BTC Chapter 336 : Crowned

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“Do you know? White House actually reduced the import tariffs on Chinese consumer electronics, and it also allowed several communications companies suspected of information security to operate in United States!”

“The most important thing is that Red Letter Group of China has also entered US market! It is a group of idiot politicians!” Said Isaac gnashing teeth.

Lu Zixin didn’t talk, but Fanny asked again: “Does this have anything to do with you? China products are operated in United States, and they abide by the laws of United States. So there no need to march against it?”

“No, you don’t understand!” Isaac continued. “Do you know? I work at a securities company. I have made some money in recent years, just because of this policy. Let the entire US Science and Technology unit stock has plummeted, and the money I made has all been lost in one fell swoop!”

“If we wait for Red Letter Group to further encroach on our country’s market, our interests will suffer even greater losses! Our money must be earned by China enterprises! Must resist!”

After Fanny finished listening, she probably understood that she did not sympathize with Isaac, but she was somewhat disdainful. If you play stocks, you should be prepared to lose money, not to mention normal business competition. If you are afraid of failure, you will resist it. It is better to think about how to make your product better.

Lu Zixin asked in a less skilled English: “Are you useful in this parade?”

Isaac glanced at him and didn’t want to answer his question, but given Fanny’s side, he explained it to give Fanny a good impression.

“Of course useful! We launched a boycott on Internet. There have been more than 100,000 signatures, saying that we will never buy China…that is, the products of Red Letter!” When he mentioned China, he suddenly remembered that he was also Chinese people so Isaac changed their mouth slightly.

What he didn’t know was that this person was still at the helm of Red Letter Group.

“Our parade is also called online. You see, there are now estimated 1,000 people to participate! Everyone has the same idea!”

“And we are also prepared to wait for Red Letter to hold a press conference in New York. We have to protest and boycott! Let everyone know that Red Letter Group is a company that infringes on personal privacy and let everyone boycott!”

Lu Zixin said: “But is FCC not clarified? Red Letter Group’s products do not have security vulnerability.”

“There must be an insider inside!” Isaac insisted on his own thoughts, “We want the government to see and re-investigate red letter! In the most serious way!”

“Childish.” Lu Zixin spit out a words. After talking for a long time, this guy was reduced because of his own interests, so he participated in the game protest, and it is estimated that the other people in it are similar. There may be passers-by actors who collect money to help the parade.

“If you don’t take back what you just said, I think many people here are willing to give you a lesson!” Isaac said coldly.

“Isaac! What are you doing? Lu Yan is my friend!” Fanny yelled.

Isaac unwillingly glanced at Lu Zixin and emphasized: “You are lucky!”

He said to Fanny again: “Fanny, are you free tomorrow? I bought a new house in Queens, the kind with pool, maybe I can invite friends to host a welcome party for you?”

However, this time, he was still rejected by Fanny.

Isaac felt that he had lost his face and her attitude was not so good. She said, “Fanny, I am your friend. We have known each other for a few years. It is American. What is good for this Chinese?”

“Isaac, you are too disrespectful of people. I don’t want to say a word to you, goodbye!” Fanny said coldly. By the way, pull Lu Zixin’s hand and leave Isaac’s sight.

“Bitch!” Isaac whispered, then entered the parade and shouted.

“Sorry, Lu Yan, I don’t know his attitude is so bad.” Fanny was still apologizing for the previous incident and said: “Actually, I am not familiar with Isaac. He is my classmate at New York University. We haven’t contacted for a long time.”

“It doesn’t matter. He still doesn’t deserve my anger,” Lu Zixin said.

“Ha…” Fanny sighed and said: “They are too irrational. Red letter has not done anything wrong and they will resist. I believe most people will not agree with their approach.”

“Do not worry, our red letter will prove its strength, some jump clowns, can not affect anything.” Lu Zixin instead comforted her.

He opened the subject and asked, “Fanny, are you born in New York? Why didn’t I see you coming home?”

Referring to this, Fanny’s mood is even lower, saying: “My family is in Bronx, and there are no relatives and friends at home, so I am living alone.”

According to Lu Zixin’s previous investigation, Fanny’s father entered prison because of drug abuse in the early years, and there should be mother. Her current statement should still have some hidden feelings.

Bronx, a slum in New York, has relatively poor security management. Fanny didn’t go back and Lu Zixin didn’t ask again, then said: “Is it tired today? I invite you to dinner. Do you have any place to go?”

“Really?” Fanny was proudly said. “Today I can eat boss’s meal, I’m so lucky!”


After spending a day with Fanny and returning to the hotel, Lu Zixin also specially investigated the boycott parade during the day.

Similar to Isaac’s, on US network, some people launched a campaign to boycott Chinese electronic products, especially the products of Red Letter Group. Many people participated in the registration.

Today’s parade is only one of them. They are also preparing to hold a larger boycott on the day of Red Letter Development Conference. It is expected that thousands of people will participate.

“You have to be prepared, contact the local police, security, especially to do well, the conference can not be any trouble!” Lu Zixin confessed to the subordinates.

“Yes, President. This time we are ill-considered, we will start preparing soon!”

Lu Zixin is not afraid of New York police. Red Letter enters US market, but US government has actively revised the policy to put it in.

A few days later, finally arrived at red letter group’s new product launch. Location at Science and Technology Convention Center in New York, USA, has been released globally, and the attention of countless people has been placed here.

Media and guests from all over the country have already entered the venue in advance, waiting for the official launch of Red Letter conference in New York time.

However, there are always some discordant voices. For example, on the streets not far from each other, the marching teams that resisted red letter are marching and protesting. Many media who like to do things are also interviewing them and writing them into the news reports.

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