect protection fees here.]”

Red Queen : “[Roaring struggling emoticon: newcomers run, this group is metamorphosis, especially the owner!]”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, [emoticon: pan warning.]”

Reid Richards, who had just entered the group, was still confused. He just wanted to ask something and saw a series of emoticon bags.

Reed Richards : “I think, may I be in the wrong place?”

Peter Parker : “No, no, no, they are joking. Look at this.”

The little spider sent the group introduction to Mr. Fantastic, and with Reed Richards high IQ it quickly became clear.

He said : “I am observing the space in the Earth Space Station and suddenly detected a time and space fluctuation. My information network has been connected here.”

Mr. L : “Welcome to our Ten Thousand Realms Technology Exchange Group, you have two friends from Marvel universe here.”

Reed Richards : “I have seen it, Tony Stark, Peter Parker. Oh, and we are not from the same time and space, it is really interesting! Sure enough, my time and space concept is correct, exists in addition to the real universe. Parallel time and space… may, using some kind of principle or machine equipment, let us cross the usual time and space!”

Red Queen : “Another big man is coming. [emoticon: sighing, group status again – 1.]”

At this time, Tony Stark also appeared, and said with amazement : “Richards, have you joined the group?”

“No, this Richards is not Richards of my world.” A few seconds later, Tony Stark said that he had contacted Mr. Fantastic just the first time and learned that this was not the one he knew.

In his world, Tony Stark, who is Iron Man, and Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, are members of the secret organization.

“Hello, another Mr. Tony Stark.” Reed Richards greeted.

“Hello.” Tony Stark replied.

When the lord saw the movements in the group, he also came out and said : “According to the current situation, maybe in the future, I will see Batman from another time and space!”

Mr. L : “No, the group members will not repeat.”

I have already written this in the introduction of the group owner. In each time and space, only one group member will appear at most.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I took a pair of A’s chest], then I am relieved, there will be no two Red Queens.”

When Lu Zixin saw so many members, he said : “Today, there are just a lot of people, and new people join, and send a Red envelope to help!”

As he said, he chose to send random Red envelope, the model is luck Red envelope.

A lucky red envelope appeared in the group, and the group of friends clicked on Red envelope.

But the group showed that there was still one person who did not receive it. Lu Zixin was puzzled and suddenly saw Red Queen send a “koi” in the group.

Lu Zixin was amused by her and said, “Red Queen, do you still believe this? Shouldn’t it be a probability?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon : Humph.]”

She randomly received Red envelope, and the Red envelope was received, and Lu Zixin could check the receipt.

Group Tip : “Red Queen has received your random luck Red envelope and got a ‘Neural Network Simulator’.”

Red Queen sent a dynamic picture of the plant growing on the face of the zombie. The zombie swallowed the flowers on the plant and chewed it with the text : “[emoticon: smile on the face, tastes good.]”

Group Tip : “Peter Parker has received your random luck Red envelope and won the group title ‘Empty.’”

The little spider said depressedly : “Nothing has been drawn, and luck is not good today. Next time I have to send a Koi!”

Group Tip : “Tony Stark has received your random luck Red envelope and obtained ‘Nano Medical Molecules’.”

Group Tip : “Bruce Wayne has received your random luck Red envelope and got a special group gift ‘funny pillow’.”

Bruce Wayne : “This should be for Red Queen.”

The non-online group friends did not receive Red envelope, and the last one was the newly joined group Reed Richards. The things he received made Lu Zixin greatly surprised.

Group Tip : “Reed Richards received your random luck Red envelope and got a ‘Rubber Man Second Gear’.”

“Second Gear?” Lu Zixin first remembered another rubber man in One Piece world, Luffy. The body attribute of Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards is also close to rubber, and they have much in common.

Now in the Red envelope, I have drawn something from One Piece. Will I still be able to invite members of One Piece world?

Surprisingly, not only Lu Zixin, but at the same time, in a time and space of the Marvel universe, the space observatory of the Earth’s low Earth orbit, Reed Richards is studying the Red envelope reward that he just received.

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