MST Chapter 51 : Dad showing off

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The car was delivered by Liu Chiyan. In addition to the reason for the delivery, Ye Guang was temporarily unable to confess with his parents. It was nothing to hide on the delivery.

Ye Guang explained: “Daddy, don’t worry, my son didn’t do anything illegal and not taken care of. This car was delivered by President Liu.”

Mother listened, awkwardly said: “President Liu? Liu Chiyan?”

For Ye Guang sentence.

Mother obviously did not believe, asked: “She sent you such a good car? Is your company treated so well? Will she send more than one million cars when you enter the job? Son, you and my mother tell the truth, say Mom does not blame you.”

Ye Guang reluctantly said: “Mom, it was really delivered by President Liu. Of course, this car is not a white one, there is a request.”

Father and mother looked at Ye Guang and waited for him to continue explaining.

Ye Guang: “President Liu hired me to go to his studio with a high salary. She couldn’t help but tempted me to easily agree? This car is not a white one, because I signed a long-term contract with President Liu.”

Father asked: “What contract?”

Ye Guang: “Work contract, super long-term, I may have to work under her for the next ten or twenty years. She is a pre-investment. It doesn’t matter if I get a car. Anyway, I ’m also a company executive. It’s the company’s people who sent and lost.”

Is it not a super long-term contract? Marriage is settled. It is more than ten or twenty years. The contract is extended indefinitely until divorce, ah! Until the end of the century!

Mother still didn’t believe it. She said in a suspicious way: “That can’t give you such a valuable car, more than one million. Son, don’t lie to Mom?”

Ye Guang: “Mom, why don’t you believe it? It’s really delivered by President Liu.”

Father is also obviously very suspicious. “Good end, she sent such a good car to you? For the company’s face, don’t you buy such a good car? Even if she sent it, son, this rut ​​can not be too expensive, not to accept! Be a man!”

Ye Guang helpless: “Dad, Mom, this car is really the case, President Liu sent, absolutely no lie to you! The son sold the deed and signed, a car is really nothing!”

Seeing Ye Guang’s affirmation and ignorance, mother finally reluctantly believed him.

Why is it barely? Because mother started to cross-examine the contract.

“Son, what contract do you sign with your company, how long is the long-term contract, and what is the salary? What about treatment? You said it to let your mother listen.”

Ye Guang is dumbfounded. How do you explain this? He and Liu Chiyan really have some contracts, are a wedding book! Moreover, what salary, treatment, how does he answer, answering 800 pieces a month? And even if there is a salary, the unequal treaty of the marriage agreement has already been signed, and the money will be managed by Liu Chiyan! However, I am not good at how to tell my parents, what kind of salary can be said to fool the past, but can’t see money for three or five months? When my parents asked, what is your salary? How do you answer this? Don’t say that the salary parents can’t see it, and he himself can’t see it in this life!

This is a problem…

Helpless, mother pressed, Ye Guang also can only ignorant conscience nonsense: “Contract signed for 20 years, and can not default, if the company can put me to sue penniless, jailed, wages are salary, there are dividends, specific how much I now also not good to say, but President Liu is generous and not to be treated badly.”

Ye Guang said something good, finally, mother finally believes, although it always feels a little unbelievable, can’t figure out why Liu Chiyan digs Ye Guang to the company as a management team, but the parents don’t want their children to have a good future. It is also a pleasure for my son to have a good way as a parent.

Father also came in nature: “Son, the car key is for me, I am driving around for a lap, such a good car, I have not sat in the seat, and have a good time.”

Ye Guang quickly handed the keys up,

“Go, Dad, I will go with you.”

Mother is not happy: “What to open, the rice has not been eaten, the oil costs do not need money.”

The father and son did not dare to speak out, this home there still a master.

Ye Guang suddenly has the feeling of being sick with father. They are all strong and weak.

After eating, mother didn’t really stop Ye Guang and father, snorted and let the two go out.

Father is also a car-loving person, otherwise it will not buy Anda at home, but also sit in the cab of the Skyhawk, where you can touch it and look at it.

Father drove the car and turned a few laps on the road with less traffic. It was a bit late and it was not enough to drive back.

Ye Guang: “Dad, if you like, you drive this car.”

Father shook his head: “Don’t, I will be addicted. The company will give you a car with a facade. What do you drive when I drive, and then I have no place to open. The Anda at home is stopping your mother every day.”

Ye Guang smiled. “It’s okay, I don’t really use it. I say that the facade is also wide and mother’s heart. This car is now my private item, the company doesn’t care, Dad, or else, you open a few days first. You are very addicted, I will take it when I have to use the car. Anyway, not far from home.”

Father is a little bit moving, he really likes this car, think for a while, nodded: “Yes, then I have had a few days of fun!”

The next day, Ye Guang didn’t worry about going to studio. Liu Chiyan didn’t come back yet. Going to studio was fine. He stayed at home for one morning.

Father, this morning can be very happy, not waiting in store, all let mother look at it alone, driving the skyhawk out to go, mother is a little angry, but looking at father so happy, she did not say anything, he went out to show off.

Father did not go far in the car, just in the place of his own attachment, and occasionally saw an acquaintance, he drove the car and stopped at the person, “Hey, Old Zhang, walking the dog.”

Old Zhang is amazed to see father, very surprised to see the skyhawk opened by father, some dumbfounded, “Old Ye, are you win lottery? Have you opened such a good luxury car?”

The purpose of father has reached, a smug smile, and then deliberately modestly waved: “What luxury car, far worse than the luxury car, 2.6 million, it is just like it, no lottery, this car my son bought.”

“2.6 million? My god, what did your son buy?” Old Zhang is surprised, knocking on the thumb, “Old Ye, blessed, my son have luck! Blessed, blessed.”

This scene was played many times in the morning, so the acquaintance of Ye Guang father and mother quickly knew that Ye Guang father was driving a long-skyhawk everywhere, and Ye Guang’s message was also spread in the neighborhood.

“Hey, I heard that there is? The old Ye who opened the store, his son have success! At a young age, he bought a car of more than two million.”

“Hmm, I heard, a long-skyhawk, beautiful!”

“Don’t tell me, this old Ye’s son is really powerful. He have been smart since he was a child. I saw it when he was young. I have long said that he grew up and has a good future.”

“Cut, you are still very embarrassed to say, who told us a few days ago that Old Ye’s son is ruined, not a device, and said that your son will not learn him later, he should use his negative teaching materials to educate his son.”

“Hey, people are hard to tear down.”

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