MST Chapter 135 : This is to do things

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The bus speed was not fast and it took more than two hours.

The more remote the road, the narrower the road, from the asphalt road to the cement road, to the gravel road, to the mud road, and finally to the pitted mountain road, it has been plunged into the poor countryside and looked out through the car window. They are all hills of varying heights, uninhabited.

After driving for a while, the bus could’t pass the road in front.

When a group of people got off the bus and entered the mountain from here.

There is still some interest in Ye Guang. He usually likes to stay at home and not go out. He suddenly came to the natural nature of the mountains, he is still very interested.

Some of the mountains are cool, Ye Guang put on a thin coat, and At the same time, in order to prevent mosquitoes, there are many snakes, ants, thorns, thorns and wild spines in the forest. Many of them are toxic. It is best not to expose the skin to the outside.

Speaking of it, the event went into the mountains and became close to nature to find inspiration, but in fact, it was a group of people who walked around the narrow mountain road without oil heads. A group of people are chatting in groups of three or five, and have not seen anyone who really wants to feel the natural scenery of nature.

Ye Guang at first still have some interest, after all, into the mountain this opportunity is really not much, but after a long time there is no interest, come is not what famous mountains, natural small forest also nothing to see, but is a few stone, weed trees and so on, the living things are very difficult to find, insect ants and so many, a variety of birds have seen a lot, but there are not many strange things, the forest cuckoo seems to be quite a lot, along the Journey “Cuckoo” “cuckoo” Voice, to the quiet of the woods to add some vitality.

There are many wildflowers in the mountains in May and June are in the flower season. Occasionally, one or a cluster of flowers is in full bloom. There are three female writers accompanying them. Every time they see bright and beautiful flowers, they go to take pictures, but they are quite happy. On the contrary, many elders are somewhat awkward.

After another walk, a red and bright color made the eyes of a group of people shine.

This is a pomegranate tree, very thick and sturdy. It looks like a few years old, and it is flourishing. Now it is the flowering period of pomegranate flowers. This pomegranate tree blossoms especially well. The whole tree star is full of fiery red flowers, red and bright are particularly eye-catching.

The red color of pomegranate flower is really eye-catching. The people who have been boring for a long time suddenly can see these beautiful scenery can not help but speed up some steps.

Pomegranate tree is red, and several female writers, including Kong Xiulian, are eager to take photos with the cellphone.

Some old Father’s faces also have some smiles on their faces, beautiful things always make people feel good.

“Beautiful, so beautiful.”

“I really haven’t seen such a nice pomegranate flower in person.”

“I also saw it for the first time. I have to say that nature’s natural things are good. You see those pomegranate flowers in our city. They are all sparsely pulled. How can they be so beautiful?”

Everyone praised it.

Ye Guang is also very interested. He took a few shots and prepared to take it back to Liu Chiyan and Yiyi. I have to say that this pomegranate tree is really beautiful. It’s red trees are very bright. How can you see the general pomegranate flower? It’s so beautiful.

Hong He: “Little Ye, I heard that you are still Poet. I don’t know if you have any inspiration now. This kind of beauty is not as good as poetry.”

Ye Guangwas stunned, waved his hands, what kind of poems he really made, the original ones are copied.

Other writers have also cheered.

“Little Ye, you come one, just come and meet the scene.”

“Yes, Little Ye, come on one. I can’t write poems, otherwise I’ll be ugly.”

“Little Ye, I heard that your Hard Road was also open at the time. Now let’s give you one. It’s a worthwhile trip.”

Of course, there are also cold water, this person is Kong Xiulian.

Ms. Kong Xiulian gave a sneer, then the yin and yang, “Writing a poem? Just him? It’s not that I pick things up. I don’t believe what poems he can make. It’s as great as you can say that he’s so good, but I haven’t seen anything that he deserves to be praised. I don’t know what the leaders of the Provincial Writers Association think, what a cat and dog are going to recruit. ”

Everyone looks a little embarrassed, and Ye Guang’s face is not very good-looking.

What is this? Finally, the big guy had some interest, and all of her words were defeated. Ye Guang, Ye Guang, who has never finished on the road, has not been concerned with her. Now what’s the matter with her nose on her nose?

Ye Guang has some anger, but he has to endure it.

Forget it, don’t generally see her, good men don’t fight with women, and they endure.

Ye Guang: “I have only learned a little, and I really can’t make any poems. There is no need to show ugliness.”

See Ye Guang saying that, Kong Xiulian is more proud. “Look, let me just say, he is half a sling, can make a poem to blame, and I don’t know what it means to let the leader of the provincial association take him. Get it in, the whole family is a relationship, and the youngest member of the provincial association, the hat is quite big, can you wear it?”

Ye Guang’s face darkened.


See some wrong, Guan Zhenxian began to smooth things over, “Alas, Writer Kong to say two words, we are to mention a mouth, Little Ye to be able to make a poem to natural is good, do not come out also matter, also not always have inspiration, you say some too, Provincial Writers Association leadership absorbed Little Ye in. Naturally, there are leaders who are exquisite, we still do not talk about it.” Guan Zhenxian paused, “Little Ye, don’t go to your heart, Writer Kong is some… Keep your heart straight, don’t worry about it.”

Ye Guang hasn’t said anything yet, and Kong Xiulian is still arrogant. “How can I not say it, am I wrong? I think he is a famous fisherman. If hair is not yet long, he dares to come out with a big tail wolf. You see, he can’t make a poem for him. If my husband is here, don’t say a poem, he’s fine with two or three!”

Kong Xiulian is a bit sloppy, and the speech is not very important. Many writers don’t look good on their faces. Ye Guang can’t make poems, but they would not be able to do it for a while. How can we not do it? Just your husband? Kong Xiulian accidentally poured on all the people present.

Ye Guang with a black face, can’t bear it anymore, he can’t care about it twice, at first this woman to his expression of malice, the way has been staring him, he did not mind, and later cynical he also endure, think of good men not fight with women, go out of the generous point of good, eat some loss on some matter, but this bricks pedal nose face, and pointed to his nose scold no difference, clay figurines still have three points of anger, not to mention is Ye Guang this big lad.

Can’t help it.

If you don’t do anything, Ye Guang is a small turtle. It’s a good thing to have tolerance. It’s a good thing to be able to bear it. It’s a good thing to not care about it. But it’s not a temper.

“Old woman, said enough!” Ye Guang screamed!

Everyone was shocked.

This is to do things.

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