MST Chapter 224 : The son-in-law is coming to the door

Edited: XiaXue

Two days later.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan landed at the Capital Airport with Yiyi by plane, accompanied by Jiang Xin and Jiang Fengxian.

They have roughly determined the cooperation with Beijing Satellite TV. Ye Guang will be responsible for it. Youxianqi Entertainment and Beijing Satellite TV will cooperate to produce a variety show. As for the specific cooperation matters and what variety shows to produce. Ye Guang and Jiang Fengxian can determine it after the interview with Beijing Satellite TV today.

After getting off the plane, Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan and Yiyi split with Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin. Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin went straight to the booked hotel and Ye Guang followed Liu Chiyan went home.

Ye Guang was still a little confused after learning that he was going to go home with Liu Chiyan, “Really go to your house?”

Liu Chiyan also a little nervous, “…Go.”

Ye Guang said, “Will it be too abrupt? Ah, will your parents be suspicious?”

Liu Chiyan said, “I just want them to be suspicious. I don’t know how to tell them about our affairs. First, take you back as a friend and let them see you. It won’t be too much surprise if they know it later.”

Ye Guang said with smile, “Hey, play psychological warfare.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “I don’t know how to open it. You can behave well after you come to my house. Put away your temper and leave a good impression on my parents, know?”

Ye Guang: “Know, know. Look at what you said, will I’m so muddled?”

Yiyi took down Ye Guang platform, “Yes.”

Ye Guang looked depressed, Liu Chiyan chuckled softly, “Yes, there is Yiyi. Yiyi, you can’t talk nonsense to your grandparents when you get home, if you miss your mouth, my aunt will not spoil you anymore. ”

Yiyi nodded softly.

Liu Chiyan said again, “You don’t want your grandparents to dislike Ye Guang, you have to behave well, you have to help Ye Guang to make a good impression on grandparents.”

Yiyi was entrusted with an important task and she became excited, “Well, I know. I must let my grandparents like Ye Guang too.”

Ye Guang originally wanted to buy something. How could he not bring something at the first visit, but Liu Chiyan didn’t let him buy it, “You went to my house as my friend. It’s fine at this time. You said that you just want to bring something. It’s not good to meet for the first time. If you really brought something with a big fanfare, my parents would be suspicious. Just don’t bring anything, wait until they know, it’s not too late to bring something when you go.”

Ye Guang thought about it, it seemed to make sense.

There is some distance from the Capital Airport to Liu Chiyan home, and the traffic in Beijing has been relatively congested. It took a taxi for 40 minutes to reach Liu Chiyan home.

The location of Liu Chiyan home is not in city center, and the surrounding environment is very secluded. After arriving at the place, Ye Guang get off to look around. This is a residential complex of villas with high walls and a power grid. The most important thing is, at a glance, Ye Guang saw the guard at the gate of the community was not the security guard, but two soldiers brother standing guard. What is even more exaggerated is Ye Guang saw these two soldiers still bulging with their gun bags on their waists. Ye Guang didn’t think the inside is empty or is loaded with toy gun.

Seeing this battle, Ye Guang really stunned. He lowered his voice and said to Liu Chiyan, “Liu’er, you said, you have never told me what your father and mother doing? It’s time to tell me today. Let me prepare.”

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang in a naughty look. “Don’t ask, know what else, is it possible to tell you won’t go after I tell you? Let’s go, you’ll know when you meet, just this is weekend, my parents are at home.”

Ye Guang nodded helplessly, dragging his luggage and following Liu Chiyan into the community.

The security at the door was very strict. When Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang approached, the guards noticed them. When they entered, the guards at the gate booth greeted them. After verifying their identity, they put them in.

Ye Guang couldn’t help but look at a few soldier brothers. Normally, there are not many chances to see soldier brothers. Most of them were seen on TV. Ye Guang has a heartfelt respect for the profession of soldiers, and these people are worthy of respect for defending their homes and nations.

The villas in the small area are all similar in shape, and different from ordinary commercial villas. The houses is not connected to each other, but there’s enough space between each villa. Although the main body of the villa is not big, but each one has a perimeter wall or fence and has its own yard. Every inch in capital city is gold. So, anyone can live inside this villa definitely rich or expensive.

When I arrived at the villa where Liu Chiyan’s house was, Ye Guang looked at the house number, number 25.

Liu Chiyan didn’t ring the doorbell, she directly swiped the door card on electronic door, and opened the door. It turned out to be a high-end community, even the door locks were all compelling.

“Parents, I’m back.” Liu Chiyan shouted to the house and entered the house with Ye Guang.

Ye Guang followed Liu Chiyan and whispered, “Would you like to take off your shoes?”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said in a low voice, “No, you relax, my parents are not so scary, don’t be too restrictive. Otherwise, their impression on you will be worse.”

Ye Guang nodded to show that he knew, but knowing just knowing, it’s inevitable to be a little nervous when visiting the woman’s house for the first time.

Mother Liu heard the sound and turned away from the living room. She was cleaning, and she was holding a mop in her hand.

Yiyi shouted with joy, “Grandma.”

Mother Liu saw Liu Chiyan and Yiyi. She said happily, “Yiyi is back.” But saw Ye Guang behind Liu Chiyan, Mother Liu eyes changed. “Chiyan, bring a friend, why don’t you say it in advance, come, come in.”

Mother Liu looks very good and looks very gentle. Ye Guang also greets her quickly. “Auntie, I’m Ye Guang, Sister Chiyan friend, I’m bothering you.”

Ye Guang called Liu Chiyan, sister Chiyan. This is what the two discussed in the morning. Liu Chiyan is older than Ye Guang, it’s understandable Ye Guang call her elder sister, but Ye Guang always feels this name is awkward, but there is no way to call it directly. That’s definitely not good. If you called President Liu, it seems to be a good point. It is also inappropriate to call Chiyan. He is obviously Liu Chiyan employee, and he is smaller than Liu Chiyan. How can he called Chiyan directly? So Liu Chiyan asked Ye Guang to call her sister Chiyan. Adding a word for sister can make the relationship between the two appear closer. Liu Chiyan took Ye Guang to her home as a friend and borrowed it for a few days.

Liu Chiyan also quickly replied, “Mom, this is Ye Guang, my company’s general counsel, my assistant, and my good friend. I’m here to talk about business in Beijing this time, I think it’s troublesome for him to stay in a hotel where he’s not familiar. Just take him to the house for a few days to help me drive or something. Mom, you see… it’s okay, right?”

Liu Chiyan said a bunch of reasons. She doesn’t know if Mother Liu listened. Anyway, she kept staring at Ye Guang. After Liu Chiyan finished speaking, Mother Liu glanced at her, and said, “It doesn’t matter, come, boy. Come in, come in, don’t squeeze at the door.”

The group of people entered the room. Mother Liu is very enthusiastic. She greeted Ye Guang to sat down, then poured water for him. Ye Guang said thank you repeatedly. Obviously he’s a little restrained and nervous. His eyes were ticking around, and he didn’t dare to move too much.

Mother Liu washed the fruit and put it on the coffee table in front of Ye Guang. “Little Ye, right, come, eat some fruit, don’t be restrained.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Thank you, Aunt.”

Mother Liu looked at him and smiled, “You’re welcome, just like your own home. Little Ye, I know you.”

Ye Guang’s felt his heart stopped a bit, and Liu Chiyan’s pupils shrank.

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