BTC Chapter 335 : Boycotts parade

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“Yes.” Lu Zixin shrugged and said easily.

Before he suspected that Fanny’s work at Red Letter Group was unclear, it was an investigation. Over the past six months, I have not found anything particularly suspicious.

In addition to Fanny flight work was not exposed to other parts of Red Letter Group, so Lu Zixin temporarily put down the previous guess.

“Lu Yan, it’s much easier to call it!” Fanny showed a generous smile, and her teeth and face were full of confident charm of the blonde.

She took Lu Zixin to visit several famous attractions in New York. All the way, various photos, shopping, Lu Zixin suspected that she was traveling, and he was accompanying herself.

Wall Street, a street in the southern part of Manhattan that extends from Broadway to East River, is third of mile long and eleven meters wide. It is a world-famous financial center, and the Headquarters are of Nasdaq, American Stock Exchange, and New York Futures Exchange.

Lu Zixin and Fanny walked through the crowded streets, and Fanny pointed to the tall building next to him with a smile: “Lu Yan, if the people here know your identity, maybe they will jump from upstairs to desperate talk to you!”

Because of Red Letter Group, how many capitalists’ property has shrunk dramatically. It is said that there are hired killers on dark network to kill Lu Zixin. Unfortunately, Lu Zixin has not seen until now.

“Then you dare to walk with me? Not afraid of being accidentally injured?” Lu Zixin asked.

“I am not afraid, I followed the captain to learn Chinese Kung Fu!” Fanny imitated Bruce Lee’s action and shouted: “I am playing!”

“Flower fists embroidered legs.” Lu Zixin was amused by her.

The two continued to play, and after leaving Wall Street, they came to a street and were facing a parade. Bustling, dressed up, people of all skin colors gathered together, waving flags, banners, and shouting while marching.

Lu Zixin has never seen a real parade in China, so he look at it curiously.

I saw the front of the parade, a “mobile phone tank” model made of paper shells, and several people “wearing” mobile phone tank model.

The reason why it is called a mobile phone tank is because the appearance of this large paper case is a mobile phone, and the muzzle of the tank is painted on the mobile phone.

What surprised Lu Zixin most was how this mobile phone tank looks like a red letter smartphone?

“What is this doing?” Lu Zixin asked in surprise.

“This…” Fanny’s expression was so wonderful that she was surprised, and she was a little embarrassed.

“This is… a boycott parade.” Fanny’s voice suddenly became small, and it was so noisy that Lu Zixin didn’t understand it.

Lu Zixin simply activated the automatic translation function of smart glasses, and the words and shouts were translated into Chinese to convey to him.

Now he knows why Fanny’s expression is so wonderful, because the front banner reads: “Resist the invasion of Chinese products, let Chinese mobile phone roll out United States!”

Moreover, under the shell of the paper-shell tank, the logo of red letter mobile phone is also drawn, and red letter mobile phone is specially drawn into a tank, which is probably the way in which they use red letter product to invade!

In front of him, a black man waved his hand and shouted: “China smart products earned our money and took away our job opportunities! Resist China’s smart products and boycott Red Letter mobile phones!”

There are still many similar people, Fanny quickly looked at Lu Zixin and observed his expression.

Fortunately, Lu Zixin did not reveal the angry expression, but instead showed a playful smile, and Fanny relaxed a little.

She was afraid that Lu Zixin was suddenly angry and had troubles here.

Lu Zixin was also surprised by herself. I didn’t expect to encounter a parade that boycotted my company when I was playing in New York. He is very curious, how can these people have a tacit agreement to boycott red letter? And it was the time when Red Letter New York conference was about to be held.

The parade gradually approached two people, and there were police officers in order to maintain the order. Some passing people curiously watched their shouts, slogans, and people take pictures and so on.

“Hehe, a group of pens.” China tourists next to them whispered taunted.

“They actually march here, I want to take it back!” Someone took these scenes and prepared to send them back to China.

“Lu Yan, this is just a small number of people!” Fanny explained to Lu Zixin. “In fact, most people are not biased against you. And many people like Red Letter products!”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “I am not surprised at all. Many people have lost their water purses. I don’t think they would protest if they don’t protest.”

“Are you not angry?” Fanny looked at him curiously. She didn’t understand what the man was thinking. If she saw that her company was being boycotted, she would be very angry.

“Why should I be angry?” Lu Zixin asked. “Their parade is just to help our company to publicize. Maybe many people didn’t know our company before, go back and check it, and understand.”

“Moreover, our red letter has always been speaking by strength. Their resistance is meaningless.”

“But I am very curious. Our products have not yet started selling. Some people have advocated boycotts. Who is so boring?”

After he finished, Fanny suddenly said: “I saw a friend, maybe I can help you.”

Said, Fanny screamed at the parade: “Isaac! Isaac!”

I saw a tall white man who heard the voice go back and saw Fanny, and suddenly his eyes were beaming, and he was proudly said: “OH, MY, GOD! Fanny, are you here?”

The white man originally also held a sign “protecting personal privacy and rejecting Chinese mobile phones” At this time, he directly threw the brand to other people and left the parade to find Fanny.

Isaac is a tall 1.8 m, burly, eagle hook nose, he excitedly and Fanny came to a hug, said: “Fanny, I can’t think of seeing you here! It must be the goddess of luck to hear my prayers. Are you not in China?”

Fanny smiled and said, “I am in New York this time.”

“Great, please have a drink at night?” Isaac invited.

Fanny looked at Lu Zixin next to him and euphemistically said, “Sorry, I still have something today.”

“Who are you?” Isaac watched Lu Zixin, Lu Zixin saw hostility from his expression, as if he had seen a rival.

“This is my friend, Lu Yan.” Fanny briefly introduced him and asked: “Isaac, how are you in the parade? Why are you going to march?”

Referring to this, Isaac immediately said with excitement: “Of course it is because of the damn new policy!”

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