MST Chapter 87 : New System Functions

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Liu Chiyan didn’t know why Ye Guang suddenly do not want to make TV series, she saw IPartment script, indeed very good, funny, very grounded gas, she has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, this is a very good work. As long as the shooting does not have any big problem, this film fire up opportunity is still very big, originally filmed TV drama has already been explained, Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin these days is ready to recruit staff, this suddenly said not to shoot on the brakes, really let Liu Chiyan a little embarrassed.

However, fortunately, the preparation work has just begun. If Ye Guang said that he was not afraid on the day of shooting, it was really a big oolong.

Liu Chiyan is undoubtedly still a bit fond of Ye Guang, um, yes, love, see Ye Guang’s sullen face, saying that he can’t shoot, and that he is happy, Liu Chiyan didn’t ask much, the decision he made, she can support as much as possible, even if he can’t give a reasonable explanation.

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang with some helpless smile. “Okay, don’t shoot it, if you don’t want. I will talk to brother Jiang  and sister Jiang, let them stop their work.”

Ye Guang smiled and ran to Liu Chiyan and kiss Liu Chiyan’s face.

Liu Chiyan’s pretty face is red, pushing him away. “Get up, the company, Yiyi is still there.”

Yiyi is eating fruit. “You continue, don’t care about me, I am used to it.”

Liu Chiyan used the phone to find Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin, and said that she had put aside the TV series for a while. Liu Chiyan just said that there might be other work arrangements. Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin had some doubts, but did not ask much. Fortunately, the preparatory work in the early stage of their work has only just begun. It is not in the way to stop now. The recruitment is starting to start today and it has temporarily stopped.

Ye Guang is working on a new feature in system property panel:

Conduct event assessment.

Conduct event assessment is under Protagonist’s attributes.

System property

System Rank : Primary

Prestige points : 142711

Disciple points : 33

Protagonist’s attributes

Physique : 100

Strength : 110

Agility : 90

Title : none

Skill : Highly Retentive Memory, Primary Painting, Singer Excellent Emotions and Voice, The Gift of Gab, Sounds of nature Tone, Director knowledge 1, Actor knowledge 1 , Writer Swift Writing

Conduct event assessment :

iPartment : Four stars.

The prestige points have risen a bit, and disciple points have also risen by two. Ye Guang has some feelings. This prestige points are really difficult, and the prestige points are soaring, but the discipline points are like turtles.

About Conduct event assessment, Ye Guang also basically figure out what is the matter, in conduct event assessment there is a question mark small angle, there is a note: In view of System Ultimate Task Eternal Teacher of All Era, the host is required to comply with system requirements, to create a good social image, and conducive to cultural communication, System conduct event assessment will assess the host’s matters, the evaluation of the event star performance.

One star is absolutely not allowed to execute an event. If the host executes, system will destroy the host humanely.

Two stars are unenforceable events, and if the host executes, system will impose a strong penalty on the host.

Three stars is strongly recommended not to execute the event, if the host executes, system will punish the host.

Four stars are recommended to not execute the event. If the host executes, the system will randomly determine whether to punish the host.

Five-seven stars are executable events, and if the host executes, there is no penalty, no reward.

Eight stars recommend execution events for the system, if the host executes, discretionary rewards, refusal to execute without penalty.

Nine stars are highly recommended events, if the host performs, have rewards, and refuses to execute the system randomly to determine whether to punish the host.

Ten stars are required to execute the event. If the host executes, super reward, refuse to execute system will punish the host, and the serious case will be severely punished.

‘iPartment’ has a rating of four stars and system not recommends. Maybe Ye Guang is relatively mild in the past few days, and the system has also issued a time-limited task. If it can’t be completed, the system penalty is not humane for one year. It is a direct sentence to “iPartment”, that is, Ye Guang will pick it up later, he did not have the guts, who knows whether the system will be randomly punished.

Ye Guang have thought about why iPartment system not recommends to implement, iPartment can be called a divine drama, which is full of laughter and very grounded. But the audience that this TV series likes is basically a young audience, a little older. If you are older, you may feel that this TV series is vulgar, ghosts and the like. The iPartment is also filled with a lot of rough words, and the IQ of the characters in the drama is generally low. Although the things that are made are full of laughter, it is really not a work that can be conducive to cultural communication.

System’s ultimate task is to strive to make Ye Guang Eternal Teacher of all Eras, then the image of his own mold is also a certain demand, his image in masses hearts need to be aboveboard positive image, rather than comedy with no brain show IQ lower limit image, so the system suggested Ye Guang do not execute, of course, if the system does not randomly to punish, then ye Guang insisted to shoot, that is also understandable, just, Ye Guang bad luck, system directly release task with punishment, not finish is a  year can not humane. Ye Guang can’t accept this punishment, although now not with Liu Chiyan formally do that, but in case of what day to do that and then oneself can not, you say this is how the whole, let Liu Chiyan how to think? So, don’t shoot, resolutely don’t shoot!

It can be said that in the future, Ye Guang is going to do a system evaluation first. Anyone below the five-star Ye Guang can’t touch it. As for the standard, Ye Guang is not too clear, but it should be It is necessary to build a event whether the things he is doing are positive and conducive to cultural communication.

‘iPartment’ can’t be filmed, Ye Guang is also somewhat guilty, and system has released a task, making a program that is conducive to image establishment and cultural communication in a month. This range looks quite big, but Ye Guang is also a bit difficult. It is difficult to make a good image, which is conducive to cultural communication. Speaking of Dream World’s hot programs, not all of them are entertainment programs. They look good, but you said that it is conducive to cultural communication.

“What to do, What to do, What to do.” Ye Guang was in trouble and muttered in his mouth.

Liu Chiyan gave him a blank look. “What happened to you?”

Ye Guang is weak, “Wife, what kind of program you say is shining upright and tall, which is conducive to cultural communication.”

Liu Chiyan: “Why do you ask this?”

Ye Guang: “Talk about it.”

Liu Chiyan: “Which do I know what programs can be used to image shining upright and tall, and it is good for cultural communication. What are you doing?”

Ye Guang: “I want to do one, but I really don’t know what to do.”

Liu Chiyan: “You are thinking about this if you don’t shoot TV series?”

Ye Guang: “Yes.”

Liu Chiyan helpless, “… You can do it. You have to figure it out yourself, I don’t know.”

Ye Guang sighed and lying on the desk, thinking hard, and kept muttering in his mouth. “What to do, what to do, what to do.”

Yiyi suddenly spoke. “Ye Guang, let’s tell the story.”

Ye Guang’s eyes lit up.

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