MST Chapter 190 : White-eyed Wolf

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Fan Qingwen said that and got little angry.

Teacher Fan is not willing to let her continue, “Okay, okay, don’t say it, everyone has difficulties and can understand.”

Fan Qingwen: “What do you understand? Do you understand them? Do they understand you? I have to talk about it today, or I keep holding this breath.”

Ye Guang: “Sister Qingwen, you said, I want to hear what is going on.”

Fan Qingwen continued, “Since my Dad fell ill, he no longer fixed remittances to those students, and then some sponsored students called. At that time, my dad was already receiving treatment. So, I answered the phone. I almost dropped the phone because so angry. The student on the phone said, I’ll learn his tone for you.” Fan Qingwen imitated the tone of the student on the phone at the time, “Hello! Is Teacher Fang Zhijing? Why haven’t I received a scholarship, have you forgotten it? You quickly transfer the money to me, I am waiting for the tuition fees!”

If Fan Qingwen tone not deliberately exaggerated. Ye Guang thought, Fan Qingwen must be irritated. With such an almost condemning tone to talk to the person who sponsored your school, what does this student think? Don’t you be afraid of your sponsors? Or do they think it is only natural for them to be funded by others? Could it be, after receiving the favor of others, even if others don’t want a return. Shouldn’t the person be grateful to the person who helped him, or at least be respectful?

Fan Qingwen continued, “I held back my anger and told him, my dad was sick and might not be able to support them anymore, but the student is not good. Instead, he got angry at me, swearing on the phone, saying anything, it would be what sick and should be funded. This is the original promised at the beginning. If you don’t give it now, you don’t talk about credibility. It’s a contradiction. He needs to be honest in his life. He actually has a face to tell me that, I really…”

Ye Guang listened for a moment, and it was a bit of insight. It turns out that such a brazen person really exists.

Fan Qingwen: “If it’s just such a student, then I wouldn’t be so angry. After all, the forest is big and there are all kinds of birds, but I am still too naive. Later, I received phone calls from students sponsored by my dad. Yes, there’s also parents of students. Without exception, more than a dozen calls come to ask for money. And, there is a call actually said, “When will teacher Fan get better?”. I was very happy when I heard it, thought I finally met one with conscience and finally asked my dad’s illness. I didn’t expect him to continue, “When will he get better to make money to give us?”. Who are you talking about? Did you get the money?”

“A dozen phone calls. The only one slightly better is to know my dad is sick. Then said, “Say hello to Teacher Fan for me”, without yelling about money. The others are even worse. A dozen calls, no one care about my dad’s condition or asked what disease he got.” Fan Qingwen said with some atmosphere.

Ye Guang was silent for a while, and said, “I’m afraid they didn’t dare to ask. They don’t know what the disease is, they can pretend to be stupid. If they really ask, they will have no reason or excuse to continue asking for money. And, they conscience can’t make it, after all, they are human being. Even though I’m the opposite of being a human being… but there is still shame in it. Regardless of the condition, they can hide their ears and steal the bells. They don’t know, if they really ask what is the disease, they guess it will be afraid, you will ask them for money through illness.”

Fan Qingwen thought for a moment, “Maybe, huh! Can I ask them for money? After all, their eye have already gotten the money. They don’t want to pay you back, don’t expect you to help, but even the most basic ones is not. Are there any respect and care? After all, these white-eyed wolves are nothing good.”

Teacher Fan: “It’s alright, let’s not talk about it. We can do our own thing, do our own duty. Help others do not intend to return, it is good to be innocent.”

Fan Qingwen: “I know, you know to educate me all the time, and be a teacher. You haven’t been a teacher for several years.”

Teacher Fan made a stern face, “Why am I not a teacher anymore? Even if I’m not a teacher, I am still a teacher! I have been a teacher all my life!”

Fan Qingwen: “Oh, why are you excited, you are good, you are a teacher, Teacher Fan, okay.”

Ye Guang: “Teacher Fan, whether you teach or not to teach students, you are a teacher for a lifetime, always a teacher.”

Teacher Fan smiled, “Still Little Ye can talk.”

Ye Guang talked with Teacher Fan for a long time in the ward, talking about the interesting things when I was in high school, or talking about my current situation.

Teacher Fan learned Ye Guang now in the direction of star. He was surprised and said with great earnestness, “Little Ye, teacher has been very optimistic about you. Your brain is smart, you will learn what you will do. In fact, teacher originally most hope you can be a scientist, because your brain as a scientist will be very promising, perhaps can make something to benefit the world, or can go to scholarship, you learn things fast, to scholarship is also very good, did not think you finally embarked on the road of star.”

Ye Guang smiled.

Teacher Fan: “Oh, Little Ye, I’m not saying there is something wrong with being a star, regardless of your career, or no matter what you do, you must be steadfast, worthy of the country and the people, you must Work hard, no matter what you do in the future, don’t forget your roots, contribute more to the country, contribute more to the society, and do more good deeds that benefit the country and the people. If you really become a star in the future and attract attention, you must set an example and do it for people. A good example, don’t go wrong, you know?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Don’t worry, Teacher Fan. I was taught by you and will not disappoint you.”

After staying in the hospital for a long time, the nurse came to put the bottle on Teacher Fan. Teacher Fan was weak and needed more rest. So, Ye Guang got up and said goodbye.

Without leaving the hospital immediately, Ye Guang first went to nurse station and asked where the hospital paid the fee. The nurse was very enthusiastic and went with Ye Guang.

“Trouble you, pay the fee for Fan Zhijing of 312.” Ye Guang handed the bank card into the window.

“”Oh, let me check.” The employees working in the window are also wearing white lab coats. This is the case in many hospitals. Whether they are doctors or nurses, as long as they work in the hospital, they wear white lab coats.. The toll collector looks for a while on the computer, “Found, Fan Zhijing, Still owed 84,500, how much to pay?”

Ye Guang thought for a while, “Five hundred thousand, replace 312’s Fan Zhijing with the imported new medicine.” The next sentence Ye Guang said to the nurse who brought him.

The payer didn’t say much, took a look at Ye Guang, and then quickly swiped the card for Ye Guang.

Ye Guang didn’t go back to the ward and asked the nurse to transfer the bill to Fan Qingwen and leave the hospital to go home.

Teacher Fan illness not optimistic. Even if he didn’t hear the conversation between Fan Qingwen and the doctor, Ye Guang could see from the current situation of Teacher Fan. He was already very haggard. He couldn’t help much. In such a vicious situation. In the face of her illness, the manpower is really humble. What Ye Guang can do is to do his best to pay some medical expenses to Teacher Fan to relieve the financial pressure of their family, and this matter must avoid Teacher Fan. That’s fine, otherwise with Teacher Fan’s temperament, he would definitely not accept his kindness.

Therefore, Ye Guang also specifically explained the nurse, let her not tell the patient of 312 who paid the fee, although Teacher Fan and Fan Qingwen will definitely suspect Ye Guang in their hearts. They couldn’t help it, if Ye Guang refused to admit the account.

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