MST Chapter 199 : Visit Teacher Fan Again

Edited: XiaXue

At nights

Mother cooked soup.

Ye Guang’s business is full of enthusiasm, his Mother pay attention to Ye Guang, and it’s impossible not to hear it.

Ye Guang thought his Father would train him again, and he was ready for training. But unexpectedly, his father didn’t say a word or reprimanding him. He didn’t mention a word about the jumping event all night. Ye Guang felt quite touched. Surprisingly, this isn’t like my father’s character.

When Dad and Mom leaving the house, Dad hesitated and said to Ye Guang, “Son, you are a person with family member. If you want to do things later, don’t let me and your mother or Chiyan worried for you.”

This night, Ye Guang

slept very unsteadily. In his dream, he seemed to see a pair of eyes full of hatred.

Liu Chiyan woke up in the middle of the night by Ye Guang, who was upset and swayed. She looked at Ye Guang, who was still frowning in his sleep, and her heart was sad.

When he woke up the next day, Ye Guang was haggard, the whole person seems to have a lot depression. Boss Huang jumped into the river has a great influence on Ye Guang’s psychology. He still didn’t know how to overcome this hurdle in his heart and got into the tip of the horns.

Today’s Journey to the West storytelling program can’t be recorded. The injury on Ye Guang’s face hasn’t healed. In addition, he is really not in the mood to record the show today. This affected the studio employees, one by one worrying about Ye Guang. All day, the studio filled with depressed atmosphere.

Although Ye Guang often mischievous in the studio, he was crowned with ‘scourge’ title, but has to say Ye Guang is still very popular in Studio. Otherwise, the employees will not worry about him because of his affairs.

After staying in the studio until noon. Liu Chiyan saw he’s bored, fearing he’s feeling sullen and unhappy, she proposed for Ye Guang to go out.

Ye Guang thought for a while. It’s ok to go out, but he doesn’t want to go. If he wants to go, then go to the hospital to see Teacher Fan. Teacher Fan illness is not optimistic, may miss one face when he meets.


Teacher Fan felt much better when he saw Ye Guang coming over.

“Little Ye, coming.” Teacher Fan smiled, “Qingwen and I is talking about you just now.”

Ye Guang smiled, “What are you talking about me, Teacher Fan? Did you tell Sister Qingwen about my mischief at school?”

Fan Qingwen smirked, “Your Teacher Fan has exaggerated you, telling me all your glorious deeds in school. There is no mischief.”

Ye Guang laughed, chatting and joking with Teacher Fan and Fan Qingwen in the ward. It’s improved his mood, “Teacher Fan, I’m so great in your heart.”

Teacher Fan: “No, I have said that you are my most proud student. To be honest, Little Ye, I have been teaching for decades, you are the smartest child I have seen.”

No, Ye Guang has Highly Retentive Memory skill, plus he’s very smart, and his grades in school have been very good.

However, Teacher Fan praised him like this, but it made Ye Guang look dark. “Teacher Fan, actually… I’m not as good as you said.”

Teacher Fan looked at him.

Ye Guang lowered his head and silenced for a while.

At this time, a nurse came in. It seemed that there was something to do with Fan Qingwen. Fan Qingwen went out with the nurse.

Ye Guang was silent for a while, then said, “Teacher Fan, to tell you the truth. In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m quite useless.”

Teacher Fan’s eyes are full of doubts, “Little Ye, your thinking is wrong, how can you be so unconfident? Think about how good your academic performance is.

Ye Guang shook his head and smiled, “Teacher Fan, I don’t hide it from you. Actually, there’s a reason why I study well. It’s… some external factors. I don’t know how to explain it to you, but as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes I feel that, putting aside those external things, thinking about it carefully, I seem to be useless, careless, not good at speech, often not tuned, always troublesome to others, not being motivated, having a bad personality, impulse, also timid.”

Ye Guang carefully counted the problems on his body, let alone, there’s really many.

Teacher Fan saw him say this, said with a stern face, “Nonsense! Little Ye, what’s wrong with you now? Why don’t I see a little bit of spirit from those years? When you betting with me in front of all classmate? You said, you didn’t want to write homework in the first year if you can rank first.”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly, “Teacher Fan, I told you, my academic performance is good because external factor. Let me tell you so, I have… Highly Retentive Memory.” Ye Guang revealed his skills a bit.

Teacher Fan stunned, looked up and down Ye Guang a few times suspiciously.

Ye Guang: “Because I have the talent of highly retentive memory. So, I basically remembered the contents of the textbook after reading through it. Even so, although my grades are good, I didn’t get full marks. Because there are some twists and turns, I’m knowledgeable, but my mind can’t turn around, so if I don’t have Highly Retentive Memory, I don’t know if I can get into college on my own.”

Teacher Fan blinked a little, “Little Ye, since you said highly retentive memory is your talent, so it’s your ability. This is where you are different from others. It’s your own ability. Don’t underestimate yourself. Regardless of the external reasons, what is yours is yours. Your thoughts are too negative.”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly. He understood the truth. If Highly Retentive Memory is really innate talent born with him, it’s better. But, in fact, all things in his body are different from ordinary people, it’s brought by system. Others praise him as gifted scholar. That’s because he has the experience of Dream World, which in turn allows Ye Guang to be cheeky to classify these as his true abilities.

Teacher fan went on to say, “Little Ye, ability isn’t really important. The important thing is what you can do, what you are doing, what you do, whether you do have meaning, not necessarily extraordinary to ordinary people to mention their own value, you think, this hospital so many doctors and nurses, they are actually very common, simple occupations, but what they are doing is one of the world’s most lofty cause. Little Ye, you’re lucky compared to ordinary people. You have more natural advantage compared to them, but why don’t you use them and use your own abilities to create and do what you think is meaningful. Instead, why blame yourself?”

Teacher Fan’s words made Ye Guang think a little bit before nodding, “Teacher, what you said makes sense, I will think about it.”

Teacher Fan looked at Ye Guang, hesitated and said, “Little Ye, these two days, Qingwen told me about your business. Is it because these made you think like this?”

Ye Guang stunned and understand, Teacher Fan talking about jumping event of the past few days. Has this incident spread so much? Teacher Fan was seriously ill and heard it all in the hospital.

“It’s not because of this.” Ye Guang shook his head and looked at Teacher Fan, “Teacher, I… I have been struggling, you say, did I do something wrong.” Ye Guang said with a sad expression.

Teacher Fan waved his hand, “What is right or wrong? What does jumping event have to do with you.”

Ye Guang: “But… After all, it’s human life.”

The crux of Ye Guang heart is actually here. It’s a human life. One is because Ye Guang is the fuse that causes death, it’s not right, life and death are unknown.

Ye Guang isn’t brave. If he says he can kill a worm, he can do it, but let him trample a mouse and  kill a chicken or anything. He can’t hold his heart. It maybe a little glassy. But this is Ye Guang. Suddenly, he’s burdened with the guilt of killing human life. How could his heart feels?

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