MST Chapter 150 : Participants

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Said not to sell off, but Ren Keling still sold a small pass.

“The first player is… Let’s see for yourself, please ask the first player.”

Said, Ren Keling and Yi Shan went to one side and let the stage out.

The lights on the stage were almost completely turned off, and the huge screen behind the stage was pulled open from the middle, and a figure could be seen slowly coming out from the inside.

The audience are looking forward to seeing who is on the stage. Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang and Jiang Xin in the lounge, through the TV is also guessing who the first player is, but unfortunately, the lights are too dark, no one can see it clearly.

The music sounds slowly.

Then a handsome male voice rang, “What is love about him…”

The first sentence was sung and the scene was immediately blown up.


“It’s He Xing!”

“He Xing! It is He Xing!!”

“He Xing, I love you!”

There was a scream at the scene.

A bunch of chasing light on the stage hit He Xing, let the audience see his appearance, and there was a scream in the scene.

He Xing is a popular singer in China. His songs are mainly love songs. They are known as the prince of love songs. They are very powerful and are highly sought after by young fans in China.

Lounge, Ye Guang, “Hey, the first person is such a powerful person, He Xing, my embarrassment.”

Liu Chiyan chuckles, “I actually guessed He Xing. During this time, he took a lot of songs and it was really strong. But The Strongest Voice invited the top domestic singers. The strength is also certain, otherwise will not be invited by the program group.”

Ye Guang nodded: “It seems that the opponents in this game are strong and should not be underestimated. It is not so easy to win the championship.”

Liu Chiyan: “On the stage of The Strongest Voice, whoever wins the championship is not unexpected.”

After a moment, He Xing has finished singing a song, his song is really good, the soft sadness hits the soul.

On the stage, Ren Keling and Yi Shan stood on the side of He Xing.

Ren Keling smiled with the microphone. “He Xing’s popularity is really high. To be honest, I just didn’t understand what you sang. The audience on the scene was too enthusiastic and the cheers were too loud.”

Yi Shan: “Who said no, the audience members who came to the scene, I watched most of them are young friends, and they are definitely fans of He Xing.” Said, Yi Shan also asked the audience loudly, “You are the fans of He Xing, right?”


“He Xing, I love you!”

The scene was another tsunami.

Ren Keling: “Haha, the audience friends are really too enthusiastic. He Xing has so many of your fans and friends. You should have confidence in the competition of The Strongest Voice. Is there anything you want to say about participating in this competition?”

He Xing laughed and raised his arm and waved at the audience, causing another scream at the scene. “Thank you for your support. I am honored to participate in this session of The Strongest Voice. Just Keling asked if I have any confidence. In fact, I really want to tell him that I have it, but I dare not say that, I dare to say that I have confidence before the next few people do not play.”

Yi Shan: “He Xing, you are too modest, you are our love song prince, the country’s top musician, you are known in the status and influence of domestic music scene. I am also your fan. I want to say that this game of The Strongest Voice is not surprising if you win the championship.”

He Xing waved his hands again and again. “Whoever participates in the competition of The Strongest Voice can’t guarantee that he can win the championship. I will be very happy to show my face, I hope the questions from the judges teachers are not too tricky. If there are no songs that match the proposition. That would be too embarrassing.” He Xing said half-jokingly.

Several judges have been happy all the time.

Huang Bin smiled. “He Xing, you can rest assured that you won’t be embarrassed. We will definitely want to make a proposition and strive that you can’t answer it.”

Huang Bin made a little joke and attracted several judges to laugh.

Huang Bin and He Xing are friends in private. Whether it is in the circle or outside, everyone knows, so he can make He Xing’s joke.

He Xing smiled bitterly. “You see, I haven’t prepared for it. I don’t play today, I can still miss my face, otherwise I will be eliminated by you in the first round. Why do you say I will pay a friend like you, I’m telling you, if the question is that I can’t answer it, then we’ll be over as friends.”

He Xing is also joking, the atmosphere and liveliness on the spot.

Huang Bin: “Hey, I haven’t seen you for a few days. You don’t forget that I was one of the judges in this competition.”

He Xing immediately said, “Brother, I am wrong. Just when I didn’t say it, can barbecue solve it?”


The audience at the scene was teased, and Ye Guang laughed out loud in the lounge. “This He Xing is also very funny.”

Jiang Xin: “People are just teasing, you are teasing.”

Ye Guang has a black line.

Soon, He Xing came off and sat down on the exclusive area prepared on the right side of the stage.

A careful audience found that the player’s exclusive area had six chairs.

Six? Haven’t you always been five people? This time, I heard that the rules of this The Strongest Voice game have changed a little bit. but is there one more?

With curiosity, Ren Keling invited the next singer to participate.

The participating singers are kept secret before the broadcast, and all the audiences have great expectations and curiosity about who is participating.

When the second singer appeared on the scene, he did not deliberately turn off the lights on the stage. The big screen slowly opened, and there was a figure out from inside.

“Whoops! Liu Xuecheng! Heavenly King Liu!”

At the scene, a tsunami sounded in the mountains, and the sound waves were higher than previous waves. Several judges were quite surprised. They did not know who were the players in the game.

“Heavenly King Liu! Heavenly King Liu!” In the lounge, Ye Guang is also excited. He is a fan of Heavenly King Liu. “Heavenly King Liu is here too!”

Jiang Xin murmured, “The Strongest Voice is big enough, Heavenly King Liu, the famous Heavenly King, who has been famous for many years, has come out.”

Liu Xuecheng debut very early, fame is also very early, has been an evergreen tree in the entertainment circle, early in the beginning he is singing debut, and then quickly fire across the north and south, After that, he dabbled in the two ends of the film and television. It can be said that it is one of the best in the circle. The name of Heavenly King is deserved to him. So to speak, there maybe many artists with lot of popularity that can override Heavenly King Liu, but no one dare say that popularity can pressure Heavenly King Liu, domestic celebrity achievement highest, standing in the top of that few people also dare not say so. This is the strong heritage accumulated in his debut for decades. The name of Evergreen is not white shouted.

In recent years, Heavenly King Liu main focus has been on film and television. He has not participated in any singing programs for many years. Even the singles have not been sent for some years, so this time Heavenly King Liu actually participated in The Strongest Voice. Both the audience and artists in the entertainment industry are surprised.

Is Heavenly King Liu going back to his old business? Ready to bloom once again in the music scene?

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