BTC Chapter 334 : Folding Screen

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“Red Letter’s smart products are undoubtedly very good in performance. But our price is lower. If we launch some special promotions, we should be able to stabilize the market.” The senior executive in charge of marketing said.

“Price competition is a must, but we still need more means!” Jiang Maomin tapped his finger on the table. “I believe that everyone in the room has already learned about Red Letter in detail. Their products can be described as China most expensive brand, but the market share can continue to improve!”

“Their advantage is that leading technology, and price competition has limited impact on them. We also have to use technology to compete with them!”

After Jiang Maomin finished, everyone was meditation. Technical competition? Now everyone knows that Red Letter smartphones are almost one of the best products in the world, even Apple and Samsung are inferior.

“President, I have an idea!” A senior executive said, Jiang Maomin looked at him. This is the general manager of LG Group North America, Park Ji-hoo, one of the core members of the group, with a unique vision and outstanding ability. The LG Group can develop vigorously in North American market and cannot do without his wisdom.

Park Ji-hoo continued: “Since Red Letter Group is ready to introduce smart products that can be virtual projections for North American market, some of leading technologies that our group already has do not need to be hidden.”

“Get them out directly, release new phones, maintain a relatively low price, and compete for the market with high cost performance!”

“What do you mean?” Someone thought of something.

“Yes, I am talking about the new generation of OLED (flexible screen) technology that we have developed.” Park Ji-hoo said.

He waved his hand, and the assistant next to him immediately showed the relevant materials through the virtual projection equipment bought from China.

“A new generation of OLED technology that can produce ultra-thin, self-contained and flexible plastic film displays!”

The flexible display discards the glass material, and the special new plastic material makes the display panel bendable and not easy to break, making it suitable for a variety of smart wearable devices.

This technology LG Group has always been at the leading level in the world. The curved screens of many products are provided by their group, such as TV, computer, etc. They also launched curved screen smartphones.

However, the previously introduced curved screen mobile phone, although the screen is curved, but the user can not change the screen shape at will, subject to various restrictions, and can not be folded.

After further development by LG Group, they already have a foldable flexible screen that allows users to fold the display in small increments. For example, if the smart device is folded and put in a pocket, or worn entirely in the hands of a bracelet, it is more user-friendly.

“This technology has only just been developed, and it needs to be tested and improved. It will take at least half a year to launch.” Someone said.

“Can’t wait! Any product can’t be perfect.” Park Ji-hoo said, “No one knows what the market will become after half a year. Or virtual projection phones will be popular. At that time, our screen technology value will be Great discount!”

“It is better to sell new products directly and seize the market! We will not necessarily be overtaken by Red Letter, and may even grab the cakes of Samsung and Apple!”

“Park Ji-hoo said that because of the entry of Red Letter, we can no longer predict the changes in smart product market after half a year. In contrast, it is a wise choice to release new technology competition in advance.” Jiang Maomin also agreed with Park Ji-hoo.

They also talked for a long time, based on the actual situation analysis, and finally passed this resolution. Therefore, under the competitive pressure of Red Letter Group, LG Group had to announce that it would launch a new curved folding smartphone!

So, before the global launch of Red Letter Group, LG Group held a global launch of a new generation of smartphones.

Flexible screen, foldable, ultra-thin, convenient… These advantages have attracted the attention of majority users.

In the market, there are quite a few mobile phones with flexible screens, but most of them are also speculating as a curved screen. After the real experience, most users feel that way.

And this time LG introduced a curved folding smart phone, the mobile phone display screen can be changed any shape, even folded into thick paper, curved into a curved bracelet, worn on the hands, legs.

Not to mention foreign users, that is, Chinese users are envious and want to experience such products.

It is a pity that LG smartphones have already withdrawn from Chinese market a few years ago, and other smart products are still sold in Chinese market.

After the launch of LG’s curved folding smartphone, it immediately caused a wave of enthusiasm in North American market. Many users who are pursuing fashion or novelty have purchased this new mobile phone.

LG’s smartphone sales have risen sharply in a short period of time, and even faintly emerge from the third.

Therefore, Samsung Group soon announced that it will launch a new mobile phone with curved folding technology this year. Apple is even simpler. Their current display is the display of LG Group, which is directly related to LG. So this technology is used in the next generation of Apple phones.

Some domestic manufacturers have also kept up, saying that they want to release the same mobile phone. Some mobile phone powders even purchased this novel curved folding smartphone through overseas purchasing and other means.

Under the official public number of red letter mobile phone and Weibo, there is also a red powder message.

“LG has a folding mobile phone out of the surface. When will the red letter come out?”

“What is the new phone? Can you disclose it?”

“How was this conference held in New York? I am still going to see it!”

“The money is good, just wait for new products to be released!”


The new product launch of Red Letter was held at Science and Technology Convention Center in New York. This is in line with the choice of Red Letter to enter North American market, and domestic viewers can also watch it in real time.

Lu Zixin came to New York before the press conference began. Here, Red Letter Group will set up Red Letter Group’s Headquarters, representing the march of China Red Letter to Red Letter International.

On the streets of New York, Lu Zixin in a casual outfit is walking aimlessly. Originally, Su Zhirong had made an appointment with him. As a result, she took a call and temporarily talked with US telecommunications operator, so Lu Zixin was put in pigeons.

“President Lu… can I call you Lu Yan? Calling President while playing, I feel like I am at work.” In front of him, a beautiful blonde girl turned her head and asked.

She is tall and wearing a sexy black suspender dress, revealing a proud gully and two natural slender white legs.

This is Fanny, New York is her hometown, and Su Zhirong is also preparing to ask her to be a guide to take two people to play in New York.

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